Halloween Help!

17 10 2009

Already loyal readers, I know I haven’t posted much, but I need your help!

I’m attempting to figure out what to be for halloween and there are SO many costumes I want! So dear readers, give me your input!! Here are the choices I’m considering:


Slave Girl Leia: X is really rooting for me to be this for halloween. And I’m definitely not opposed to it! Might be a bit cold though….

cruisingfordetention-mlNaughty School Girl: I personally really, really like this one.

wellcareNaughty Nurse: X has a bit of a Nurse fetish so he’s probably really like this one. ;)

4starpinup-dMilitary Something Or Other: I just think this one is damn cute!

2983440_1_Sexy Kitten: I really like this one. But it’s a bit expensive for me….

mydivascloset_2073_151998989Playboy Bunny: Just plain sexy and classic.

So readers. Let me know via comments or email, which costume you’d like to see me wear this year! I’m thinking of buying two, so give me your top two if you’d like. Or even other suggestions you think I’d look good in!

And I’m not afraid to whore myself out a bit. I’m a poor college student. And if one of my generous readers offers to fund my Halloween costume this year I’d be more than happy to do a special photoshoot in my costume just for them. ;)



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18 10 2009

Slave Leia always wins.

18 10 2009

Slave Leia and Playboy Bunny – both amazingly sexy and classic.

18 10 2009

For some reason the Princess Leia one strikes me as very much you. That’s a compliment by the way! And I looovveee the sexy kitten one, so if you get someone to fund it for you you should go for that one!


18 10 2009
grammar nazi

school girl. plus, if you really like it, you’ll be more confident in it so it’ll be sexier.

18 10 2009

nurse? i really like the military outfit for some bizarre reason…

19 10 2009

If this is all we can chose from, then I too have to go with Leia..

However, with that being said….all of these are pretty mundane and done to death. Please don’t be the bunny…as I think just about every girl has done the bunny or nurse or french maid….and it’s forgettable the next day.

You are so creative, I would think that you could do something original, even beyond Leia, but Leia is the way to go in this lot.

19 10 2009

As I said, I’m open to other suggestions too! Those are just costumes that are within my college student budget that I happen to like. I like the playboy bunny one a lot, if only because it’s classic. Not cliched at all.

So please, I’m curious. What are some creative ideas? Lol.

19 10 2009

I vote for the school girl, too . . . a classic that never goes out of style, and you’re into it already, which will help give it extra personality that night.

The military one is very hot, too. I’d say buy that one just to wear to class, or ROTC training, or something.


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