Anal Play

21 10 2009

X had been the one to ask me to fuck his ass again.

I hadn’t thought he’d enjoyed it overly much the first time we tried it so I didn’t think to ask to try again. But out of the blue he suggested I run home to grab my strap-on because he wanted me to fuck his ass. Who was I to say no? So I ran home and grabbed some of my toys.

When I got back, we talked a bit and decided we’d try having me finger his ass instead, to see if I could find his prostate manually. Once the condom was on my fingers I lubed them up generously and slid them in slowly. His ass was tight but he relaxed and I felt my fingers slowly passing the tight rings of muscle at the entrance. Once they were in, I curled them up and tried to find this elusive spot. All the while I was stroking his cock, which was quite hard.

It only took me about a minute to find a spot that felt a little different, one that noticeably caused he cock to jump. I pressed it and rubbed it and watched as his cock got harder and his eyes closed a little bit in pleasure. It was one of the hottest things I’ve ever experienced. With my fingers as deep as they’d go in his ass and my other hand slowly teasing him, I could feel myself getting dripping wet…

It seemed like his cock only kept getting harder. And I could feel his ass spasming and tightening around my fingers the closer he got to cumming. I didn’t want to stop but I must have gotten a little too forceful inside of him because he asked me to stop, it was starting to hurt.

So I pulled my fingers out and went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom and wash my hands quickly. When I got back, his legs were shaking and the slightest touch on his rock hard cock made him groan and twitch. I teased him a bit, licking the head and running my fingers up and down him.

It only took a little bit of teasing before he had me pinned to the bed, roughly pushing himself into my slick pussy with a loud groan. He began fucking me hard….

Though the rest of  that night is a story for another time. ;)



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22 10 2009

This is a wonderful description of something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. Now if I can just get my wife to buy in….

22 10 2009
Jake Holden

Hot hot hot, can’t wait to introduce The Girl to this :)

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