Squirting Vaginas Turn Me On!!

24 11 2009

Do squirting vaginas freak you out?

Do you like bashing something under the guise of ‘thought-provoking, against the grain prose’? Then The Kinky Jew’s article on why exactly women should be ashamed of squirting is for you.

Now, I promise to keep myself from getting nasty, because well, I do understand that sometimes the best of intentions can get distorted. I also understand that sarcasm and humor can be VERY hard to express via text online.

However, that doesn’t provide and excuse for turning an opinion article into something that is intended to shame women into feeling like squirting is wrong.

The Kinky Jew (KJ) says that when women “ejaculate from their vaginas, they fucking gush buckets! 1. I don’t entirely see how that’s sanitary, nor how you can really clean up after an event like that, and 2. I’m sorry… EW. Why is this desirable?” Sanitary? It’s no less sanitary than cum or saliva.  And you clean up just like you’d clean up after really messy non-squirting sex. And it’s desirable just like some men find cumming on a woman’s face desirable or some women find anal desirable. It’s not some freak thing.

I understand that some people don’t get squirting. But that doesn’t give you a right to utterly bash something in a way that could shame women into thinking a normal bodily function is disgusting.

Now, to give her credit, KJ does have one glimpse of tolerance: “Look, I don’t mean to get down on women and how we orgasm. Sex should be great, and you should enjoy it, and it should lead you to your happy place, whatever that may look or sound like. I guess I’m just really confused as to why squirting is suddenly popular and desirable.” It’s okay to be confused and not understand why something is popular. Foot worship is not something I find sexy or even interesting. I am confused as to why there is a large population that likes it. But I don’t presume to understand something I’ve never tried. I just shrug and go about my day and if someone wants to enlighten me? Cool! I’d love to hear someone’s perspective on it. And I don’t ask ‘”Does it turn you on? If so, dear G-D… why?”

The KJ makes squirting into something weird and odd that only porn stars and freaks do. And that, my friends, is wrong. Squirting is not weird. Or odd. Or gross. It’s NORMAL.

Just like some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, some women can squirt. It’s NOT A BIG FUCKING DEAL. It’s not gross or ANYTHING to be ashamed of, it’s not something you should worry about. If you gush, you gush. If you shoot across the room so fucking be it! Embrace that. Ignore the nay sayers who think its gross.

Squirting orgasms can be extremely intense in their own sort of way, and someone who obviously is ashamed of her own body shouldn’t presume to understand if she’s never tried.

I suppose my biggest issue with all this is that The Kinky Jew’s post is being touted as an ‘opinion piece that goes against the norm’ yet those that are offended are called sheep for voicing opinions of their own. I can have opinions but I have to ensure that they come off as opinions not as preaching. The Kinky Jew comes off as preaching about something she doesn’t understand or has yet to experience.

We don’t need anymore people telling women that our bodies are gross and unsanitary!! We’ve had enough of that through the ages! Isn’t that part of feminism? Dispelling shame for natural things like sex and all things, messy or not, related to it? Women need to support each other. Blatant bashing of a natural bodily function is no better than the oppression women have already experienced under men and society for generations.

Now, on a positive note: I vote we send The Kinky Jew a Purewand and see if she changes her mind! :D

[Oh. And my opinions here make me a sheep according to Toywithme.com. Oh really? Well then, BaaFuckingBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.]



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24 11 2009
Britni TheVadgeWig

I just posted my own thoughts on this. And removed their link from my sidebar. They’re a fairly new blog, they could have used this publicity and outrage as a platform to welcome new readers, explain their point of view, and open discourse and discussion. But instead, they attacked the people that were commenting and participating in their blog.

Eff that.

24 11 2009
Fat Controller

up until a few days ago I wouldn’t have had any opinion on this, but just having experienced our first squirt in 30 years of being together, I have to say that whether it was sanitary or not was farthest from our minds. it was simply a mind-blowing experience that has brought us even closer together.

24 11 2009
slave b (formerly Tightly Bound)

i agree that a squirting vagina is a massive turn on, i love it! Sounds like KJ does have some fairly “close minded” views on it all – i agree, its not a big deal, some women do, some dont and theres nothing wrong with it at all :-)

25 11 2009
Puddle Jumper

I am down with this post in so many ways. I think it’s awful when women decide to go off about how another woman’s body is gross. I don’t squirt, I’ve never had a partner that squirts but that doesn’t mean that I find it somehow foul and distasteful. Sex is messy. What’s that line? It’s like exercise, if you’re not sweaty and ugly afterwords you’re not doing it right?

We, as women, get enough shit about how our bodies should look and work that we don’t need it from each other.

Go, Z.

25 11 2009
Mr. Toy With Me

This is pretty much what I posted in the comment thread with a couple other tidbits thrown in:

I have to say that i watched this whole thing explode with a mixture of bemusement and WTF?

A few things…….

I think that the image that accompanies the post sets the tone as to what the post was supposed to be. A silly post that questioned the appeal of female ejaculation. Some of you obviously read it in a different light. I have to say that I am a bit taken back by some of the comments about it though……Here is a small sampling:

“Shame on you @toywithme”
“I am outraged”
“this article is disgusting and offensive”
“stop judging and shaming women, like men have done for long enough”
“You appear to be disturbingly insecure”
“I am similarly appalled and irritated by this article”
“Your arrogance is unbecoming in a writer”
“There’s enough crime against women in this world already, we don’t need other women perpetrating it against each other.”
“I was outraged”

Now we even have Nadia West making analogies that draws comparisons to the Jews being persecuted by the Nazis?

A bit over the top no?

If she had posted that she thinks it is disgusting to see a women take a facial would you all be similarly appalled and offended if this was something you enjoyed?

Many have posted that this analogy is mute as squirting is a an involuntary physical reaction. I think that the comparison is valid as the context in which the post was written was seeing porn in which the argument could be made the the squirting was certainly an act that was voluntary. The type of porn she was describing involves stimulating the g-spot for the sole purpose of “the money shot.”

I have read the post over and over and I can not find one statement in it that says that she finds women who squirt disgusting. What she does say is that she finds female ejaculate gross. That’s it. She admits that she doesn’t get it. She says she doesn’t understand it. She asks why is it desirable. She had no intent whatsoever to offend anybody.

I really am truly saddened by some of the comments on this post and on twitter. I can tell you that toywithme regrets and is embarrassed by her reaction to some of them and I think that many of you should be as well.


26 11 2009

Thank you for your comment. But please don’t berate me for the words of others. Those are their own opinions. I said in my post here that I understand that a humorous tone can be lost when things get written down. I don’t bash the KJ personally, so please don’t bash me as though I am part of the collective. Don’t use my blog to preach to others. Comment on my post. Not on the actions of others.

And on that note, if you still feel the need to berate me for other’s actions, don’t use my blog to do it. Email me.

Thank you.

26 11 2009

Oh man, I haven’t read this article…and I’m not going to tonight. But from your post, I can tell I’m not going to be too thrilled about the content.

I’m a gusher. Big time. Apparently, The Kinky Jew has never had an ejaculatory orgasm, otherwise she wouldn’t be asking why it’s so important.

Also, not sure how female ejaculate is any more or less sanitary than semen. What a douche. (Ha!)

26 11 2009
Mr. Toy With Me

<<<>>Comment on my post


You say the following:

>>”Then The Kinky Jew’s article on why exactly women should be ashamed of squirting is for you.”

Where in the article does she say that women should be ashamed of squirting?

>>>turning an opinion article into something that is intended to shame women into feeling like squirting is wrong

You think that the intent of the article was to shame women? That she sat down and said…”hmmm, how can I go about shaming women with this post?”
I think your reaching.

Listen, all she did was say that after watching some porn that she found squirting yucky. She certainly never said that because you squirt, then you must be disgusting. She asks why people find it desirable. She says that she doesn’t understand it.

If you take this video and show it to 100 women off the street I bet that many of them would say. “ew.”


If that reaction makes you feel ashamed because you don’t feel the same way, well then I really don’t know what to say to you.

27 11 2009

Dude. Don’t comment on my blog if you take what I say out of context. And please stop defending her. Did you miss the part in my post where I SAY her article could have easily been misconstrued?

You’re not worth even debating with because your points are explained in my post. Go read it again if you didn’t catch everything.

28 11 2009
Mr Toy With Me

I took your words out of context? Please specificIly point out where I have done that.

And just as an FYI, my previous comment was edited by the administrator and was not posted in it’s entirety.

1 12 2009

I’m not arguing with you on the comment section of my blog. If you want me to explain how you took what I said out of context, then please send me an email. I’d prefer to not clog up my comments with petty arguments over context.

And, no. It was not ‘edited’ by the administrator. I click ‘approve’ or ‘delete.’ I never edit any comments I receive and seeing as I’m the ONLY person who has the ability to do that….Yeah. Your comment wasn’t edited. It was posted exactly how you wrote it.

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