Four Little Words

29 12 2009

“god I want you…”

It’s impressive how those little words can make me dripping wet in seconds.


28 12 2009

I want to feel skin on skin.

The air is cold as I strip. This isn’t a strip-tease. You’re already turned on so that work is done. I’m just trying to get my clothing off as fast as I can as goose-bumps cover my skin. Once I’m naked I dart to the bed and slip under the covers and next to your warm body.

We don’t waste time with small talk or teasing. I press my body against yours and your arms go around me, pulling me as close as you can. Compared to my chilled-skin yours feels like its one fire.

Lips are touching and hands are wandering as the temperature rises between us. We’re still under the covers because the air is too cold. Breasts are pressed against your chest, our legs entwined as you bite my neck. Our whole bodies are touching and it feels electric.

My wetness is dampening my thighs as your hard cock presses against my leg. My hand trails down your stomach to stroke you. You groan and kiss me harder. We’re becoming more frantic and I’m starting to sweat. You shift and your cock slide between my legs. With a little help from my hand, you’re inside me.

Our bodies are fully connected, every inch of skin pressed against more skin. Hot, wet heat. Skin on skin. Contact. Tongue Vibes

6 12 2009

I was sent the tongue vibe by the lovely people at

The idea is quite ingenious. A small bullet vibrator is placed inside a jelly-like case with a sort of rubber band attached. You can slide it on to almost any object to ‘turn it into a sex toy.’ Now, the main purpose of this toy is for oral. You are supposed to place it on your tongue and suck and lick away. I absolutely love the idea of it. However, it doesn’t work quite as well in practice as it does theoretically.

Before I get to that, let me talk about some of the good things. For one, unlike most vibrators out there, the Tonuge Vibe comes with 6 batteries. So there is no need to go out and try to find the right size, which might be a little hard considering the two bullets take watch batteries. All 8 items (6 batteries and two vibes) come enclosed is a super cute little round case reminiscent of headphone cases. The top is clear allowing you to see what is inside, and it is quite useful for keeping track of the little things. They can get lost very easily. On vibe was left on X’s windowsill and fell down behind his bed. It wasn’t until we rearranged his room that we found it.

Now, on to my biggest problem with this toy, one I find with a lot of smaller sized sex toys. The material that makes up the ‘rubber band? It has a tendency to slip off VERY easily. I had serious issues keeping the vibe on my tongue.  I found the best way to use it was to just keep it in my cheek while I gave head. X found it interesting but nothing super special. I personally found the vibrations to be too light to be pleasurable.

Overall, I give this toy a 5 out of 10. It gets kudos for being original and coming with super cute and useful packaging, along with the inclusion of batteries. However, the weak vibrations and the failure to actually stay on tongues detracts from the score.

Head over to to find other interesting, fun and sex toys. And check out my page here if you’d like to see what other products I’ve reviewed from them.