HNT 2.14: Red

13 01 2010

I love these panties quite a bit.

I’ve been busy with classes and homework so I don’t have much to say tonight. :(

Happy HNT everyone!!


11 01 2010

If there is one thing I hate, its lying.

I’m not angry anymore but I’m confused as to what I should do. X lied to me this morning about something relatively stupid. But still. He lied. He lied even when I called him out on it, and kept lying until he realized that I knew for a fact he was lying.

I’m not going to end things with him over it, obviously. But it just bothers me so very much. He’s been telling me he’s stopped lying to me but this incident makes me question the truth in that and I absolutely hate that. I want to trust him 100% but he makes it so damn hard for me sometimes.


10 01 2010

I do not know what it is but X has gone down on me more this weekend than he ever has before

He never was too interested in going down on me for various reasons, the biggest one I think is that he didn’t like how I tasted. I never really complained because well, he was good in bed and made me cum lots without oral.

But this weekend? Dear god……every time we’ve had sex he’s gone down on me. And not like for a minute or two. He teases me and sucks on my clit and fucks me with his tongue and oh my god it’s amazing.

I don’t know what the HELL has changed but I am definitely not complaining…. I could be content just having him go down on me for hours. Haha.

HNT 2.13: But I Said Don’t Stop……..

7 01 2010

“But I Said Don’t Stop” [Full Video]

This is a HUGE move for me. And we’ll see how well it’s received, if people like it maybe I’ll do it again. I couldn’t figure out how to post the video directly onto wordpress so I linked to it right below a screenshot from the video.

About a month ago, X and I filmed ourselves fucking. We watched the video and thought it was pretty damn hot. So we discussed it and decided to post a clip of it to my blog. Now, in order to keep it a little more private and a little less ‘HAY EVRYONE IN DA WORLD CUM WATCH TEH VID’ we uploaded it to which lets us require viewers to type in a PIN to watch the video.

And since you’re all such wonderful readers, the PIN is: 8989

Happy Half-Naked Thursday everyone!!