HNT 2.13: But I Said Don’t Stop……..

7 01 2010

“But I Said Don’t Stop” [Full Video]

This is a HUGE move for me. And we’ll see how well it’s received, if people like it maybe I’ll do it again. I couldn’t figure out how to post the video directly onto wordpress so I linked to it right below a screenshot from the video.

About a month ago, X and I filmed ourselves fucking. We watched the video and thought it was pretty damn hot. So we discussed it and decided to post a clip of it to my blog. Now, in order to keep it a little more private and a little less ‘HAY EVRYONE IN DA WORLD CUM WATCH TEH VID’ we uploaded it to which lets us require viewers to type in a PIN to watch the video.

And since you’re all such wonderful readers, the PIN is: 8989

Happy Half-Naked Thursday everyone!!