HNT 2.13: But I Said Don’t Stop……..

7 01 2010

“But I Said Don’t Stop” [Full Video]

This is a HUGE move for me. And we’ll see how well it’s received, if people like it maybe I’ll do it again. I couldn’t figure out how to post the video directly onto wordpress so I linked to it right below a screenshot from the video.

About a month ago, X and I filmed ourselves fucking. We watched the video and thought it was pretty damn hot. So we discussed it and decided to post a clip of it to my blog. Now, in order to keep it a little more private and a little less ‘HAY EVRYONE IN DA WORLD CUM WATCH TEH VID’ we uploaded it to which lets us require viewers to type in a PIN to watch the video.

And since you’re all such wonderful readers, the PIN is: 8989

Happy Half-Naked Thursday everyone!!



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7 01 2010

My god that is a wonderful site. Please post more! I am so wet just from watching this.

7 01 2010

Oh, good lord, woman! Can’t wait for what you know I’m waiting for! :-)

I hardly think you have anything to worry about!

7 01 2010
Amorous Rocker

“if people like it”…. Seriously? How could anyone not like that? You know, maybe if they don’t like porn or naked people I can see it but otherwise… *grin*

I admire you for being able to post this though. I doubt I’d ever post a video of my guy and I fucking on my blog. Pictures, I can handle. Video? Not likely. Good for you!

7 01 2010
An Artist Exposed

Just wonderful :-) Thanks for sharing

7 01 2010
An Artist Exposed

Just wonderful :-) Thanks for sharing

7 01 2010

Wow! That is a new step for a lot of us – video HNTS! Pretty intense, but I’m glad you shared. =D I enjoyed it! HHNT!

7 01 2010

Oh yeah!! Fantastic picture and video…keep em cumming!

7 01 2010
Jake Holden

Hahah you sound so cute when you’re being fucked, and being fucked you most definitely were! Liked how red your ass was too :P

7 01 2010
Britni TheVadgeWig

I love your noises! Too cute.

And he has one hell of a dick!

7 01 2010
Salt and Pepper

That shit was hot! Wow.

7 01 2010

Oh the hotness!

7 01 2010

For some reason, this is SO much hotter when its online… And yes, Z really sounds adorable in this video, usually she’s a bit more vocal than she is here though…….hmm…… I think she had camera fright ;-)

7 01 2010

I did not have camera fright!!

I guess we’ll just have to make another one. :P

7 01 2010
Curvaceous Dee

*jaw drops* That was so damned hot. Just… wow.

xx Dee

7 01 2010

VERY hot…wow!!

7 01 2010
slave b

Holy shit that was hot! The way you look just bouncing up on down on him, just swallowing up his cock – and the way your pussy looks as you slide off … OMG, i love it! HHNT!

7 01 2010
Dangerous Lilly

more. more soon. more, please? oh wait i sound like a pervy asshat now. sorry :P

oh Z….i could do filthy gorgeous things to you….

7 01 2010

ummmmmmm awesomeeeeeeeeeeee

8 01 2010

wow, that was great…how could anyone not think that was hot

8 01 2010

Wow! That was unexpected… and HOT! Thanks for sharing!

8 01 2010

WOW! Very sexy – and brave!

8 01 2010

Yay! That was awesome. I’m glad you took the leap and did it. I’d love to see more. I’m so irritated that my x-BF and I never got around to taking any videos of ourselves.

9 01 2010

Wow. Amazing

Please, may i see some more?

10 01 2010

Definitely DO US AGAIN! HOTT!

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