11 01 2010

If there is one thing I hate, its lying.

I’m not angry anymore but I’m confused as to what I should do. X lied to me this morning about something relatively stupid. But still. He lied. He lied even when I called him out on it, and kept lying until he realized that I knew for a fact he was lying.

I’m not going to end things with him over it, obviously. But it just bothers me so very much. He’s been telling me he’s stopped lying to me but this incident makes me question the truth in that and I absolutely hate that. I want to trust him 100% but he makes it so damn hard for me sometimes.



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11 01 2010

Definitely a step back; I’m sorry. Hope you two can work through it.

XO Jim

11 01 2010

Work through it? There’s nothing to work through. He and I are fine. It just did and still is, bugging me a little.

11 01 2010

Fool me once, shame on you!
Fool me twice, shame on me!
If a person ever lies to or deceives you twice, drop them like the proverbial HOT POTATO–I sure as Hell wish I had! It ruined my whole life (no joke) not to.
The idea of trusting a person until they PROVE they are not trustworthy is a bankrupt and antiquated attitude. Most modern people are not worth that consideration & it will be at your expense!

11 01 2010

Well, I’m sorry lying ruined your life. But I absolutely HATE that little saying at the beginning of your comment. My mother uses it. It’s patronizing and makes little logical sense.

There are degrees of lying. If I dropped people from my life for every little lie, there would be no one in my life.

13 01 2010

It’s never simple, is it? I hate being lied too, as well, but there’s shades of gray in there. I guess I’d be more interested as to why he lied. To hide something important? Just because he could? Just to see if he could get away with it? To avoid an argument? It sucks, but some lies are worse than others for sure.

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