Life Update #1

18 01 2010

Sorry I haven’t been the best of bloggers as of late

Life kind of chewed me up and spit me out the past couple of months. It hasn’t been fun.

  • I’m back at school and slaving away at homework again. ICK
  • X and I are trying to find a guy or a girl to have another threesome with. We both want to try a MMF threesome, its mostly my fantasy though. And of course we’d both love to have another girl to fool around with.
  • I actually had another threesome recently with some friends of mine. The girl is gorgeous and I was only mildly interested in the guy. We had a blast and plan to do it again soon.
  • Speaking of threesomes, I’m currently working on a ‘Threesomes 101′ post with guidelines, rules, and tips for having a drama-free, fun threesome.
  • Working on finishing ALL my reviews that are pending.
  • I’m debating getting a new piercing and some tattoos.
  • Any suggestions from my readers as to ideas for posts or what not? I love hearing from you.



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19 01 2010

Actually, stemming from your video as an idea – audio would be interesting. An audio recording of you and X and… whomever might end up playing with in your threesome. Audio would be very voyeuristic yet simpler than video, still dirty but not too too? It could be almost as much fun as watching, kind of like listening at the bedroom door….

19 01 2010

Hmm. Audio is an interesting idea. However, I feel like it might be boring as X and I aren’t always the most vocal. I’m not sure I’d even want to do an audio post….

On that note, recording audio of X and I…..and whomever else might be in a threesome with us? Um. That’s a HUGE, GIANT no. Anyone who would have a threesome with he and I more than likely does not know about this blog. That would be a HUGE violation of their privacy and trust if I posted audio of them. I also don’t like increasing the list of people in my ‘real life’ who know about this blog. It makes my life complicated and it makes it harder for me to write openly. Also, I’m not looking for a ‘triad’ sort of thing when it comes to threesomes. Just fun. And one night of fun in a threesome does not equal me posting audio of that night. The video was probably a one time thing as I feel it deviated from my original idea of and motivation for creating this site. This is a sexblog, not a porn site.

20 01 2010
Britni TheVadgeWig

I’ve wanted to do a “Threesomes 101″ post for a while, too!

It’s hard to have drama-free threesomes, especially if you’re new to them. There’s a lot more to them then just 3 people wanting to fuck, especially if two of the people are a couple.

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