2010 New Years Resolutions, Belated

26 01 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m like three weeks too late on this post.

But frankly, my resolutions this year weren’t a list that I wrote down on New Years Eve. It’s been a set of ideas rolling around in my head for a few weeks now. Mostly they are changes in my life that I think I need to make, or that I want to make.

To preface this all, I’m a very different person than I was when I started this blog, I was an even different person even before that, when I first started college. I was a mess, functional, but a mess back then. My emotions were out of control, I didn’t have a real grasp on how people interacted socially outside of what my mother and my odd group of high school friends had shown me. I’d gone from being a loner, to having a fair number of friends. And I just didn’t know how to deal with people. Which has led to a lot of drama in my life. Which I hate and decided I wanted to stop. So here are my New Years Resolutions for 2010 that I hope will help with that.

  1. Stop making assumptions. It’s a bad habit of mine and it leads to drama.
  2. Don’t get mad then talk later. Assess the situation, determine if I’m being irrational or stupid, discuss with the other person my feelings and hopefully avoid a fight. I can still get mad. Just not until after I’ve talked about it with them.
  3. Communicate my feelings more, rather than letting them sit inside me and simmer until I explode.
  4. Breath. Breath. Breath. Then breath some more and take a second before I start overthinking.
  5. Stop overthinking everything.
  6. Learn to walk away. From arguments, toxic friendships, bad situations, etc.
  7. Stop sweating over and getting upset by the little stuff.
  8. Get better grades. I’m already on the right track but I want to get as close to a 4.0 GPA as I can this semester and next fall too.
  9. Be a better friend. I have a habit of being a loner and neglecting some of my friends. I need to stop that.
  10. Have more adventures.
  11. Work out. The goal is not to lose weight but to tone up and gain muscle weight. I’m under weight for my height right now and I don’t like it.
  12. Relax more. Stop stressing about everything.
  13. Get laid more.
  14. Be productive. Stop spending whole days laying in bed getting nothing done.
  15. Finish every single review I have still hanging asap. Not necessarily posted, but written up. I stress and feel guilty and terrible that I still have pending reviews.
  16. Starting posting at least 4 times a week. I’d say post everyday but I don’t think that’s realistic for me.



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27 01 2010

They all sound like pretty good resolutions! Especially the last one, I miss your blog!


28 01 2010

That is a huge list. Good ones for sure, but a lot to try and keep up with. How goes it so far?

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