Let’s Play Pretend

7 02 2010

I feel like maybe I should have been offended. But I’m not. At all.

X and I watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno Friday night. (Hysterical movie, if you haven’t seen it I suggest renting it.) Now, one of the actresses in the movie is actually the mainstream porn actress Katie Morgan. X has a bit of a crush on her. I think she’s his favorite pornstar, with Bree Olson and Scarlett Pain coming in close seconds. (Correct me if I’m wrong, hun.)

So of course, once we got done with the movie his computer comes out and he’s looking up Katie Morgan porn. I didn’t mind. I happen to find her adorable. She’s not my personal favorite but she’s not exactly ugly. Haha. We start looking at clips and then we find a longer video, some 20 or 30mins of Katie Morgan in a threesome. Hands wander, his cock gets hard as I stoke it gently, and my pussy is getting wet.

We end up fucking while watching the video. We start off spooning, his cock sliding in and out of me while I moan. But when Katie Morgan starts getting fucked doggie-style, X pulls me up and puts me in a similar position. As we fuck, I talk a little bit. I ask him if he likes watching her get fucked like that. He moans yes. I ask him if he wishes he could fuck her. Another yes. The video on the screen changes to a view of Katie’s pussy being fucked by a large cock, its the only thing you can see on the screen. Despite moaning and grinding back against him, I think to ask him a question, though I’m not sure what the answer will be.

“Are you imagining you’re fucking her right now, baby?”

There is a pause, “Yes…”

I think I surprised him by moaning.

“Mmm. That’s it….fuck me like you’d fuck her. Fuck me like I’m Katie Morgan. Pretend your cock is sliding in and out of her hot little pussy…”

He didn’t really say much more after that. Just moan and groaned and fucked me hard. When he got close to cumming I told him to pretend he was about to shoot a load in Katie Morgan’s cunt.

He came harder than I think he has in a while, at least with me. His orgasm was honestly comparable to the ones he has when he fucks my ass. So I just assumed it was really good.

The point I suppose I’m getting at here is that I had absolutely no problem allowing and encouraging him to pretend I was the pornstar he was watching on the screen. He admitted that he was a bit surprised that I was okay with it. And last night even mentioned about how he wanted to maybe ‘fuck Bree Olson’ tomorrow night. I just giggled and reminded him that it wouldn’t be an everyday thing.

I feel like some women would be seriously offended if their lover/husband/boyfriend/fiance/fuck buddy openly pretended that they were another woman. I’m just basing this off some girls I know here at my University. They’d take it as a personal offense and a comment about their attractiveness/sex appeal.

That’s not how I view it though. The way I see it? He’s still fucking me. Just like with roleplay, we both know that I’m me and he’s him. It’s just a suspension of reality for the purpose of fulfilling a fantasy he knows he’ll never realize. X doesn’t know any pornstars and has no way to meet any, so he and I both know it’s super unlikely he’ll ever get to fuck the real Katie Morgan or Scarlett Pain. Letting him pretend that he’s the guy on the screen fucking the pornstar is just another kind of roleplay. And as long as you understand that he KNOWS he’s still fucking you I don’t see why women would get upset.

X still made me cum. The sex was still really good. So I don’t see why I shouldn’t let him indulge in this particular fantasy. Especially if it makes him cum as hard as it did.  For me listening, watching and feeling him cum as hard as he did? That’s almost as good as having an orgasm myself. :)

Plan B

7 02 2010

I went to the drug store today and I got my very first emergency contraception.

Now,  never really honestly thought that I’d have to get ‘Plan B’ ever. X and I are typically very careful when it comes to pregnancy prevention. Now, we’re not exactly  super safe because we don’t use condoms with each other. I don’t really see the need to use condoms with X because he and I are comfortable with each other and we’re responsible enough to understand the risk we’re taking. We’ve sat down and had the discussion about the risk and what we’d do if something happened. I am on birth control too, and I take it regularly. So again, we’ve never had an issue where we were worried about me getting pregnant.

This weekend is a different story. I had been on antibiotics this past week to get rid of a budding UTI. I had made sure X knew that he couldn’t cum inside me when we had sex since my birth control might not be effective. However, Saturday I was due to start a new pill pack. So Friday night I felt comfortable enough to let him cum inside me. That was my mistake. I really should have told him to pull out but we were in the heat of the moment. Shrug.

The next morning we go to get my birthcontrol refilled and the Pharmacist informs me that my prescription is out and he’ll need to call my doctor to get a refill. My doctor is from the Student Health Center which is closed on the weekends. He says he’ll give her a call on Monday. I go home and go about my day and after I give it some thought I tell X that I’m going to go get Plan B the next morning (which by that point would be like 30 or so hours since we had sex).

I decided to get it because I’d rather be paranoid and spend 42$ now than find out in a month or two that I’ll be having a baby which costs a hell of a lot more than 42$.

So there is my story for today. Got my very first Plan B pill. Just went in, said I needed Plan B, paid for it and left. It was nice.