Plan B

7 02 2010

I went to the drug store today and I got my very first emergency contraception.

Now, ┬ánever really honestly thought that I’d have to get ‘Plan B’ ever. X and I are typically very careful when it comes to pregnancy prevention. Now, we’re not exactly ┬ásuper safe because we don’t use condoms with each other. I don’t really see the need to use condoms with X because he and I are comfortable with each other and we’re responsible enough to understand the risk we’re taking. We’ve sat down and had the discussion about the risk and what we’d do if something happened. I am on birth control too, and I take it regularly. So again, we’ve never had an issue where we were worried about me getting pregnant.

This weekend is a different story. I had been on antibiotics this past week to get rid of a budding UTI. I had made sure X knew that he couldn’t cum inside me when we had sex since my birth control might not be effective. However, Saturday I was due to start a new pill pack. So Friday night I felt comfortable enough to let him cum inside me. That was my mistake. I really should have told him to pull out but we were in the heat of the moment. Shrug.

The next morning we go to get my birthcontrol refilled and the Pharmacist informs me that my prescription is out and he’ll need to call my doctor to get a refill. My doctor is from the Student Health Center which is closed on the weekends. He says he’ll give her a call on Monday. I go home and go about my day and after I give it some thought I tell X that I’m going to go get Plan B the next morning (which by that point would be like 30 or so hours since we had sex).

I decided to get it because I’d rather be paranoid and spend 42$ now than find out in a month or two that I’ll be having a baby which costs a hell of a lot more than 42$.

So there is my story for today. Got my very first Plan B pill. Just went in, said I needed Plan B, paid for it and left. It was nice.



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