My name is Z, though because of the name of my blog people have come to call me Phaedra. I’m 20 years old,  and I’m a junior at a university in Ohio. Ohio is shitty. I hate the weather.I want to move somewhere where it doesn’t get below 40 or above 80. I don’t think that place exists but I can dream. (I’ve been told that place might be Northern California.)

This blog used to just be the place where I wrote about my sex life. Now, after about 6 months, it’s grown into something much more. This is the place where I write my stories about the realities and the fantasies of my sex life, where I review toys so kindly given to me, where I post about my musing on sex, where I post half-naked photos on Thursdays, where I interview porn actresses, and mostly where I explore my sexuality supported by a large community of like minded bloggers.

X is the main guy in my life right now, if only because he’s my best friend and fuck buddy. Has a crazy girlfriend that I hate but I have to at least give a chance to. Ick. that I’m actually making progress on liking. who I’m sort of becoming friends with. I actually had a wonderful threesome with her and X deatiled here and here. He’s currently single.

C, E, H, K, L, M, N, Q, and V are all people who I’ve written about on this blog. When I’m feeling less lazy I’ll actually post about them.

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