I figured I should keep a ‘to do list’ of sorts for all the things I think of that I would like to try. Check back on occasion to see if I’ve completed any or even comment here with suggestions for me!

  1. Shower Sex (This has been on the list for going on a year now……..::glares at X::)
  2. Outside Sex (X and I ALMOST had outside sex but I didn’t realize it. After we finished our walk he informed me had I tried just a little longer and he would have. Augh.)
  3. Sex in the back seat of a car.
  4. Sex while someone is driving a car. (will prolly never do this, but it would be fun)
  5. Sex in a movie theater.
  6. Sex at a drive-in movie
  7. Fisting
  8. Play piercings (like a corset piercing)
  9. MMF threesome
  10. FFM threesome
  11. Lesbian sex
  12. BOB (bend over boyfriend)
  13. DP
  14. Kidnap/Rape play
  15. More types of roleplaying
  16. Orgy/Groupsex
  17. Sex in the rain
  18. Actual spanking/flogging/caning
  19. Being totally tied up and used
  20. Sex against the wall in an alleyway
  21. Be fucked with my pornstar boots on

More to come!

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