I <3 Anal Sex

21 04 2009

The only reason I allowed anal tonight was because X took advantage of me.

When you’ve been brought to the edge of an explosive orgasm four, five or six times you start to beg and plead and ask what you can do to get them to just keep fucking you so you can cum. (And maybe I need to work on being stronger, but when he has me in that position I really can only beg…) So when he told me the only way he’d let me cum is if he got to fuck my ass I agreed with only a moments hesitation. I gasped out that he had to stop if it started hurting too much but I really didn’t get that all the way out before I lost control of my speech as I came hard.

A few orgasms later and he was sliding his lubed up cock into my ass. I made him go slow, wincing slightly, expecting and anticipating the pain I was sure was coming. But it didn’t. Just pressure and nerves reacting pleasantly to friction. It took maybe a minute at most for him slide all the way in. Still. No pain. He went slow at first and it felt amazing. It didn’t take too much longer before it started feeling like I was going to have a small orgasm. I told him not to stop. I gripped his ass and pulled him as deep as he’d go into my ass as I came.

It was right after that he began to get rougher. It was clear I was in no pain, so he began fucking me hard at my urgings. My hands were gripping his ass, telling him to go deeper and harder. This is odd because usually anal was something I enjoyed a fair amount but usually there got to be a point where it would be uncomfortable. Not tonight. I just wanted more. He raised my legs above his shoulders and I almost died. I could feel each thrust pressing against my g-spot which I didn’t really know could happen with anal. It didn’t feel the same though. The pleasure was more full-bodied, intense and somehow dirtier and animalistic. I didn’t think I could cum as hard as I did from just anal.

I think I might want to combine anal with sex more often than just the one or two times a month we usually do it. I might even want to just go straight to anal, that’s how good it felt. I’m sure X is excited. I think we’re going to try some new positions with it now. :)

Sextoy.com: Love Pacifier

18 01 2009


I have no problem admitting that this is now probably my new favorite anal toy.

I reviewed one anal toy a few weeks or so ago and while I liked it, it was lacking in a few departments. I requested this toy on the off chance that the shape would be more inclined to stay in without the help of mine or another’s hand.

The box this came in was simple, just as it’s shown above. Though the toy was a bit bigger than I initially anticipated. I suppose that’s why the word ‘ADVANCED’  is on the box. Ooops. A warning, however, this toy is not for beginners. When I first played with it I was rushing a bit and pushed it in too fast. This resulted in me tearing a bit of skin and having a tender ass for a few days. Seeing blood after you take out an anal toy is never a good feeling, even if it’s only a spot or two. So, go slow with this one.

Again, I REALLY like this toy. The only downside I’ve found is that when you lube it up, the thin bit that connects the ring to the bulb is flexible. So, when you try to push it in your ass it can get a little difficult to keep it going the right way. Other than that, once you get the Love Pacifier in it settles in a really comfortable spot. You can feel how big it is but since the neck of it is thinner, it doesn’t feel uncomfortably full.

X and I had fun playing with this the other night. We’ve been a bit hit and miss with anal sex. Sometimes I can take it, sometimes I can’t. We’ve found that plugs like this one really help to relax me. The first night we tried it out, we lubed my ass up and slid the sex toy in. And miraculously, it stayed in. I was right about the shape working better for our purposes. Once it was in, X fucked me. And oh god do I like having something up my ass while I’m getting fucked. It didn’t take me long at all to cum just from that. We took out the plug, I got on my hands and knees and he lubed his cock up. To both our surprise, he slid right in without any ’slow down’s or ‘wait, ow….’s from me.

So this toy really does work. For two different purposes too. One, it’s just a great feeling anal toy. And two, it helps relax and stretch you out. And on a side note, it’s silicone so it’s very easy to clean. When it comes to sex toys, this is a good pick. And cheap too.

I love this toy so it’s not hard for me to give it a 9.5 out of 10.

snippets: four

17 07 2008

“I guess I felt used after. I mean, we tried a bunch of new things and I felt like he was just waiting to try those things before ending things with me.”

‘New things?”

“You tried anal didn’t you?”

“….Yeah. I did. You guys know me too well.”

“Ew. M tried to get a finger up there once, and he knows not to go there ever again.”

“D wants to try it but I’m totally against it.”

“Honestly, it was not bad at all. I liked it.”

“You liked it? Didn’t it hurt?”

“Yeah. I like it a lot. It felt good. Different, but really good. And it only started hurting after he fucked me for a while and the lube dried out.”