Why X is a Terrible Person

24 11 2008

Z: For once I’m actually awake when you text me. Even though I don’t think I’m going to classes.

X: Go to classes.

Z:We’re not doing anything today, so why should I when I have a lot of laundry?

X: Go to classes or you don’t get laid before break.

Z: Omg. SO not fair to do that!!

X: Not true.

Z: ::pout:: I’m not going to classes. I checked and we’re not doing anything important today.

X: Well then…..no lovin.

Edit: As if he could really hold to that. He caved easily once he came over that evening.

In Class

13 11 2008

I’m sitting in class right now. And X is a bastard.

He knows just what to say to turn me on. And he’s doing it because it amuses him to torture me like that. I’m actually sort of afraid of the fact that we’ve talked about getting a pair of those wireless panties. He’d have far too much fun in class with them. He’s already said he’d tease me with them for the first half of class. And then he’d hand over the remote to BFA and let her control if I cum or not.

The thought of that is what’s making me miserable in class right now…..

In Class Conversations

23 09 2008

X and I have one class together and we usually sit and IM each other in between taking notes.

X: Sigh….I really need to stop looking at your tits.

Me: I noticed you staring. I’m amused.

X: Shh…

snippets: one

8 07 2008

“So, how is class?”

“So fucking boring…”

“Aw. I’m sorry…..wish I could help.”

“How would you be able to help?”

“Dunno. Let you sit on my lap and fuck you?”

“That would be fun but a little tricky to pull off in the middle of class.”