Snippets #6

6 08 2008

X: You know first hand how amazing I am, babe.
Z: Oh really? Do I?
X: Yes.
Z: And what is this first hand experience with your supposed awesomeness?
X: Sigh…..
Z: What? Why the sigh, dear?
X: You know what I’m awesome at hun.
Z: I know. But it’s fun to tease you. ;)
X: So honestly, do you miss that?
Z: That? What’s that? That can mean a lot of things, be more specific dear.
X: Do you miss me fucking your brains out?
Z: Of course. I miss it a lot. Why?
X: Just been thinking about you today.
Z: Oh really? And what have you been thinking about?
X: Hey now….
Z: What? I was just curious! Lol. And you’re the one who was thinking whatever you were thinking. Not me.
X: Going to tell me you haven’t thought about ducking me recently?
Z: Nope. I haven’t thought of ‘ducking’ you recently. What is ducking? Sounds dirty.
X: Sigh……
Z: Yes. I have thought about fucking you. More than I really should.
X: I know….
Z: Do you miss it?
X: Yea. I do.
Z: Why?
X: Why? Lol. You were really good.
Z: You were good too, at least I thought so. Though I don’t have much to judge by.
X: True. But you seemed to cum a few times. Lol.
Z: Very true. ;)
X: And really hard the one time……
Z: Oh god…….that was fun.
X: I know. You screamed so loud…..
Z: Did I? I honestly don’t remember what I did.
X: That was what I was going for. Lol.
Z: Really?
X: I liked to see that look on your face.
Z: Too bad for you. Probably won’t ever see it again.


Can someone please explain to me why this boy and I are no longer fucking? It’s driving me bonkers.

three: of conversations and changes

2 07 2008

Cyber sex is fun.

Since X and I have been away from each other so long, we’ve resorted to text messages and AIM to talk about sex. We go back and forth, saying what we want, or what we want to do. I’ve always been a person facinated and enthralled by words, so a simple whispered word or as I’ve found out a line of text can sometimes make me hotter than a kiss or a caress.

Our usual conversations consist usually go something like this:
X: I would love to have you right now.
Z: Oh god. I know. I wish you were right here in my bedroom now, I want you so bad.
X: What would you do to me if I was in your bedroom?
Z: I’d push you down onto my bed, and crawl on top of you. I’d stradle you and kiss you hard.
X: Mmm….
Z: I’d grind myself against you, riding you over our clothes. I’d bite and kiss your neck, getting you to moan.
X: Mmm….I could go for that….
Z: Could you?
X: Oh hell yea.
Z: Would you like it if I pulled your shirt off, kissing down your chest and stomach?
X: Yeah, I would.
Z: And I’d unbutton your pants, looking at you while I did it. You’d be hard by now, so once I got you out of your pants, I’d run my tounge slowly up you.
X: Mmm….that’d be awesome….
Z: But then I’d stop. I’d kiss your hipbones and your thighs, but I wouldn’t go down on you quite yet.
X: Oh come on baby….
Z: Every once and a while, I’d run my finger up your cock, or lick around the head, but then I’d go back to teasing you. Waiting for you to beg.
X: Oh baby….please….
Z: I’d finally give in, my mouth sliding slowly down you, taking as much of you as I could. My lips would be tight around you, my tounge teasing as I slide slowly up and down.
X: Oh god….keep going gorgeous…
Z: I keep going. I try to take more of your down my throat and with a little gagging I manage it. You’re so big it makes it difficult sometimes.
X: Damn…
Z: What do you want me to do now, baby?
X: I want to fuck you….so hard…
Z: Do you? How would you fuck me? How do you want me?
X: Oh…I want you laying on your back, me thrusting deep into you hard and fast.
Z: Baby, that would be amazing. But wouldn’t it be even better to have me on all fours, my ass in the air, back arched as you dig your fingers into my hips, slamming into me so hard.
X: Oh god yes…..though I’d rather slide it in your ass…
Z: Mmm. Tell me what you’d do…
X: I’d bend you over on all fours and slide into you pussy hard and fast, making you moan as I slide two fingers in your ass, then after you cum, I’d pull out and slowly work it into your ass, biting your neck as I do.
Z: Oh god…you’d make me cum so hard baby…But I’d still want more and I’d press my ass back against you as you worked it in. I’d be moaning that I love being your sextoy, and to fuck me hard and make me cum again.
X: Oh god….

He left to take a shower after that, informing me once he was done that he’d had some fun thouhts to toy with. Usually by the end of these conversations, I’m soaking wet and have to get my vibrator out to relieve some tension.

Talking today about what we want to do to each other, I said a standard of riding him hard and fast, he said he wanted to cum in my mouth, though what took me most by surprise was what he then suggested after more than a bit of bugging as to what he was thinking of.

X: I was thinking of laying you down on the bed, and sliding into you gently for once, actually letting you feel all of me.

We usually go at sex with the outlook of ‘the faster and harder the better’ this made me think a bit.