When Guys Take Forever To Cum or How Family Guy Can Ruin Sex

21 12 2008

Having the TV on in the background when X and I have sex is just something normal to us.

Living in apartments with roommates who either are not happy about our ’special’ brand of friendship or who don’t even know about it makes background noise a must when we have sex. I’m not really a screamer. I mean, I can be loud when given a chance, but I’m not overly loud all the time. I do make noises though. I moan and squeak and gasp and talk a little bit. And X grunts and breaths loudly and talks too. So while the chance of being over heard is minimal, it still exists.

So the TV goes on.

Most of the time it doesn’t bother us or distract us. Unless Waiting… is on and X decides it’s more fun to watch Ryan Reynolds talk about his balls than it is to focus on the fact that I’m on top of him fucking him. I don’t get men sometimes.

But that’s not the point of my post.

Wednesday night I pressured X into sex, which is something I rightfully should never have to do but whatever. After over and hour of him subtly teasing me, I was horny and with the prospects of three weeks without sex in my future, I told him he should fuck me. He said no for a bit, but finally gave in. Thank God. You know how guys talk about thinking with their dicks? Sometimes I think I have a similar, more female problem.

I keep getting off topic. Basically, we started have sex. Nothing exciting, just our basic sex. Then we had sex doggy style and he intentional made me queef. I did it the other night, really loudly, and since then he seems to think this is the funniest damn thing ever. I sat up, turned around and hit him. He then decided he wanted to try something new. He sat on the end of the bed and had me stand up and fuck him. It didn’t work well because his bed was too tall. So we tried his computer chair.

This was much better. I fucked him until my legs were burning and he was bright red from the shoulders up. He was making faces and gasping and just in general not too in control of himself. This meant, by my previous experiences and observations, that he was really fucking close to cumming. All of a sudden he stops. Says he can’t. I look at him like he’s insane. He points to the TV.

“Do you know how awkward it is to hear Brian talk about the bible while you’re getting fucked?”

I just sighed.

“Mute the TV and get on the bed.”

He did and I ended up fucking him this time until he came really hard.

And he better damn appreciate how nice I was to him that night. It’s Sunday and my legs are still sore from fucking him for so damn long on Wednesday. I mean, he usually lasts a long time, but this was just excessive.

watching me

21 07 2008

X always loved to watch me as he pleasured me.

I’d be on my back and he’d be curled next to my body, watching me.  As I slide my fingers down my body to stroke softly at my clit, his eyes would be glued to my face. A soft moan would escape my lips and I’d turn on my vibrator, the whir drawing his eyes down my body, but then always back to my face. I’d bite my lip and whine wordlessly, my hips grinding against the air. I’d take his fingers and slide them inside me, my eyes drifting closed. I told him what to do while I worked on my clit, feeling the edges of my orgasm build. And he told me all the dirty things he wanted to do to me, he told me I should imagine him doing those things to me. And once I got really close, all he would do is watch my face and murmur ‘cum for my baby,’ until I did.

Then he’d press his forehead to mine and kiss me softly, telling me how much that had turned him on. I’d reach down and feel his cock, harder than normal. So hard it seemed painful.

Instead of spreading my legs and asking him to fuck me, I told him he got to watch me and now it was his turn. I sat between his legs as he jerked himself. I watched just what grip he used and how he twisted his hand just a bit.

Soon he panted out that I should let him get close, then stop so he could fuck me and cum in my ass. I told him to save that for another night. I had him stand up and I kneeled infront of him. I looked up at him coyly and with a smirk ordered him to cum hard on my tits. At this point he was far gone enough that he could only moan and nod. I watched him from my knees as he got closer and closer, his eyes closing and his mouth forming a slight ‘o’. I ran my hands up and down his thighs, reaching up to massage his balls and murmuring encouragement and dirty images.

He groaned and came, spurt after spurt landing on my chest. A bit of cum landed on his hand and I ran a finger through it, wiping it off on my collar bone. He sat down, tired, on my bed  and I grinned at him, “I liked that.”

He just laughed and pulled me to the bathroom to clean up.

eight: of surprise and squirting

17 07 2008

A few interesting things happened this past weekend. One, I found out I can squirt.

When X got here he fucked me relentlessly. We did it with me sitting on the kitchen counter, with me bent over the very same counter, bent over the couch, and finally in my bed. X is also quite long and quite thick. And the positions he had me were giving my G-spot a pounding, which I LOVED. We took a short break to get something to drink and when we got back up to my room he looked at me and told me he missed me going down on him.

So he laid back on the bed and I licked up his cock slowly, flicking across the head before taking him in my mouth. Apparently the girls that have gone down on him before don’t use their hand too, which makes me unique. (though I always thought using your hands too was commonsense) X always told me I was amazing at blowjobs. Funny thing was, he’s the first guy I ever blew. I must just be naturally talented. I told him I wanted him to tell me what he liked me doing when I went down on him. It didn’t take me much time at all to figure out what he loved. Hand at the base of his cock, covering what my mouth can’t, twisting and moving my hand slowly up and down while slide him in and out of my mouth. Pause to take him as far down my throat as I can, pull off and stroke my spit into his cock with my hand. He loves that.

But after a bit he was moaning that he wanted me to ride him. But I teased him instead. I rubbed the head against my clit, telling him I liked using him as my toy and that I could just rub against him till I came . And he tried to grab my hips and push me onto him, but I grabbed his arms, put them at the top of the bed and told him to be good. I slide just an inch of him in me, playing just the tip and teasing him. I kept doing this for a while as he began to beg. He had his eyes closed and he was moaning when I let myself drop unexpectedly onto his cock. His eyes shot open and his hands went to my hips.

We fucked with abandon. A ways into our session, I suddenly panicked because I really had to pee. But I kept going, thinking I would go right after we finished. I don’t remember much but he either pulled out or was forced out and I looked between our bodies and I had gushed all over his abdomen. And it had felt ungodly AMAZING. I really didn’t get what happened at first because I was so focused on him fucking me more, and I think I was simply dazed by my orgasms.

He got close to cumming, told me he wanted to cum in my mouth, so I slide down his body and sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. One of the hottest things of the night was watching him arch his back, and writh and moan as he clutched my sheets. He came so hard, and I swallowed his hot cum. He told me afterwards, once he could make coherent sentences, that I had just given him one of the best orgasms of his life. I just smiled like the cat that got the cream.

He got up to clean himself off in my bathroom while I lounged lazily on my bed. He stuck his head out the bathroom door and said:
“I didn’t know you could do that.”
“Do what?”
“Yeah…..didn’t know I could do that either.”
“Really? Impressive. I was the first one to get you to do that?”
“Yes honey, remember you’re the first person to do pretty much everything to me.”
“Oh yeah.”

And I’m sad now that I won’t get to fuck him anymore because I wanted to experiment with that. I wanted to see if I could do it again, or multiple times. But alas, I’ll just have to experiment with myself then. Which in all reality can be just as much fun.

three: of conversations and changes

2 07 2008

Cyber sex is fun.

Since X and I have been away from each other so long, we’ve resorted to text messages and AIM to talk about sex. We go back and forth, saying what we want, or what we want to do. I’ve always been a person facinated and enthralled by words, so a simple whispered word or as I’ve found out a line of text can sometimes make me hotter than a kiss or a caress.

Our usual conversations consist usually go something like this:
X: I would love to have you right now.
Z: Oh god. I know. I wish you were right here in my bedroom now, I want you so bad.
X: What would you do to me if I was in your bedroom?
Z: I’d push you down onto my bed, and crawl on top of you. I’d stradle you and kiss you hard.
X: Mmm….
Z: I’d grind myself against you, riding you over our clothes. I’d bite and kiss your neck, getting you to moan.
X: Mmm….I could go for that….
Z: Could you?
X: Oh hell yea.
Z: Would you like it if I pulled your shirt off, kissing down your chest and stomach?
X: Yeah, I would.
Z: And I’d unbutton your pants, looking at you while I did it. You’d be hard by now, so once I got you out of your pants, I’d run my tounge slowly up you.
X: Mmm….that’d be awesome….
Z: But then I’d stop. I’d kiss your hipbones and your thighs, but I wouldn’t go down on you quite yet.
X: Oh come on baby….
Z: Every once and a while, I’d run my finger up your cock, or lick around the head, but then I’d go back to teasing you. Waiting for you to beg.
X: Oh baby….please….
Z: I’d finally give in, my mouth sliding slowly down you, taking as much of you as I could. My lips would be tight around you, my tounge teasing as I slide slowly up and down.
X: Oh god….keep going gorgeous…
Z: I keep going. I try to take more of your down my throat and with a little gagging I manage it. You’re so big it makes it difficult sometimes.
X: Damn…
Z: What do you want me to do now, baby?
X: I want to fuck you….so hard…
Z: Do you? How would you fuck me? How do you want me?
X: Oh…I want you laying on your back, me thrusting deep into you hard and fast.
Z: Baby, that would be amazing. But wouldn’t it be even better to have me on all fours, my ass in the air, back arched as you dig your fingers into my hips, slamming into me so hard.
X: Oh god yes…..though I’d rather slide it in your ass…
Z: Mmm. Tell me what you’d do…
X: I’d bend you over on all fours and slide into you pussy hard and fast, making you moan as I slide two fingers in your ass, then after you cum, I’d pull out and slowly work it into your ass, biting your neck as I do.
Z: Oh god…you’d make me cum so hard baby…But I’d still want more and I’d press my ass back against you as you worked it in. I’d be moaning that I love being your sextoy, and to fuck me hard and make me cum again.
X: Oh god….

He left to take a shower after that, informing me once he was done that he’d had some fun thouhts to toy with. Usually by the end of these conversations, I’m soaking wet and have to get my vibrator out to relieve some tension.

Talking today about what we want to do to each other, I said a standard of riding him hard and fast, he said he wanted to cum in my mouth, though what took me most by surprise was what he then suggested after more than a bit of bugging as to what he was thinking of.

X: I was thinking of laying you down on the bed, and sliding into you gently for once, actually letting you feel all of me.

We usually go at sex with the outlook of ‘the faster and harder the better’ this made me think a bit.