Fastforward Fantasy

21 07 2009

We’d found her at some house party.

A lame affair with cheap beer and loud music. I’d pointed her out to you: A pretty redhead over on the couch. You smiled at me and squeezed my ass. You approved of my taste. When she first started talking to us I don’t think she would have ever expected that she would end up where she did by the end of the night…

Fast Forward

My one hand is on her head, fingers threaded tightly through red hair, forcing her to gag on your hard cock. My other hand grips her hip, pulling her down onto my strap-on, fucking her. At some point during the night she told us she wasn’t into girls, when we first propositioned her I think. But the way she rolls her hips and presses her ass back against me as my cock slides in and out of her tells a different story. I force her head forward and she struggles to moan and breath and gag all at once. I laugh and let go. She pulls back gasping for air, a thin line of saliva connecting her lips and your cock.

I grab her by the hair again but this time I pull her back towards me. I pull her back so she’s forced to bounce up and down on my strap-on. She’s forced to let you watch her tits bounce up and down as she shamelessly grinds down onto me. You lean forward and bite down hard on a nipple. She yells out a little. You bite again. This time she moans. Oh. That’s not from the biting. Your fingers are on her clit.

“Do you want to cum, slut?” I ask her, tugging sharply on her hair. She nods. I grin.

I push her down on all fours. You get behind me and tug on my nipples, playing with my piercings. Your lips are on my neck as I fuck hard and fast. I feel your hands on my hips, urging me to go deeper. And she’s gripping the bed sheets, moan after moan escaping her lips. I can tell she’s close because her knuckles are white. I reach around and flick at her clit. She orgasms loudly. I can feel your cock twitching against my back.

As soon as I pull out of her, you waste no time stripping my strap-on off of me. You press the head of your cock against my slick pussy and then slide in with one fast thrust. I gasp. The girl is watching us with half-lidded eyes, still riding on the waves of her orgasm. She reaches up to pull my head down and kiss me.

I can’t help but moan in her mouth as I feel your nails dig into my hips and your cock hit just the right spot inside me. Her fingers are on my nipples, toying with the barbells.

“Good girl,” I sigh against her lips. I can feel you fucking me harder and I’m getting so close to cumming…


I’m sitting on the couch next to her, reaching up to play with her hair.  You’re on the other side of her, fingers idly stroking her arm, her hip, her thigh. You lean forward a bit to whisper something in her ear. She shakes her head vehemently no. She tells you she’s not interested in women while she steals a nervous glance over at me, still shaking her head. You laugh a little and I look over at you. Our eyes meet and we smirk. I look back down at her, my finger tracing the curve of her neck.

“I bet we can change that.”

Possession Fantasy

23 06 2009

My hand is threaded in your hair, pulling your head back, making you look at me.

“I don’t take brattiness from my toys,” I emphasis my point with a sharp tug on your hair. You’re kneeling between my legs as I sit on my bed, looking down at you. “Do you understand me?” You nods as best he can.

“Good. My toy is making up for being a little brat earlier and teasing me,” I can feel you visibly prickle at my possessive tone. You’ve wanted to be the dominant one today but I had other plans. I motion for you to get onto the bed and you tries to bend me over it. Bad life choice. My hand comes up and smacks you hard across the face, leaving a bright red mark. I take advantage of your momentary shock and restrain you.

I’m no longer feeling nice.

I drop myself down onto your cock and begin to ride you hard. My hand comes up and grabs you by the back of your head, forcing your face to press into my breasts. My hips move fast against yours, my pussy squeezing your cock. You’re gasping and I can tell you’re begining to get close.

I stop all movement and force you to look me in the eyes, “Who do you belong to?”


“Wrong answer. If you don’t get it right, I won’t let you cum.”

“I belong to my Mistress.”

“Wrong again……” I see the confusion written on your face. You’d thought you’d gotten it right that time.

I move my hips slowly, teasingly. “It was that pesky little possessive pronoun there that got you in trouble. You are my slave. MY toy. And my toys aren’t allowed to own anything. You are mine. And everything you consider yours is mine when you’re my slave.”

“I belong to Mistress…..” you trail off. I just smile and begin to fuck you again, this time filth spilling from my lips.

“You heard me right toy. I own you. And I own every little bit of you.” I bite down on your neck and you groan.

“I own your dirty mouth that loves to pleasure my pussy. I own your ass and I can fuck it whenever I like. I own this cock inside of me. It’s for making me cum. That’s your sole purpose in life: pleasing me. You. Are. My. Toy.”  My words have gotten you so close to the edge. But I’m far from being done playing with you.

So I stop. I stroke the side of your face. “You know how I know that I own you?” You’re panting from being so close. And at this point will tell me pigs can fly if only to get me to continue to fuck you. You shake your head no.

“You have a girlfriend. You want to marry her. But here you are. Your slutty cock buried deep inside me.” I grab you by the hair again, pressing you into my chest as I start fucking you again. “You can’t get enough of me. You can’t fucking stop. And you fucking love that I can do this to you.” I’m close to cumming now and I’m griding my clit hard against you. “I turn you into a begging little toy who’s only thought is how to please me so I’ll let you cum. How sad is that?”

I lose my train of thought momentarily as an orgasm rips through my body, leaving me gasping and moaning on top of him. Once I recover, I continue. Fucking you slowly now. Teasing you. Making you insane.

“I bet I could tell you to tie her up and bring her to me and you’d let me fuck her. You’d love for me to tie you to a chair and force you to watch as I fucked your precious little girlfriend with my strapon. It’d make you so hard knowing that I could make her scream. And she’d watch you. And see you obeying my every word. What would she think toy? Oh. I would enjoy showing her just how good of a slave you are to me….”

I speed up my fucking. And you’re nearly incoherent. My words have turned you into a begging mess and you keep pleading to let you cum.

“No. Now shut the fuck up toy. I never said you could speak.” You look at me wide eyed. I’ve never told you to shut up before. It distracts you for a second. Making you forget for a moment how bad you want to cum.

“I never said you had permission to speak. My dildos don’t speak to me and I don’t expect you to either. Once I’m done using you. Only then can you cum,” I twist your nipples hard and you wince in pain.

I fuck myself on your cock as though it’s just a dildo. It doesn’t take me long to cum again. And then again. I smile. Satisfied.

I lean over and bite your ear. “Ready to cum for me slave?” You nod.

“Good.” My pussy is soaking wet and you slide in and out so easily. After all the teasing you’ve been through it doesn’t take you long to get close to orgasm. I can tell and I lean down , pushing my tits in your face as I tell you to imagine how disgusted your girlfriend would be if she saw you like this. If she saw you with another woman allowing yourself to be treated as a glorified dildo. And a good dildo you are. You’re so very good at staying hard and not making any noise. Just like a real dildo.

My hips speed up and right as you hit the point of no return, I slide up far enough that your cock slips out of me. You cum all over your stomach. But the utter lack of friction as you went over the edge left the orgasm unsatisfying. You look at me and I can see the frustration in your eyes. You look mad.

I just laugh.

“You’re my toy. I said you could cum but I never said you were allowed to cum hard. Poor little slut. You’re going to need fucked again aren’t  you?” When you nod I just laugh again.

“Too bad I have better things to do.” I smirk, grab my robe and walk out of the room.

Domination Fantasy

5 04 2009

It’s been a while since he’s let me have control.

But oh do I have it tonight. He’s on his knees in front of me, looking up and waiting for me to tell him what to do. I just smirk and thread my fingers through his hair, tugging and pulling until he understands what I want him to do. Without questioning he slides his tongue across my pussy, teasing me. He flicks over my clit and I groan slightly, he’s toying with me to see how much I will let him get away with. He continues teasing me to the point where I’m getting annoyed. I reach down and grab his face harshly.

“Stop teasing me, slave.”

“Sorry Mistress.” And without another word he begins to eat me out with so much gusto I have to back up a few steps to sit on my bed. His mouth latches onto my clit, toying with the metal ball sitting above it, his tongue flickering over both. My breathing is heavy and my hands in his hair must be uncomfortable as I show him what to do to please me. But he follows directions so well when he allows me to call him slave. Without warning, he reaches a hand up to curl two fingers inside me. “Good slave”, I murmur between moans. It only take a few more minutes before I’m arching my back as I cum around his fingers, his tongue still toying with my sensitive clit.

I push him away as I regain my composure. I motion for him to stand up and strip. He follows orders without a second thought. Once divested of clothing I can see how turned on he is. His cock is rock hard, the tip dripping slightly with precum. I grab it, stroking slowly as I lean up to kiss him, tasting a little bit of myself still on his lips. His hips move ever so slightly, thrusting lightly into my hand as it glides over him.

“Lay down slave. It’s time for me to have my fun with you.” Once on the bed, I cuff his hands and feet so he can’t move. He’s spread eagled on the bed and I stand next to it, just smiling.

“Oh what to do with my slave……you were such a good boy making me cum like that. But you had to tease me at first? Tisk tisk. You’ll have to be punished.” I straddle him and glide my wet slit against the head of his cock.

“You want this so bad, don’t you slave?” He only nods and I scowl. “What was that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good slave.” I reward him by letting his cock slid a centimeter or two inside me. But only for a moment as I refuse to just fuck him so easily.

“What does my slave want?” I ask him.

“Whatever my Mistress wants. I only want to please you,” he tells me, but I can hear the slight whine in his voice. I know he’s screaming inside for me to fuck him. But I won’t.

“Fine then. Your cock in my mouth is what is going to please me.” I get off him abruptly. With my mouth poised delicately above him I just smile. The first touch of my tongue is slow and deliberate. I run the flat of it up the underside, swirling around the head. My lips latch on and I take as much of him down my throat as I can as quickly as I can. Compared to the slow lick, this total engulfment leaves him gasping, pulling slightly at his restraints. I bob up and down, my tongue teasing while my lips are tight around him. I stop for a moment to catch my breath. My tongue darts out to break the strand of saliva that runs from my mouth to his cock.

Even when playing Mistress, I can’t deny that I love the feeling of him in my mouth. He’s long and hard and thick. It’s a challenge to take him all down my throat without gaging. And I know he won’t cum just from my mouth alone, so no matter the enthusiasm I put into it, it’s still just teasing to him. And oh god do I have fun with that. Fast then slow, deep then shallow, lots of pressure then barely any. It doesn’t take very long for him to begin to beg.

“Please Mistress. Fuck me. Fuck your slave. I want to make you cum. Please, fuck me let. Let me make you moan.”

The words spill from his lips almost in a whine. And his hips are jerking up, trying to get more friction from my mouth. But I just let his cock slide across my lips and cheek.

“I don’t know…..You haven’t been that good so far. I’m not sure you deserve to be fucked,” I tell him as I move to straddle him. I let him slide ever so slightly into me.

“Tell me why I should fuck you..” I trail off with a smirk, sliding back up off his cock.

He begins to tell me why I should fuck him, but I honestly don’t care. I’m aching and I need to be filled. Without warning, I drop down onto him fast. He doesn’t have time to really react, his speech is caught in his throat and he arches up off the bed. I just sit there on top of him, moving my hips in enticing little circles.

“Before I let you cum, I’m going to use you for what you really are, my toy.” Without lifting my hips up, I grind myself against him. Back and forth, in wide circles, pressing my clit down to get friction. I feel the tension building in my stomach and I lean down to wisper in his ear.

“You love this. You love being my sex toy. Exploited and used for the sole purpose of my pleasure.” He just nods and moans. My body shakes a bit and my back arches. A pleasant orgasm vibrates through my body, ending in a tingling in my feet and fingers. I smile. I grind my clit against him again and a few more waves crash back against my body.

After a few seconds, I get up on my feet so the only connection between my body and his is his cock in my pussy. His eyes widen. He knows, after all the teasing, that he won’t last long like this. But I plan to make him last. I fuck him hard, my body bouncing up and down on his cock. His bottom lip curls under and he’s getting red. I can tell he’s close. So I roll to the side. The sudden contact with cool air leaves him twitching and his eyes are wide, questioning what I just did. I curl up next to him and kiss him on the cheek.

“I can’t have you just cumming like that. You only gave me two orgasms. So I’m going to deny you orgasms until I feel like you’ve made up for your lack of effort.” I grin as he groans.

“Please, please just let me cum.” I laugh as I get back on top of him, that begging doesn’t even need to be addressed. I’m the one in control. And I’m going to enforce that. It doesn’t take too much longer for me to get him back on the brink once I start fucking him again. And again, I pull off and let him cool down a bit.

He’s flushed and sweating, and his cock is dripping. He pulls at the restraints, trying to get free. He doesn’t want to play by my rules anymore. But it’s too bad, because as long as he can’t get free, my rules are the law. I get back up on him, it takes him longer to get to the edge this time. He’s panting and groaning, his hips trying to match mine, thrust for thrust. I’m a softy so I take pity on him. He gets closer and closer and closer to orgasm. He’s bright red and incoherent, his whole being bent on being able to cum. I don’t slow down as I ride him harder and harder. He suddenly arches up off the bed and I slam my hips down on him and he’s cumming and cumming. His eyes are rolled back in his head and his arms and legs are straining at the restraints.

He really should be more careful how much control he lets me have……..


8 01 2009

My first mistake was reading this post by Thursday’s Child.

One look at the gorgeous picture gracing the top of the post and it wasn’t hard to let myself begin to lust. Not after Thursday’s Child (though that would be easy to do) but after that corset. Or simply a corset in general. A tight fitting corset hugging my body, pushing my breasts up…..just the idea of it makes me feel seductive and sexy.

I informed X I wanted a corset. And I sent him the link to Thursday’s entry. He loved it. And I still loved the idea of a corset.

“I’d love to dominate you in that corset,” he told me after I sent him a link to the affordable corset on the Fredrick’s of Hollywood website. A poor college girl can’t be picky and get an expensive one. Even if she wants an expensive one terribly bad. Horribly bad.

“I’d tie you up,” he told me.

“And spank you hard.” I was squirming in my seat as each word popped up on my screen.

“Bite you, and kiss your back and neck.”

That’s all it took to get my mind wandering to dirty places. Places where I was kneeling on a bed, a corset tight around me. Where I’m pushed to the bed by a hand in my hair, told that I’m a dirty little slut who is going to love sucking the cock in front of me while I’m violated by another from behind.

And in a flash, the rolls are reversed. X is spreadeagled on my bed, hands and feet cuffed tight to the frame. His hard cock rest against his stomach, twitching slightly as I run the crop up and down his body. I run it across is his cock and I can hear him suck in a breath. Blindfold in hand, I reach up to stroke his hair in a comforting manner.

“Don’t worry slave, your Mistress will take care of you.”

The last image he sees before the darkness of the blindfold over takes him is his gorgeous Mistress standing over him. Her corset pushing her breasts up matching perfectly with the lacy thigh highs and fuck me heels that accentuate her long legs.

Sigh. I want. No. I need a corset. X said he take me to the nearest Fredrick’s on Sunday so I can procure a cheap one. But honestly, where does one look to find a quality one? I’m looking to save up simply because I won’t stop thinking about it until I get a high quality one.


12 12 2008

He spun me around and grabbed both my wrists in one hand.

I heard the ripping sound of velcro as he adjusted the cloth cuffs so it held both my wrists. I tugged and pulled. They weren’t coming free.

Before I had much more time to think his cock was out and I was being forced to my knees. I fought it but he was stronger. He shoved himself into my protesting mouth as I continued to fight. I flailed and struggled, trying my hardest to get my hands free.

The harder I struggled, the more forceful he was. I was gagging on his cock. Uncerimoniously, he gripped my head as he fucked my mouth. I tried to pull away, to turn my face. But all I succeeded in doing was smeer saliva on my cheek where it mixed with my hair and stuck to my face.

I pulled away for a moment to sit on the floor, still pulling at the cuffs. He grabbed a fistful of hair and hauled me up. He slammed his cock down my throat and held it there until I thought I wouldn’t be able to control my geg-reflex anymore. He let me pull away for a moment to sputter, then his dick was back.

“Stop fighting and I’ll be nice,” He told me.

I didn’t listen at first. I still tried to get away. And he continued to push my limits until I gave in.

I sucked his cock like a good little slut. He pushed the hair caked to my face back behind my ear, stroked my face. He still kept my head moving, but not forcefully. Not more than I could take. And I was wet, so turned on by being dominated.

He pulled my head back off his cock for a moment.

“What’s my name?” he demanded. I didn’t know what to say. I was confused.

When I didn’t respond instantly, he made me gag hard.

He asked me again. “What is my name?”

I took a deep gasp of air as he stopped to let me speak.

“Master,” I panted out.

With that he zipped his pants back up and reached down to unvelcro the cuff. Grinning down at me he reached a hand down to help me up.

“Time to go to class,” he said with an insufferable grin on his face, knowing I’d have to sit through the next three hours of classes turned on.


11 11 2008

I won’t break.I want it rough. And hard. And fast. And dirty. Throw me down on the bed. Pin me beneath you. And make sure I know who’s in control. Cuff my hands tight. Grab my face and force it up. Claim my neck with your teeth. Bite me hard.Letting me feel the exquisite pain.

Make me bleed.

I’m no doll. I don’t break easily. Rip my cloths off my body. Leave me naked and prone. Begging you to stop. Pleading for you to keep going. I want to feel your hands all over me. Touching and twisting and claiming and grasping. I want to struggle against you. I want to feel how hard you are through your jeans. I want to make you harder. Insane with desire for me. For my willing, fighting body. I want your cock, forced into my mouth. Gagging and sputtering to keep from choking. I want you forcing it on me. Telling me that I like it. That I like your fat cock filling my mouth. Almost as much as I like it filling my tight pussy. I can’t push you away. My hands are still cuffed. The metal is digging into my wrists.

I’m so wet.

I want you on top of me. I want you forcing yourself inside of me. Stifling my moans with your hand. Forcing me to suck your fingers. All the while you fuck me. And you fuck me hard. Without mercy. Relentless pounding. I whimper and beg and plead and moan. Your hands are all over me. Your lips biting at my neck again. Leaving red purple marks. Claiming me again. You grasp my nipples hard. And it’s too much. I can’t stop it. I can’t fight it.

I cum hard.

You keep fucking me. Rough. Hard. Ignoring my protests of it being too much. You tell me to take it. That it isn’t too much. You grab my hair. Force your lips to mine in a hard kiss. Your mouth is open. Panting. Your hips are more erratic. Deeper. Then shallow. Hard. The soft. Fast. Then slow. Your arms get tighter. Your teeth bite down. I know what’s coming. I bite your ear. I whisper.

Cum for me.

And you do. Hard. You collapse. Spent. On top of me. You remember to uncuff me. I smile. And hold you close. Bite. Bruises. Cuts. Everything. I’m still not broken.

I’m no doll.

Yes Mistress.

22 08 2008

I officially love living a less than five minute from X.

Text messages are wonderful things:
Z: I’m horny…
X: Aw…want me to come fuck you?
Z: Would you actually come and fuck me if I said yes?
X: Probably.
Z: Then get your ass over here, slave. Your Mistress wants to be fucked.
X: I’ll be there about 12:30, Mistress.

And lo and behold, who was waiting at the door to my apartment building at 12:20? X. We walked upstairs and I let him into my apartment. We stood in my room and kissed until he looked down at me and asked what I wanted him to do. I told him to strip me down and go down on me. He did just that, pulling me to the edge of the bed and getting on his knees. I gripped his head and moaned as he licked and sucked on my clit. He fucked me with his tongue while he reached up to play with my nipples.  I loved it. But for some reason oral never really gets me close, I need more force, more pressure.

I pulled his head away and told him to stand up and take off all his clothes. As soon as he pulled down his boxers, I could see how rock hard he was. I got off the bed to kiss his lips and neck, musing out loud to myself what I wanted to do with him. I ran my fingers lightly over his cock, enjoying the tiny jerks his hips made and the small wimper that slipped from his lips.

I ordered him to lay on the bed while I looked about my room for some proper restraints. Sadly, all my scarves were still packed in boxes and his handcuffs had been left at home. He looked at me earnestly and slid his hands behind his head under the pillow. “I’ll be good, Mistress. I won’t move them.”

“Good toy.” I told him as I climbed on top of him. I ran my tongue along his neck and collar bone, I told him that if he disobeyed me, I would have to punish him. He just nodded. I asked him what he wanted, and he told me he wanted whatever would please his mistress. I smiled. Good answer.

I grabbed his cock and began running it against my wetness. I used it to rub my clit, moaning. I let the head of his cock slide just a tiny bit inside me. That’s when the begging began. X began to moan and plead, “Please Mistress. Fuck me, your toy wants to be inside you.” “You haven’t earned the right to be fucked, slave.” And I continued riding him with just the tip inside my pussy. He tried jerking his hips up into me, and I gave him a stern look. “I never gave you permission to do that, slave.” “Sorry Mistress.” “I’ll ignore your first mistake. Do it again and you’ll be punished.”

He continued moaning and begging me to fuck him, so I let myself drop down fully onto his cock. His eyes opened wide in anticipation of being fucked only to feel me slide all the way up and off of him. “Please do that again, Mistress.” I told him no. I told him that he hadn’t earned the right to be fucked. But that I wanted him to eat me out again. I straddled his face as he went to it with gusto. I’ve never seen him enjoy going down on me so much before. He held onto my hips as I rode his tongue, his blue eyes looking back at me, gauging my reactions. I tried to move away for a moment, but he held onto me and kept going. The boy didn’t want to stop.

At this point, I was so turned on I just wanted to fuck him. But instead, I got off his face, and began to tease him again. I didn’t spend quite as much time doing it as before. I finally dropped down onto him and began to ride him slowly. He went to move his hands but I looked at him with my eyebrows arched, as if to say “Do you really think that’s a smart idea?” He continued to let me fuck him slowly, moaning the whole time about how good I felt and how he just wanted to please me.

“You have permission to touch your Mistress, slave.” And X went to grab my hips to fuck me. “I said touch, not fuck, toy.” And so he ran his hands all over my body, cupping my breasts, stroking my hip. Finally, I was getting sick of my slow pace on top of him. My knees aren’t bad, but they’re prone to hurt if I try riding someone for too long, I just can’t do it.

So I told him to fuck me. And he did. He grabbed my hips and began slamming into me, telling me he just wanted to please me. He wrapped his arms around my body and fucked me hard. Somehow we ended up with me on my back but I didn’t care. I’d been teasing and toying with X for so long that I just needed exactly what he was doing.

Our bodies were covered in sweat as we clung tightly to each other, my nails dug into his shoulder as he cupped the back of my neck roughly. “I want you to cum for me slave. I want to feel you lose control.” I told him that between moans and sighs, ”But I haven’t pleased you enough, Mistress.” He panted out. “Feeling you cum pleases me.”

He told me to get on my stomach, so I did. He was flushed red from the shoulders up and I knew it wasn’t going to take much longer for him to cum. He slammed into me over and over again, biting at my neck. His one arm was around my shoulders. His thrusts sped up and got more and more erratic. He fucked me harder and deeper until I heard him moan loud as his thrusts got shallower and he twitched inside me, cumming hard. He collapsed on top of me, still twitching and panting. A few moments later, he rolled off of me.

“So?” I looked at him expectantly, he just held out a finger, telling me to wait. I smirked and ran my fingers ever so lightly across his spent and sensitive cock. He jerked away for a moment, but I kept doing it. Each stroke of my finger elicted a gasp and a full body jerk until he was thrusting lightly into my hand. He still was having problems forming words, so I just leaned over and kissed him as I waited for the blood to make it back to his brain.

It took him longer than normal to recover and my god did that make me proud. He told me that I was amazing, and that the orgasm he just had was in the top five of his best orgasms ever. We laid on my bed and joked and talked for a little while, cuddled a bit. But he had to leave because he’d parked illegally and he had work early the next morning.

That was amazing sex though. And I didn’t even cum. I got close but I’ve found I don’t need orgasms to enjoy sex. It feels amazing, it’s fun, and plus, I like knowing I pleased someone else.

I figure I’ll probably be taking the dominant position more often with X now, considering how much he enjoyed it.