2 11 2008

Oh god, was I drunk on Halloween……

For the first Halloween ever I got slutted up to go out. I was a sexy cop. Stiletto ankle boots, fishnet thigh-highs, supershort, supertight, low cut dress and a cop hat. I looked fucking amazing; a fact reinforced by the cat calls I got all night.

To sum things up simply, BFJ and I got REALLY drunk. And we were with a group of people she knew from her studio (she’s an architecture major).

To make a long story short, three girls went out together. All three went home with different guys.

I’d met my guy before. We’ll call him K. He’s a junior and in studio with BFJ. We sorta hit it off on Halloween. He was cute in an artsy kind of way; short black hair, brown-green eyes, about the same height as me, both ears pierced and wearing a poncho and a sombreo.  After going to a few parties and a bar, he was enlisted by my friends to walk me home.

He would randomly stop and kiss me as we walked, one time backing me into a fence behind a frat house. The brothers that were outside on the back porch yelled at us to get a room. I flipped them off and told them they were just jealous they couldn’t get someone as hot as me.

Somehow we ended up back in my room where we fooled around for a bit. I told him I didn’t have sex the first time I hooked up with someone and he was perfectly fine with that. He fingered me, and I went down on him. After that we cuddled for a while. And damn, this boy is better at that than X has ever been. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, stroked my hair and we talked. It was nice.

He left after a little while because I don’t like having other people sleeping in my bed with me and he had a lot of homework the next day. X is honestly the except to the rule. I can’t stand having other people in my bed when I sleep, but X doesn’t bother me. Maybe it’s a trust thing, and out of any guy I’ve ever known, I trust X the most.

So yeah. Halloween was fun. :) I’ll try to find a picture of what I looked like in my costume for you all.

Ok Sex

6 09 2008

X is good in bed. Really good in bed. I now have something to compare it to.

Last night I went to the frat I used to hang out at all the time last year. I talked to all my guy friends there and BFJ and I proceeded to get drunk.

C, is a guy who I’ve made out with a few times before. He’s cute in a grungy sorta way. Not really my type. Smokes too much, drinks too much, gets high too much. But whatever. He’s intelligent and funny and amusing to hang around.

To make a long story short, C and I ended up having drunken sex last night. And it was okay. Not good but not horrible. I’ll type up the story of what happened another time, but I’m still hung over.

All I’ll say is that X has spoiled me. He’s really good in bed. Or else C just isn’t. And I’m also spoiled by the fact that X has a big cock. Like 9 inches. C’s was 5 or 6 at best. The sex was still good, but it just wasn’t what I needed. Though I do have some nice marks on my neck right now.

And honestly, I get more turned on thinking about how soft BFJ’s lips were when we made out than sex with C. Oops.

And I’m still hungover. More sleep.

drunken foam fun

17 07 2008


This is my first HNT post and it’s not very fun or very sexy or even very creative. But it fits in with this week perfectly. X ‘dumped’ me. No more sex for Z for a while. That means time to get totally and utterly smashed into oblivion.

This picture was taken when I was very, very drunk, totally soaked from both sweat and the foam on the dance floor and apparently posing while shoving my boobs in people’s faces. Yes, I do have more than one of these. Do I remember them being taken? Nope.

It falls under Half Nekkid, I suppose, for two reasons. One, you can’t tell in this picture but my outfit was quite lovely. Tight shorts so short they barely covered my ass, a tight halter that was cut down past my bra, and it all was soaking wet and sticking to me in wonderful ways. Two, I’m drunk, upset and vunerable, (though covering it quite well through my picture whoring). I caved that night and texted X. He told me that he missed me but not to text him again. It was too hard.

So Happy Half Nekkid Thursday and enjoy my bra showing, boob shoving, drunk photo.