Fastforward Fantasy

21 07 2009

We’d found her at some house party.

A lame affair with cheap beer and loud music. I’d pointed her out to you: A pretty redhead over on the couch. You smiled at me and squeezed my ass. You approved of my taste. When she first started talking to us I don’t think she would have ever expected that she would end up where she did by the end of the night…

Fast Forward

My one hand is on her head, fingers threaded tightly through red hair, forcing her to gag on your hard cock. My other hand grips her hip, pulling her down onto my strap-on, fucking her. At some point during the night she told us she wasn’t into girls, when we first propositioned her I think. But the way she rolls her hips and presses her ass back against me as my cock slides in and out of her tells a different story. I force her head forward and she struggles to moan and breath and gag all at once. I laugh and let go. She pulls back gasping for air, a thin line of saliva connecting her lips and your cock.

I grab her by the hair again but this time I pull her back towards me. I pull her back so she’s forced to bounce up and down on my strap-on. She’s forced to let you watch her tits bounce up and down as she shamelessly grinds down onto me. You lean forward and bite down hard on a nipple. She yells out a little. You bite again. This time she moans. Oh. That’s not from the biting. Your fingers are on her clit.

“Do you want to cum, slut?” I ask her, tugging sharply on her hair. She nods. I grin.

I push her down on all fours. You get behind me and tug on my nipples, playing with my piercings. Your lips are on my neck as I fuck hard and fast. I feel your hands on my hips, urging me to go deeper. And she’s gripping the bed sheets, moan after moan escaping her lips. I can tell she’s close because her knuckles are white. I reach around and flick at her clit. She orgasms loudly. I can feel your cock twitching against my back.

As soon as I pull out of her, you waste no time stripping my strap-on off of me. You press the head of your cock against my slick pussy and then slide in with one fast thrust. I gasp. The girl is watching us with half-lidded eyes, still riding on the waves of her orgasm. She reaches up to pull my head down and kiss me.

I can’t help but moan in her mouth as I feel your nails dig into my hips and your cock hit just the right spot inside me. Her fingers are on my nipples, toying with the barbells.

“Good girl,” I sigh against her lips. I can feel you fucking me harder and I’m getting so close to cumming…


I’m sitting on the couch next to her, reaching up to play with her hair.  You’re on the other side of her, fingers idly stroking her arm, her hip, her thigh. You lean forward a bit to whisper something in her ear. She shakes her head vehemently no. She tells you she’s not interested in women while she steals a nervous glance over at me, still shaking her head. You laugh a little and I look over at you. Our eyes meet and we smirk. I look back down at her, my finger tracing the curve of her neck.

“I bet we can change that.”

Possession Fantasy

23 06 2009

My hand is threaded in your hair, pulling your head back, making you look at me.

“I don’t take brattiness from my toys,” I emphasis my point with a sharp tug on your hair. You’re kneeling between my legs as I sit on my bed, looking down at you. “Do you understand me?” You nods as best he can.

“Good. My toy is making up for being a little brat earlier and teasing me,” I can feel you visibly prickle at my possessive tone. You’ve wanted to be the dominant one today but I had other plans. I motion for you to get onto the bed and you tries to bend me over it. Bad life choice. My hand comes up and smacks you hard across the face, leaving a bright red mark. I take advantage of your momentary shock and restrain you.

I’m no longer feeling nice.

I drop myself down onto your cock and begin to ride you hard. My hand comes up and grabs you by the back of your head, forcing your face to press into my breasts. My hips move fast against yours, my pussy squeezing your cock. You’re gasping and I can tell you’re begining to get close.

I stop all movement and force you to look me in the eyes, “Who do you belong to?”


“Wrong answer. If you don’t get it right, I won’t let you cum.”

“I belong to my Mistress.”

“Wrong again……” I see the confusion written on your face. You’d thought you’d gotten it right that time.

I move my hips slowly, teasingly. “It was that pesky little possessive pronoun there that got you in trouble. You are my slave. MY toy. And my toys aren’t allowed to own anything. You are mine. And everything you consider yours is mine when you’re my slave.”

“I belong to Mistress…..” you trail off. I just smile and begin to fuck you again, this time filth spilling from my lips.

“You heard me right toy. I own you. And I own every little bit of you.” I bite down on your neck and you groan.

“I own your dirty mouth that loves to pleasure my pussy. I own your ass and I can fuck it whenever I like. I own this cock inside of me. It’s for making me cum. That’s your sole purpose in life: pleasing me. You. Are. My. Toy.”  My words have gotten you so close to the edge. But I’m far from being done playing with you.

So I stop. I stroke the side of your face. “You know how I know that I own you?” You’re panting from being so close. And at this point will tell me pigs can fly if only to get me to continue to fuck you. You shake your head no.

“You have a girlfriend. You want to marry her. But here you are. Your slutty cock buried deep inside me.” I grab you by the hair again, pressing you into my chest as I start fucking you again. “You can’t get enough of me. You can’t fucking stop. And you fucking love that I can do this to you.” I’m close to cumming now and I’m griding my clit hard against you. “I turn you into a begging little toy who’s only thought is how to please me so I’ll let you cum. How sad is that?”

I lose my train of thought momentarily as an orgasm rips through my body, leaving me gasping and moaning on top of him. Once I recover, I continue. Fucking you slowly now. Teasing you. Making you insane.

“I bet I could tell you to tie her up and bring her to me and you’d let me fuck her. You’d love for me to tie you to a chair and force you to watch as I fucked your precious little girlfriend with my strapon. It’d make you so hard knowing that I could make her scream. And she’d watch you. And see you obeying my every word. What would she think toy? Oh. I would enjoy showing her just how good of a slave you are to me….”

I speed up my fucking. And you’re nearly incoherent. My words have turned you into a begging mess and you keep pleading to let you cum.

“No. Now shut the fuck up toy. I never said you could speak.” You look at me wide eyed. I’ve never told you to shut up before. It distracts you for a second. Making you forget for a moment how bad you want to cum.

“I never said you had permission to speak. My dildos don’t speak to me and I don’t expect you to either. Once I’m done using you. Only then can you cum,” I twist your nipples hard and you wince in pain.

I fuck myself on your cock as though it’s just a dildo. It doesn’t take me long to cum again. And then again. I smile. Satisfied.

I lean over and bite your ear. “Ready to cum for me slave?” You nod.

“Good.” My pussy is soaking wet and you slide in and out so easily. After all the teasing you’ve been through it doesn’t take you long to get close to orgasm. I can tell and I lean down , pushing my tits in your face as I tell you to imagine how disgusted your girlfriend would be if she saw you like this. If she saw you with another woman allowing yourself to be treated as a glorified dildo. And a good dildo you are. You’re so very good at staying hard and not making any noise. Just like a real dildo.

My hips speed up and right as you hit the point of no return, I slide up far enough that your cock slips out of me. You cum all over your stomach. But the utter lack of friction as you went over the edge left the orgasm unsatisfying. You look at me and I can see the frustration in your eyes. You look mad.

I just laugh.

“You’re my toy. I said you could cum but I never said you were allowed to cum hard. Poor little slut. You’re going to need fucked again aren’t  you?” When you nod I just laugh again.

“Too bad I have better things to do.” I smirk, grab my robe and walk out of the room.

A Gangbang Fantasy by X

20 06 2009

X usually isn’t too verbal in telling me what he wants.

He prefers to let me do most of the talking. And when you have a lover who’s a sex blogger, it’s not a surprise. Not to sound arrogant, but I think to think I’m pretty good at writing about sex. But he’s been unusually verbal about what he wants and what he wants me to do the past few days. So when he offered to write me a ’short-story about you getting gangbanged,’ I couldn’t really say no. This is far too short for my liking, but hot nevertheless.

Well, just think about this:  You’d be at my apartment and I’d tell you I needed to run off to the store really fast to grab some stuff. I’d have some friends waiting outside, 5 other guys, all interested in fucking you. I’d walk out, and tell them to come in in 5 minutes. I’d walk back in and grab you, tying you up, so that you’re in the doggie position, on all fours, your ass pointing towards the door. And then I’d call them in, every one of them would strip naked, and one by one they would shove their cocks into your mouth, fucking your face hard as you gag on their meat. I’d be behind you, toying your ass with a dildo so it was nice and stretched out. They would finish with your mouth, and I would get under you, sliding my cock deep into your pussy as they decided who would fuck your tight ass first.You would have one in your ass, one in your pussy, and one in your mouth and we’d all thrust in and out, all cumming in all your holes at once, filling you up, before the others take our places. We would keep going, hard and fast until all of us had cum in your pussy and your ass.
I like him. :)

Dressing Room Fantasy

19 06 2009

It’s always nice to have a girl friend to go shopping with. A second opinion is always key.

It’s a nice perk to get to share dressing rooms.When the store is busy and all the rooms are full it’s nothing out of the ordinary for two friends to share a room. With a couple of pieces of clothing each, we step into the room. There’s been a bit of an unspoken and ongoing flirtation between us. I think you’re cute. Not sure what you think about me. But it’s not like that matters too much in my books. If I want you, I’ll have you.

I put those thoughts to the side as I slide out of my clothes and pull the dress over my head. Too big. You can see the pink of my bra clearly where the sides hang low. I glance over at you as you pull the shirt you just tried on off. I smirk to myself. The thoughts I tried to banish are rushing back.

I look at the other clothes I brought in with me and decide I don’t like them as much as before. I sit down on the stool in the corner and wait for you to finish. I’m getting antsy. That’s why I didn’t try on the rest of my clothes. I’m torn between what I want to do and what I know I shouldn’t. But the forbidden is oh so tempting.

While I’ve been musing to myself, you’ve tried on another dress and have turned to ask me what I think. I like it. A lot. And I tell you so. I stand up as you turn to look back in the mirror. You’re not paying attention to me as you examine the way the dress clings to you in just the right way. I’m glad you’re distracted, it makes making up my mind so much easier.

Quickly I clap my hand over your mouth and grab you by the hair from behind. I pull your head back onto my shoulder and ghost my lips across your ear.

“Be quiet,” I order and you glare at me. I feel your tongue against my palm, and teeth, trying to get my hand off your mouth. Sorry. I dont’ bend that easily. I bite down on your neck, then kiss the spot gentle. The more I kiss your neck , the more I feel you relax. Your breath is hot against my hand and I hear a muffled squeak as I lightly bite your earlobe, sucking it into my mouth.

“You going to be quiet now?” I say gruffly, voice just barely above the din of the dressing room. You nod and I release your mouth. My hand is still tangled in your hair but now that the other is free, I let it wander.

Your body is pressed against me as my hands explore. My eyes meet yours briefly in the mirror and I smirk at your confused yet aroused expression. I cup your breast, tweaking the nipple lightly through your clothing. That elicits a moan that sends heat shooting between my legs. I pinch harder and the moan that I get in response is loud enough for me to remind you that there are people all around us.  You swallow loudly and nod. You don’t want to get caught.

My hand trails lower and I meet your eyes in the mirror. They’re wide, unsure of how far I want to take this.  Though it only takes moments for you to figure out my intentions as my hand unabashidly slides into your underwear to find you soaking wet.

“Turned on much?” I chuckle, running my tongue along the shell of your ear. You just nod. I’m not sure why you’re cooperating so well. I expected more fight. But considering I think you’re shell-shocked by the audacity I have teasing you like this in a public dressing room, your complacentness isn’t too surprising.

My fingers find your hard clit and rub over it lightly. You gasp and then bite your lip, your eyes drifting closed. The thrill of being almost in public makes your hips squirm and press back against me. I’m soaking wet but I don’t care. I’m enthralled by watching you in the mirror as my fingers tease you. I take it one step further and slide a single finger into you. Your mouth forms an ‘o’ and your hips begin to lightly ride my finger. My thumb caresses your clit and I feel your knees weaken as you let some of your weight rest on me.

I curl my finger inside you, hitting a spot that makes you want to moan. But with a harsh bite to your ear I remind you of the people laughing and talking on the other side of the flimsy dressing room walls. I speed up, intent on making you cum right here in this dressing room. You shake your head, knowing what I want. You’re embarrassed by the fact that you’re so turned on. Only a few more minutes and you gasp loudly and I feel your pussy contract around my fingers.

I withdraw my finger and wipe it on my pants as I turn you around. I kiss you hard and long, enjoying the feel of your body against mine. I let you go and tell you to get dressed. We have more shopping to do.

Girl Fantasy

1 06 2009

I wrote this fantasy for X over Christmas break and I thought it was fun so I’d post it.

To begin, I can’t get that girl off my mind. The one who hit on me. The one who I think we’d have SO much fun playing with. She was hot. She was tiny, so, so tiny but with a tight, toned body that I’d kill to see naked. I can’t stop thinking about pressing her against a wall and letting my hands roam her body as I kiss her. In my daydreams, we’d keep kissing but it would get harder and needier as we got more and more turned on.

Our hips would be grinding, seeking friction to ease the heat pooling in our stomachs. And you’d be nearby, watching us. Your cock would get so hard as we kissed, and you’d know all that I would let you do is watch. Though the promise of joining us another time wouldn’t be out of the question. You’d watch in pleasant agony as my hand slid slowly up her thigh only to disappear beneath her skirt. (She always has a skirt on in my fantasies because she was wearing an adorable, pleated, plaid school girl skirt that night.) You’d only be able to imagine what my fingers were doing to her under her skirt. Her moans and gasps and the way her kisses got breathier would be your only clues as to whether my fingers were gliding lightly over her hard, little clit or thrusting and curling inside her.

But then I’d be nice. I’d lift her skirt up as I dropped to my knees and I’d let you get a good veiw as I tasted her. You’d watch, stroking your hard, thick cock, as my tounge flickered over her clit, as I teased her and took joy in making her knees weak and her breath catch in her throat. I’d only stop after I made her cum, riding my fingers and griding her clit against my tounge until she couldn’t take anymore. At least at that point.

After watching me make her cum, you’d be so close to the edge yourself. You’d be thrusting into your hand wishing to the gods that it could be one of our mouths or pussies.

Despite telling you that you were just there to watch, she and I would break the rules. We’d cuff your hands behind your back and go to work on your cock. The sight of two heads of two gorgeous girls competing and working together to suck your cock would make you weak. But you’d be so hard for us. I’d take you in my mouth and as deep down my throat as I could. And then she’d take a turn to do the same. It wouldn’t take long for you to cum. You’d explode in my mouth and I’d swallow every drop while she kissed and licked whatever part of you I could not. We’d kiss and I’d share your flavor with her. But soon you’d be forgotten and she’d be on top of me and you’d feel your cock starting to get hard again……..

Study Break Fantasy

19 04 2009

Studying is so tedious. And I hate going to the library.

But I can never focus with him in my room. We study on my bed and I get distracted by his form stretched out next to mine. I end up groping and teasing and taunting until our studying devolves into fucking. Not a very productive way to get things done though it is fun. But we need to be productive today. So to get away from the seductive temptation of our beds we head to the library and rent out a study room.

Two hours we have the room. And since it’s in a secluded corner no one can see in through the window on the door. We get down to business. I sit next to him at the table and we both begin to study our respective subjects. And I’m good. I study. I try to not be distracted. And it’s working really well. Almost an hour of focused studying without me getting distracted by him next to me. At least until I feel his fingers dance across my thigh.

I try to ignore him but as his fingers drift absently higher, I find my mind drifting with them. He reaches under my skirt and plays lightly with the fabric of my panties. I hold my breath for a second then push his hand away, giving him a stern look. He growls and grabs my hand, placing it on the bulge in his pants that’s quite apparent but hidden by the table. I contemplate my opinions for a moment; continue my schoolwork or have a hard cock in my mouth…..the choice isn’t a difficult one to make. I smirk, books and schoolwork forgotten, as I move to kneel between his legs under the table.

I quickly unzip his pants and pull out his hard cock. My tongue flickers over the head, teasing. I ghost my lips over his length, just barely letting flesh touch flesh. Without warning, I suction my lips around him and begin to bob my head. I can feel myself getting wet. The thrill of possibly getting caught combined with me going down on him is enough to make me drip. After a few minutes, I zip him back up and get back in my seat to continue my studying. Of course I’m not actually planning on studying, I’m just teasing him. And it works.

He grabs me and pulls me out of the chair. Holding me by the back of my neck he bends me roughly over the table, my face pressed against the cool wood. He pushes my skirt about my waist and smacks my ass.

“You were naughty to tease me like that…”

I just wimper as I hear him unzip his pants. He rubs the head of his cock against my wetness and I squirm. He smacks my ass again and a jolt of fear goes through me, worrying the sound will draw attention to this little studyroom. He’s teasing me now, letting just a little of his dick slide inside me and not letting me push back and take him all. Even with a minimal amount of foreplay, I’m so wet and I want him inside me. I squirm and try to take him deeper but his hands on my hips keep me from my goal. I stuggle more and then, without warning he slides all the way inside me. I try to stifle my gasps. He begins fucking me hard and relentlessly. Each thrust pushes me painfully against the table. His fingers are digging into my hips and I try not to let the noises slip out. But it gets harder and harder as I get closer to cumming. He grabs my face and covers my mouth with his hand. I try to suck at his fingers but I’m distracted by the orgasm that hits me. I try to scream out but his hand muffles my sounds. He slaps my ass hard and I groan.

I’m pushing my ass back against him as he fucks me. It’s hard and fast and rough. We could get caught at any second. Someone could decide to grab a book in our secluded little corner and catch a glimpse of me bent over the table, taking it like a little whore. The thrill of possible discovery and his fingers on my clit are enough to send me over the edge again.

He doesn’t stop. I can feel bruises forming on my hipbones where they bang against the table. He’s getting more and more erractic in his movements, his fingers are digging in deeper. He gasps slightly and explodes deep inside me.

We stand like there for a moment, sweaty and spent and still attached. He finally pulls out and I pull up my panties and adjust my skirt. We both return to our chairs and our studying.

Domination Fantasy

5 04 2009

It’s been a while since he’s let me have control.

But oh do I have it tonight. He’s on his knees in front of me, looking up and waiting for me to tell him what to do. I just smirk and thread my fingers through his hair, tugging and pulling until he understands what I want him to do. Without questioning he slides his tongue across my pussy, teasing me. He flicks over my clit and I groan slightly, he’s toying with me to see how much I will let him get away with. He continues teasing me to the point where I’m getting annoyed. I reach down and grab his face harshly.

“Stop teasing me, slave.”

“Sorry Mistress.” And without another word he begins to eat me out with so much gusto I have to back up a few steps to sit on my bed. His mouth latches onto my clit, toying with the metal ball sitting above it, his tongue flickering over both. My breathing is heavy and my hands in his hair must be uncomfortable as I show him what to do to please me. But he follows directions so well when he allows me to call him slave. Without warning, he reaches a hand up to curl two fingers inside me. “Good slave”, I murmur between moans. It only take a few more minutes before I’m arching my back as I cum around his fingers, his tongue still toying with my sensitive clit.

I push him away as I regain my composure. I motion for him to stand up and strip. He follows orders without a second thought. Once divested of clothing I can see how turned on he is. His cock is rock hard, the tip dripping slightly with precum. I grab it, stroking slowly as I lean up to kiss him, tasting a little bit of myself still on his lips. His hips move ever so slightly, thrusting lightly into my hand as it glides over him.

“Lay down slave. It’s time for me to have my fun with you.” Once on the bed, I cuff his hands and feet so he can’t move. He’s spread eagled on the bed and I stand next to it, just smiling.

“Oh what to do with my slave……you were such a good boy making me cum like that. But you had to tease me at first? Tisk tisk. You’ll have to be punished.” I straddle him and glide my wet slit against the head of his cock.

“You want this so bad, don’t you slave?” He only nods and I scowl. “What was that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good slave.” I reward him by letting his cock slid a centimeter or two inside me. But only for a moment as I refuse to just fuck him so easily.

“What does my slave want?” I ask him.

“Whatever my Mistress wants. I only want to please you,” he tells me, but I can hear the slight whine in his voice. I know he’s screaming inside for me to fuck him. But I won’t.

“Fine then. Your cock in my mouth is what is going to please me.” I get off him abruptly. With my mouth poised delicately above him I just smile. The first touch of my tongue is slow and deliberate. I run the flat of it up the underside, swirling around the head. My lips latch on and I take as much of him down my throat as I can as quickly as I can. Compared to the slow lick, this total engulfment leaves him gasping, pulling slightly at his restraints. I bob up and down, my tongue teasing while my lips are tight around him. I stop for a moment to catch my breath. My tongue darts out to break the strand of saliva that runs from my mouth to his cock.

Even when playing Mistress, I can’t deny that I love the feeling of him in my mouth. He’s long and hard and thick. It’s a challenge to take him all down my throat without gaging. And I know he won’t cum just from my mouth alone, so no matter the enthusiasm I put into it, it’s still just teasing to him. And oh god do I have fun with that. Fast then slow, deep then shallow, lots of pressure then barely any. It doesn’t take very long for him to begin to beg.

“Please Mistress. Fuck me. Fuck your slave. I want to make you cum. Please, fuck me let. Let me make you moan.”

The words spill from his lips almost in a whine. And his hips are jerking up, trying to get more friction from my mouth. But I just let his cock slide across my lips and cheek.

“I don’t know…..You haven’t been that good so far. I’m not sure you deserve to be fucked,” I tell him as I move to straddle him. I let him slide ever so slightly into me.

“Tell me why I should fuck you..” I trail off with a smirk, sliding back up off his cock.

He begins to tell me why I should fuck him, but I honestly don’t care. I’m aching and I need to be filled. Without warning, I drop down onto him fast. He doesn’t have time to really react, his speech is caught in his throat and he arches up off the bed. I just sit there on top of him, moving my hips in enticing little circles.

“Before I let you cum, I’m going to use you for what you really are, my toy.” Without lifting my hips up, I grind myself against him. Back and forth, in wide circles, pressing my clit down to get friction. I feel the tension building in my stomach and I lean down to wisper in his ear.

“You love this. You love being my sex toy. Exploited and used for the sole purpose of my pleasure.” He just nods and moans. My body shakes a bit and my back arches. A pleasant orgasm vibrates through my body, ending in a tingling in my feet and fingers. I smile. I grind my clit against him again and a few more waves crash back against my body.

After a few seconds, I get up on my feet so the only connection between my body and his is his cock in my pussy. His eyes widen. He knows, after all the teasing, that he won’t last long like this. But I plan to make him last. I fuck him hard, my body bouncing up and down on his cock. His bottom lip curls under and he’s getting red. I can tell he’s close. So I roll to the side. The sudden contact with cool air leaves him twitching and his eyes are wide, questioning what I just did. I curl up next to him and kiss him on the cheek.

“I can’t have you just cumming like that. You only gave me two orgasms. So I’m going to deny you orgasms until I feel like you’ve made up for your lack of effort.” I grin as he groans.

“Please, please just let me cum.” I laugh as I get back on top of him, that begging doesn’t even need to be addressed. I’m the one in control. And I’m going to enforce that. It doesn’t take too much longer for me to get him back on the brink once I start fucking him again. And again, I pull off and let him cool down a bit.

He’s flushed and sweating, and his cock is dripping. He pulls at the restraints, trying to get free. He doesn’t want to play by my rules anymore. But it’s too bad, because as long as he can’t get free, my rules are the law. I get back up on him, it takes him longer to get to the edge this time. He’s panting and groaning, his hips trying to match mine, thrust for thrust. I’m a softy so I take pity on him. He gets closer and closer and closer to orgasm. He’s bright red and incoherent, his whole being bent on being able to cum. I don’t slow down as I ride him harder and harder. He suddenly arches up off the bed and I slam my hips down on him and he’s cumming and cumming. His eyes are rolled back in his head and his arms and legs are straining at the restraints.

He really should be more careful how much control he lets me have……..

Bite Marks

29 08 2008

Mmm…I do love the fact that X and I are fucking again.

We had sex twice today. Once when we were supposed to be studying Public Admin and again when he came back over to watch a movie. His new thing today was to take me by force. I would squirm and twist and whine that I didn’t want him. And he’d grab and grope and bite and tell me that he didn’t ask what I wanted.

I was so close to what would have been the best, most explosive orgasm I’d have had with him at one point today, but he shifted angles and I just lost it. So sad. :(

But other than that. Damn……He made me squirt again tonight. Not as hard as last time, but I still got his stomach wet and it still felt damn good. And at one point he slide his finger into my ass while he fucked me. Aparently I went wild. I don’t remember that except knowing that I liked what he was doing.

And it was sometime around then that he began fucking me on our sides. I’ve always liked when he bit me, but tonight it just got me off. He had his face against my neck and I kept telling him to bite me over and over, again and again.

This is what my neck looked like after he left. It doesn’t look too bad now, because it’s just red and almost blends in with my skin. But if the marks bruise…….I’ll have a lovely decoration on my neck for a while. Not that I’m complaining. It felt damn good.

Afterwards, (and while watching Indiana Jones) We were discussing what X thinks of while he gets himself off. Apparently me with a strap-on fucking another girl is favorite. Honestly, that really turns me on. I told him he should get me a strap-on. He said I don’t need one, I don’t have a girl to fuck with. I giggled and told him I could always just fuck him.

His response? Okay. But only if it’s small. Nothing too big.

I was slightly taken aback. It’s sort of a fantasy of mine to bend X over a bed like he does so often to me and fuck him until he’s grinding his ass back onto my strap-on. So the fact that there’s a chance I might actually get to do that makes me so happy.

This is the reason he and I work so well together. We’re both perverts in the same general way. Haha.

Going Down That Path Again….

13 08 2008

Fuck. I’m so fucking turned on right now.

I was talking to X like I usually do via text messages before we fall asleep. Suddenly the conversation turns from him disliking me calling him ‘loserface’ to how he needs a new nickname for me. And from how when he calls me ‘wench’ I feel like a pirate hooker to how I’d look ‘SO hot’ as a sexy pirate to what do I want right now. I ask if he really wants to know. He says yes. I tell him in explict detail.

That leads to me telling him some of my naughty, dirty, kinky fantasies. Which leads to us cybering. Him telling me he wants to tie me up and use me as his own little whore, a fuck toy for his own enjoyment. I reply that he’d like that, me being his own personal cockslut, using me for his own pleasure, making me beg and scream. He says he’d pull out and cum on my tits. And I tell him I’d run my fingers through it, licking it off and teasing him. He wants to fuck my ass and cum deep inside it. I want to tie him to the bed and tease him till he begs me to let him cum. He wants to bite my neck and make me scream. He wants to spank me hard just to see if I’d like it.

I’m soaking wet and aching for X to be here and inside me.

I honestly doubt us not fucking is going to last very long at the rate we’re currently going. And would I willingly let myself fall into the same sort of relationship I had this past year with him? The sad thing is, the answer is yes. If I’m getting fucked hard by him. If we’re doing the things we talk about, I’m not going to give a shit about his girlfriend. She’s obviously not giving him something he needs. He keeps coming back to me.

And I think the reason he does is because I give him something she doesn’t. I let him be rough with me. He can bruise me, bite me, throw me around, call me nasty names and I love it. He doesn’t worry about me breaking because when he gets rough I demand more. I tell him to fuck me harder, I bite him, and claw at him and egg him on until he loses control. I like the pain sometimes. There’s been nothing so far that he’s suggested we try that I’ve turned down. And I’m nearly insatiable. I never once turned down sex with him. Frankly, I was the one pawing at him wanting more. And I don’t think he gets that from her.

Fuck. Here it goes again……8 days and counting until I’m back within a few minutes distance of him……

Shit…..I want him so bad…..

shower fantasy

23 07 2008

Since I’ve never tried it, the idea of sex in a shower really turns me on.

I was sitting in the movie theater tonight, seeing The Dark Night for the second time this week when my thoughts started to wander to X…….


I’m still mad at you. But I have no problems using you for your apartment complex’s pool. Who wouldn’t turn down the chance to strut about in a tiny bikini in front of an ex just to watch him drool? And drool you will.

Your eyes are glued to me as I rub the sunscreen into my skin, taking my time on my chest and legs, letting you watch. You don’t want to admit it, but you want me. The only problem with this situation is that I know that. And oh will I be using that to my advantage. You yourself have called me a spoiled little princess, and well, I always get what I want. It’s your turn to get played. 

We spend the afternoon swimming. Or rather I swim and you stare, watching the water slide down my body as I get out of the pool. And when I stretch out on the lounge chairs on my stomach, the ties of my bikini undone you steal glances at me, thinking the sunglasses hide you. But I’d recognize the look on your face anywhere.

I wrap a towel around my body and we head back to your apartment to clean up. Once there, I run a hand through my hair and frown, wrinkling my nose slightly. You think it’s cute and you ask me what’s wrong. I look up at you, totally innocent without a hint of anything else in my eyes. My hair is nasty from the chlorine, I say, can I shower here? I don’t want it to get worse.

You bite your lip at the prospect of my naked body in your shower. You roll your eyes at me and tell me to hurry up, you don’t want me wasting your water.

I head to the bathroom, forgetting my clothes in your room. Oh well. I toe the door closed, but not hard enough. There’s still a crack in the door, letting you get a glimpse of me as I untie my top and slide off my bottoms. I hum a bit to myself, acting as though I didn’t intentionally leave that crack there. I want you watching me. I want you tempted.

I turn the water on and test it with my hand before stepping in and letting the hot water engulf my body, rinsing the pool water away. You don’t have a shower curtain, just a glass door that barely obstructs anything. So I don’t know what you were thinking when you pushed the door open silently. Well, perhaps I  do. You were thinking of me.

I run my hands through my hair, then I look about the shower for conditioner. Finding some I squeeze it into my hands, running it through my hair, letting it soak in. I turn to face the spray, letting it hit my breasts and feeling the water slide between my legs. I let out a content sound and let my fingers wander as they often do in the shower. Down my collar bone, running over my nipples, cupping my breasts then playing across my stomach, getting lower. I can feel your eyes burning into me.

I rinse the conditioner out of my hair, then reach for the soap. It slides out of my hands a bit too easily. And I bend over to pick it up, letting you see the curve of my ass, knowing you’re hard. I soap myself up quickly. I’m starting to get impatient with myself.

Suddenly I turn in the shower and I can hear your breath catch as I look at you from under heavily lidded eyes. I smirk, so are you just planning on sitting there or will you be joining me?

That’s all the invitation you need. Clothes are ripped off, shower doors flung open and suddenly I’m pressed against the cold tile with your hot body pressed against mine, your lips crushed to mine. There’s no foreplay, this afternoon has been foreplay enough. You turn me around and bite my neck, growling wordlessly as you press your cock against me and slide easily in. I moan your name and tell you to fuck me hard.

You slam into me without regard. I am a drug and you are addicted to me. You’re getting your fix after months of withdrawl. My face is pressed agianst the cool tile and I can feel the warm water coursing down our bodies as you reach down to rub my clit. I arch my back and press myself against you, begging for more. I’m going to have bruises from your fingers and I don’t mind. I like reminders.

The water starts getting cold and you pull me out of the shower. You towel me off, kissing every part of my body as it is dried. Picking me up, you throw me down on the bed. I feel your cellphone digging into my back, you must have left it there earlier. You waste no time flipping us over and demanding I ride you.

I drop myself onto your cock and groan at the feeling of you filling me. I press my damp body against yours and ride you hard, kissing your neck as I do. You grab my ass with both hands and pull my cheeks apart as you fuck me hard. I scream your name as I cum, my nails digging into your shoulders.

Soon after you pant out that you’re close, so I look you in the eyes and tell you I want to hear your scream my name as you cum. You nod, willing to do anything at this point to feel my hot mouth on you. I lick up you slowly before taking all of you in my mouth, my one hand helping out, the other is busy. I suck and I lick and I give you just what you want. You scream out my name as you explode in my mouth.

Getting up I grab my clothes and put them on. You look at me confused, why am I leaving so soon? you ask me.

I toss your cell phone at you, it’s still connected to your girlfriend. You might want to talk to her. I’m sure she’s curious as to what she just heard. I wink at you and tell you to pick your jaw up off the floor.

I got what I wanted, in more ways than one, so I leave, letting you deal with the angry screams I hear from the cellphone. Not. My. Problem.

Oops? I’m supposed to feel bad aren’t I?