Introducing V

25 01 2009

Well, X’s roommate, henceforth known as V, can officially be added to the cast list.

Dinner and a movie went well. We laughed, talked and just in general had fun. My Bloody Valentine was fucking scary. I can’t tell you how many times I jumped. V jumped just as much and it was really kinda cute. We drove around a bit and talked then picked my huge ass binder of DVDs (187) and went back to his/X’s apartment to watch one.

Now, X and V’s other roommate is not the brightest bulb in the box. I don’t think it registers in his brain that I have boobs and am a girl because he kinda treats me like another guy at times. He came into V’s room to inform him about the status of his current raid in WoW. And yes, I play Wow on occasion but even still, most of what he said was jargon. V was clearly kinda not interested in talking Wow. We picked out Eurotrip to watch and well what did the other roomie say? “Oh great!! I’ve never seen that movie all the way through! Lemme go log out and I’ll come watch!” V and I exchanged amused/annoyed looks and just went with it.

Once the movie was over and the other roommate in his room, V and I moved to his room. I sat on the bed and the awkward exchange began.

“So, what do you want to do now? We could stay here, I could take you home, we could watch another movie or play Xbox.”

“I dunno. What do you want to do?”

“I dunno. I asked you,” and after a few minutes of this exchange I stood up and took a step towards.

“Why are you standing up?”

“Because I feel like it. Does it bother you?”

“No, not at all.”

I took another two steps towards him. My face was getting closer to his.

“Do I make you nervous?”


“Good.” And at that point we both leaned in and kissed.

He has wonderful lips, I might add. They’re soft and just perfect for kissing.  Most of what we did was kiss, which was amazingly fun. I love, love, love kissing. I think because X and I have been having sex for a while now that we sorta just take kissing for granted and get down to sex. V kissed me like he hasn’t kissed anyone in forever. It was more than nice. Where X is aggressive, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE aggressive, V is gentle which was an interesting change. I was actually surprised at how long it took V to get my shirt off, but once he did I could instantly tell her was a boob guy. X likes my tits alot, but V, just the way he touched them and kissed them… was different.

At one point while making out, he ran his hands over my shoulders and back and told me to relax, I was too tense.   I informed him I was always tense.

One thing I REALLY had fun with was the fact that V loves biting. He commented on how much he loved that I use teeth when I kiss. And when I started kissing his neck… god did he turn into a shivering, moaning puddle. I’d nip and bite and suck at his neck and he’d grind up against me and quiver and moan. I really enjoyed that.

After a while he asked me to go down on him. I obliged gladly. I’ve come to realize that I just love having cock in my mouth. I love going down on guys. Nothing too exciting happened. I went down on him, he came on my chest.

He did reciprocate. Really, really well. We started off on the bed, but the beds that come with the apartment are redonkulously high and when he put my legs over his shoulders my hip started popping and getting painful. We switched to his computer chair which worked far, far better. Unlike X, V actually, honestly enjoyed going down on me. I sometimes doubt it if X really likes it or just likes it because it makes me happy. It was averagely enjoyable but then V added his fingers into the mix. And the way he fingered me was amazing……..his one finger kept rubbing my clit and I was a moaning pile of goo in seconds. I gripped his computer chair as he used his tongue and fingers on me and I came at least twice. Maybe three times.

But I was good. I did not have sex with him. Even though I wanted to.

Regardless, I think we’ll be hooking up again……I’ll keep everyone updated on how things go. :D Waterproof Jackrabbit

22 01 2009


Last week I mentioned that the Love Pacifier was my new favorite anal toy. Well, this week, I showcase my new favorite vaginal toy!

I have wanted a rabbit vibrator for AS LONG as I have known about them which is probably around…..4 years or so. The lovely Domina and have been so kind as to send me one to review.

Let me just preface this review with the fact that this toy can make me cum, if I’m moderately to really turned on, in less than3 minutes. And not a measly little orgasm either. But a nice, big, tingly fingertips, weak legs, gasping orgasm that leaves me feeling content and floaty for a good 20 minutes after.

When it comes to sex toys, the Waterproof Jack Rabbit combines three really great aspects you usually find separately or in twos in other sex toys.

One, the thing is waterproof. I tested this out yesterday in the shower. Not only could it take getting damp, but even holding it directly under the stream of water didn’t do anything to affect it. I can’t vouch for fully submerging the vibrator but something in me tells me that the seams that show on it mean that it probably would not survive a good soak. So, the toy is watersafe but not totally waterproof or submersible.

Two, it’s good for vaginal penetration. The shaft of the toy is thick but not too long, so you can really feel it when it’s inserted. It does have a few ‘pleasure bumps’ around the head, but I don’t personally think they add anything to the toy. What really adds to the vaginal portion of the toy is the ‘pleasure beads’ and the turning of the shaft. There are three speeds and they move the toy in a circular motion and also make a set of beads spin towards the lower portion of the toy. Combine that and a love of G-spot stimulation and oh my god you will love this toy. The only thing is that this portion of the toy makes it fairly loud. Not annoyingly so, but it’s not a toy to use with thin walls or a parent or relative in the other room.

Three, the clitoral stimulation is perfect. I find that my clit is kind of finicky. Some kinds of vibrations just don’t do it for me. This is not the case with this rabbit. The three speeds of vibration are PERFECT. And the ear of the vibe are flexible enough that you still get good, strong, constant vibrations even if you vary the depth of the toy by an inch or two. Compared to the vibrations of the Panty Tickler I reviewed a while back, these are strong and deep and intense. So intense that once I actually cum I have to jerk the toy to the side, away from my clit because it becomes so sensitive its painful. I’ve never had that with a vibrator before. And I like it like that. Though, like the rotations, the strong vibrations do make some noise.

There are only two minor problems I had with the toy. The pad at the bottom to change the speeds is very flat and thus when otherwise occupied, it can be hard to tell where the buttons are. Also, it is a noisy toy. It’s not whisper quiet. It does make a very distinct whirring sound, particularly when you’re like me and hold it firmly so the rotations hit your G-spot.

Other than that, I absolutely love, love, love this toy and I suggest every woman should get one. This is now officially my go to toy when I want a good, fast, hard orgasm.

Overall, despite being my new favorite toy, I’ll be giving this a 7 out of 10. While it has a lot of good features, it is quite loud.

Fire and Ice

14 01 2009

It was worse when I was on my back, able to see what he was doing.

On my stomach, I didn’t know when the hot drips of wax would hit my back, making me gasp and flinch. I could only bury my face in his pillow and gasp as each hot little burst scorched my skin.

But on my back, I could watch.

I could see the look of concentration on his face. I could see the wax approaching the edge of the glass. I could see it fall. And it made the anticipation all the worse. My body tensed as I waited and waited and waited for the wax to drip and hit my skin. Sometimes it came fast. Sometimes it took longer. But regardless, it made me wetter and wetter as we progressed.

Each spot of hot wax was a focused hit on my nerves, sending jolts between my thighs. Each minute drip made me gasp.

And then he got a grin on his face that both turned me on and scared me. He got up and slipped out the door only to come back moments later with a cup of ice in his hands.

He took a piece and ran it over the wax covering my body. My muscles tightened at the sensations. I shivered and moaned as he pulled up a spot of wax and ran the ice over it. My skin was sensitive and the ice just intensified that. But he wasn’t content to simply tease me.

The hand holding the ice trailed down my body and slid against my lips. I shivered, this time from the cold.

“It’s too cold. No,” I told him. He quirked an  eyebrow at me.

“We’ve never played with ice before have we…?” He grinned that insufferable grin of his, the one that says he gets pleasure in torturing me. He rubbed the ice against my clit and my body stiffened. It was so cold, but it felt so good. I didn’t know if I wanted him to stop or keep going. Not that I really had a choice in that matter.

He slowly began sliding the ice inside me and I protested, trying to stop him. It was too cold and too intense. I breathed deeply, trying to control myself and keep my noises to a minimum. Suddenly it started feeling good. The ice made me hyper-aware of every movement of his fingers and I couldn’t control my body from twisting and turning in pleasure.

I lost it when he dripped some more wax on my body, his fingers still working in my soaking wet pussy. I was icey and on fire and so close to cumming and I didn’t know which way to think.

The rest is a blur. There was more wax and, his mouth teasing me and providing contrast to the ice. I think he forced two orgasms out of my body before deciding I was done. I was shaking and panting and wet and hot and cold all at once when he finally finished and blew out the candle.

Laying in bed the next morning, I could feel the spots on my back where the wax had burned me ever so slightly. And it only made me want to play with wax again.


[A photo taken by X. Probably my favorite photo of me ever. It's been edited to cut out the overly naughty bits.] Smart Balls

14 01 2009

36005Another wonderful sex toy review brought to you by the lovely me!

I have to begin by saying, to any woman out there reading this blog, buy some Smart Balls. Or a toy that’s like them. They are, to put it lightly, amazing. A toy designed to to strengthen PC muscles and in turn create stronger orgasms, is more than just weight training for your va-jay-jay. (Yes. I used it. Sue me. The word va-jay-jay makes me laugh.)It’s a toy that can be used to tease your self, or even be used during masturbation.

I personally absolutely LOVE these. When it comes to women’s sex toys I don’t think you can go wrong with the Smart Balls. The box they came in was classy and discrete, something I really do love when it comes to sex toys. I just think that having classy, just normal looking packaging removes the stigmatization from toys like this. It really annoys me when I hear people discuss how sex toys are so dirty. When you have packaging covered in hot, sexy, nude women it can be intimidating to women who don’t appreciate the female form as much as some of their peers. And it also just plays into the idea that sex toys are lewd or something. I don’t know. I have very conservative friends, so I heard the more conservative side of things.

But getting back to the toy. I really liked how the balls were connected not by a string or what not, but by the coating. So that they were one object rather than just two balls on a string. I know you can’t lose things in your vagina, but the idea of a string breaking still worries me. That can’t happen here. And the string to pull the two balls out is plastic coated so it won’t get nasty after a few uses.

The thing I really like about the Smart Balls is that once you put them in (a little lube is all you need) the little metal balls inside bounce around creating subtle vibrations. Now, I haven’t really noticed any change in my orgasms and I don’t think X has noticed a change in my tightness, so I can’t accurately tell you if they really do help in those two categories. But I can tell you they make doing kegels a lot more challenging and a lot more fun.

I put them in when I masturbate. Or rather, I never really intend to masturbate when I use them, but the vibrations they make while I go about my day make it impossible for me to leave them in for long. I get unbearably turned on. Which can be quite fun.

Overall I give this toy a 9 out of 10 for just being plain amazing.


9 01 2009

Did you all know I have an identical twin?

Mhmm. Mhmm. I do. Her name is Kara and she’s roughly 10 minutes older than me. She doesn’t go to the same University as me so I don’t get to see her terribly often. We talk a good deal though. I think I got the slut gene in my family because she’s far, far more innocent than I ever was. Despite only losing my virginity last year and not having very much experience myself, I was still a slut waiting to happen. I knew about everything and I couldn’t wait to do everything. Kara on the other hand, well. She’s had more boyfriends than I’ve had. I think the tally is 4 to 0. That might simply be because I tend to go for the jerks and she tends to go for the nice guys. Ick.

Well, nice guys haven’t gotten her very far. She’s still a virgin who thinks blow jobs are icky. Sigh. She takes being innocent a little to far, playing it up. I love her but it makes me gag a bit. That’s why X and I have devised a plan.

It’s a terrible, evil little plan, but we’ll both have fun with it. I basically am going to set him up with the opportunity to seduce my twin. I’m going to let him try to get in her pants and bring out the slut in her. I don’t know if it will actually work but I want him to try.

[Disclaimer: No. I do not infact have a twin. Yay for roleplaying. Thus, all sex/seduction will be consensual. Is it sad that I'm ungodly excited to take up a different persona? I need to convince X to do this more often.] Silicone Silk Dildo

9 12 2008


Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed with this toy, but it’s my own fault.

Looking at the picture on the site, I assumed all three of the toys were of similar size and because I didn’t read the actual specifications I was disappointed when I opened the box.

To begin, the dildo is only about the length and thickness of X’s middle or pointer finger. While this may be a nice size for some, it’s not for me. I’m spoiled by the fact that X is pretty big and so I tend to like the sex toys that fill me up and stretch me out more. This toy doesn’t fill me up. While it feels good, it just doesn’t quite hit what I need it to hit. I’m all about pressing against my G-spot with my toys, this one just doesn’t do that. It brushes against it, but because the silicone is soft, it has no pressure.

Despite this Silicone Silk dildo not being my type of toy, it’s still a good toy. I think I might like it more for anal, but I’ve yet to try that out. If you like smaller toys with a softer feel, then this toy is for you.

It also would probably be good if you are trying to get your guy to try anal himself. It’s small and thin enough to not intimidate him.

Overall, the toy is what was advertised, and it’s a good quality toy. Despite the fact that it’s not the toy for me, I’m going to give it a 7 out of 10.

Hockey Players; Part Duex

7 10 2008

Well, I eat my words.

Hockey Player who I said I’d probably never meet again….well…guess who asked my roommate for my number tonight? And then proceeded to ask me for it on Facebook so he wouldn’t seem like a creeper for getting it from someone else? Hockey Player boy who I wanted to jump when I met him.

He now gets an official letter because we’ve been talking for the past two hours or so. He’s told me numerous times that I’m hot. That’s I’m awesome. That’s I’m definitely sexy. And if he was in town he can honestly say he’d be trying to ‘tap that.’

I think he has some promise. At the very least in the fling department.

So, from here on out, Hockey Player will now be called H.

Look forward to some new developments with him in the coming months. Lol.

new toy?

27 07 2008


I went shopping with the maternal type person yesterday and she dragged me into J. Crew because she likes to pretend I’m her lifesize barbie doll and dress me. I’m not complaining in the least. One thing she does like buying me is scarves. She says I look good in them and I love getting them, so I don’t discourage her.

Well, yesterday, in addition to a mustard yellow cardigan, she bought me the lovely scarf pictured above.

It’s a four foot long, silk scarf and she expects me to just wear the thing?

I keep running it through my hands and over my neck. It’s cold and slick feeling. I love the feel of it on my skin. And my dirty mind keeps flitting to images of being thrown down on a bed, the scarf ripped from my neck and bound about my hands. Or some ravishing guy taking it in both hands and pulling my face to his for a searing kiss. Or simply just rubbing it across my naked body, relishing in the cool feel of it.

Oh mother, if only you knew how I planned on using this gift…….

Visits to the Underwear Drawer I

26 07 2008

I love this pair of boyshorts. I got them on sale at work. Funny thing is, this pair is a large and it fits perfect. I also own a pair that’s a small and they fit perfect too. Hence why I love them both.

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t-shirt time

23 07 2008



I love the feel of wet cloth against my skin.

I couldn’t help myself and I decided to post one of the ’school spirit’ photos before hockey season starts. It’s just too fun to hold back on.

Thank X for the lovely t-shirt. He gave it to me the night of our first big fight way back in November. Only someone of his height could get a t-shirt that’s big enough to hang down to the thighs of a girl who’s 5′10. I always felt tiny next to him. He would have loved this photo. Maybe I’ll show it to him just for fun sometime……

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday everyone!