20 01 2009

I would just like to say that I’m pretty sure I cross the double diget line tonight.

My former record was 8 or 9 which was pretty good. I casually mentioned the other night that we should try for double digits sometime. X just sort of laughed at me and we resumed whatever we’d been talking about.

We’ve found the best way to get me off is with me on top. This is also the only way we’ve figured out how to get me to squirt. When I’m on top I can position my hips at the right angle and once I cum once it’s like a fucking orgasm button. Sometimes it take a bit to get me to cum or squirt at first. But after that it’s quite literally orgasm after orgasm. X tells me there’s only roughly a minute or two between each orgasam. I usually am a bit too distracted to really pay attention.

But seriously. Tonight, we hit roughly 10 or 11. Possibly more considering there were at least two orgasms that had two orgasms that hit me almost at the same time. I usually stop trying to cum after four or five because I get tired and I switch to focusing on getting X off.¬† Sometimes I get off again while I’m getting him off. But tonight, he didn’t stop. He gripped my hips and just fucked me. Even when I tried to pull off of him he held me down.

Oh. My. God.

I’m quite content right now.

New Home

11 01 2009

Some of you may have noticed my blog has moved a bit. I’m no longer a ‘’ blog. Phaedra Fallen has it’s very own website. :)

Make sure you adjust your feeds and links and readers as needed. Though everything should just be redirected automatically.

Not a Mistake

14 11 2008

Well, I showed X the blog.

And I must say, it did not turn out badly at all. In fact, it was actually a good idea.

I’ll write up details later because I’m actually leaving to go out soon, but let’s just say that he really enjoyed my writings.

The best line of the night had to be him telling me I apparently ’squirt like a porn star.’ That really made me laugh. Hard.

But more details on that probably later tonight.

So there you go, this is evidence that all guys aren’t douches when it comes to sex blogs.

(and X, if you’re reading this, feel free to comment. it’d be funny.)

imagine my surprise…

17 07 2008

…when I woke up this morning and checked my blogroll.

I read my Perez Hilton (a guilty, guilty pleasure that X always frowned upon as being shallow), giggled at the new LOLcats, caught up with some of my friends from my other blog (perhaps I’ll post a link someday. it’s mostly just my boring musing on my boring life. nothing quite as exciting as sex), and then I checked the new post¬†from Zoe, whom I’ve been reading since before I started my own sexblog.

To my shock, my new little blog was mentioned in said post. I was included in the ‘fresh crop of college-age sex bloggers.’ I was surprised to know that people were actually reading me.

I giggled and grinned. Who knew something so silly could make me so happy.