HNT 2.07: Lace

22 07 2009


Black lace against white skin. Who can resist?

Happy HNT Everyone!!

HNT 2.06: Ouchies

16 07 2009


I drove 3 hours yesterday to visit X.

We had more sex last night than I think we ever have had in such a short amount of time. I got fucked on the floor, on the bed, the floor again, while playing Onyx, while standing up and even in the shower. Eventually, it got to be late and we put in a movie and fell asleep. When we got up the next morning. We fucked again. I was on top. And he was spanking me hard. And I was loving every second of it. Once we were finished, I looked at my ass and was surprised to see he’d left marks. So we couldn’t resist taking some photos. I’ll make him take some tomorrow too. Because I’m sure I’m going to have bruises.

HNT 2.05: In Your Dreams

25 06 2009


I love the color yellow. And I love the words on the back. I do not love my flat ass. Haha.

Happy HNT everyone!!

HNT 2.03: Hotel Rooms

10 06 2009


Hotel room mirrors are just somehow better than the ones at home….

HNT 2.02: Restrained

19 03 2009


I do love to be handcuffed……

This was from mine and X’s latest photoshoot. I thought it’d be nice to post a photo for once.

HNT #2.1: Wax

15 01 2009


The black wax was much hotter than the red………

Happy HNT everyone!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

25 09 2008


Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Show me what you see.
Mirror, mirror watch me fall,
into infinity.

Reflect the good, the bad, the wrong,
Please don’t lie. You see,
I deserve to feel it all.
Do not shelter me.

HNT: Red T-Shirt

18 09 2008



HNT: T-Shirts

11 09 2008

Sorry this isn’t very fun this week. And Sorry for the lack of post last week.

I’ve been going through a lot of shit this week and I’m just so mind fuckingly exhausted from it all. Plus, my camera is dead and I’m too lazy to upload the photos on there.


So enjoy this lovely one. I love just walking around in a t-shirt and nothing else. It’s even more fun when it’s the guy you just fucked’s shirt. ;D

HNT: Thigh Highs

28 08 2008

I love, love, love thigh highs.

I never wore them until over winter break last year X mentioned that I should get a pair because I have long legs, and they’d look amazing on me. So I bought a pair and when I got back to school, I put them on under my jeans one night that I knew we were going to have sex.

I could see X smile as he pulled off my jeans and saw my legs encased in black nylon and lace. I lifted one leg up, toes pointed like a dancer’s. Do you like them? I asked as he sat back and looked at me. I pressed the ball of my foot into his chest and he took it in his hands. He rubbed his cheek briefly against my ankle and caressed my leg as he began kissing up my calf and to my thigh. He lingeringly kissed the space where lace stopped and skin began. He ran his hand one last time up my leg before leaning in to kiss me. Yeah, I do. A lot, he murmured against my lips.

I now have quite a few pairs. Some in nude. Some in black. Some that stay up by themselves. Or some like the one’s in the picture that need the help of a garter belt. I just feel infinatly more sexy when I have a pair on. I can’t wait until it gets cooler out and I have an excuse to wear them under my normal clothes once again.