Smart Balls

14 01 2009

36005Another wonderful sex toy review brought to you by the lovely me!

I have to begin by saying, to any woman out there reading this blog, buy some Smart Balls. Or a toy that’s like them. They are, to put it lightly, amazing. A toy designed to to strengthen PC muscles and in turn create stronger orgasms, is more than just weight training for your va-jay-jay. (Yes. I used it. Sue me. The word va-jay-jay makes me laugh.)It’s a toy that can be used to tease your self, or even be used during masturbation.

I personally absolutely LOVE these. When it comes to women’s sex toys I don’t think you can go wrong with the Smart Balls. The box they came in was classy and discrete, something I really do love when it comes to sex toys. I just think that having classy, just normal looking packaging removes the stigmatization from toys like this. It really annoys me when I hear people discuss how sex toys are so dirty. When you have packaging covered in hot, sexy, nude women it can be intimidating to women who don’t appreciate the female form as much as some of their peers. And it also just plays into the idea that sex toys are lewd or something. I don’t know. I have very conservative friends, so I heard the more conservative side of things.

But getting back to the toy. I really liked how the balls were connected not by a string or what not, but by the coating. So that they were one object rather than just two balls on a string. I know you can’t lose things in your vagina, but the idea of a string breaking still worries me. That can’t happen here. And the string to pull the two balls out is plastic coated so it won’t get nasty after a few uses.

The thing I really like about the Smart Balls is that once you put them in (a little lube is all you need) the little metal balls inside bounce around creating subtle vibrations. Now, I haven’t really noticed any change in my orgasms and I don’t think X has noticed a change in my tightness, so I can’t accurately tell you if they really do help in those two categories. But I can tell you they make doing kegels a lot more challenging and a lot more fun.

I put them in when I masturbate. Or rather, I never really intend to masturbate when I use them, but the vibrations they make while I go about my day make it impossible for me to leave them in for long. I get unbearably turned on. Which can be quite fun.

Overall I give this toy a 9 out of 10 for just being plain amazing.

In Love

8 01 2009


[Picture taken from the House of Worship webite. I take no credit]

I am in love with this dress.

One of my commenters on my post about corsets gave me the link to this website and oh. my. god. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. My second thought after seeing this dress was ‘if this was white or creame this would be my perfect wedding dress.’ If I ever end up getting married, that is.

So I’m saving this picture and website on the off chance that when I get married, I’ll have a big enough budget to inculde getting a similar dress.


14 10 2008

I just feel off.

Maybe it’s because I’m really tired. Thanks so much to a dear hockey player, who forgets there’s an hour time difference between us, for keeping me up until 330am for the past week. I really enjoy texting H but it leaves me dead the next morning. Oh well.

In news about X, he’s been interesting as of late. Like today we laid in bed watching movies and TV and cuddled. For FOUR HOURS. That’s a lot of cuddling. Not that I’m complaining. I love cuddling. But he’s been really….lovey… of late. Like, texting me that he was worried about me this weekend because of me being out of town. And wanting to take me to dinner tonight (I felt like shit, so I declined.) And just in general being cutesy. Kissing my forehead, my lips, hugging me, telling me he cares about me and how amazing I am. I like it. But it’s just been increasing as of late. And I don’t know if he’s trying to get me out of the funk I know he knows I’m in, or if he’s gotten over something in his life that’s made him happier. I dunno.

In general, life has been kicking my ass again after a hard weekend. I can’t wait to get home this weekend.

TMI: Romance

5 08 2008

I’m not very good with romance and romantic things having only been in love once and never having had a serious boyfriend.

1. What is your definition of romantic? It’s the little things that most people overlook. It’s mentioning your favorite movie and then months later him remembering. It’s basically just showing someone else that you’re importent to them. It doesn’t have to be grand sweeping gestures. It can be as simple as stopping me as we’re walking up the dark stairs, turning me around and kissing me softly.
2. Would you consider yourself to be romantic? I do consider myself to be a cynic and those two really don’t mix well.
3. Is your significant other romantic? I don’t have a significant other.
4. Have you ever chastised a SO for not being romantic enough or too romantic? Nope.

5. What do you consider a grand romantic gesture? Have you ever been the recipient or giver of one? Probably sacraficing something for someone else. I dunno. I’m not big on grand romantic gestures.
6. If you have done something romantic to get laid, did it work? If not, why and how did that affect your romantic tendencies in the past. Nope. Never tried that.
7. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? Had done for you? Took care of X’s sick ass and consequently caught mono because of it. Along with dragging him to the hospital. Oh yes, that’s romance for me. I’m not into the squishy, ooey, gooey, lovey, dovey shit. Show me you care about me. That’s romance.

seven: of heartbreak and hate

13 07 2008

When it comes to slseeping together, X and I are done, apparently.

I’m not going to go into details right now, it’s too fresh and too painful. Basically X came to visit me yesterday, we fucked like animals for hours, tried new things, figured out the mechanics of others, and in general had a good time.

About 1 or 2am, just as we’re starting to fall asleep, he decides to realize he actually feels guilty for once in his life for cheating. And after much talking and crying, he left.

He didn’t leave on bad terms, I’m still his best friend, I can’t really change that. But he’s lost my trust, and he’s broken my heart. And I’m making sure he feels like shit for hurting me.

three: of conversations and changes

2 07 2008

Cyber sex is fun.

Since X and I have been away from each other so long, we’ve resorted to text messages and AIM to talk about sex. We go back and forth, saying what we want, or what we want to do. I’ve always been a person facinated and enthralled by words, so a simple whispered word or as I’ve found out a line of text can sometimes make me hotter than a kiss or a caress.

Our usual conversations consist usually go something like this:
X: I would love to have you right now.
Z: Oh god. I know. I wish you were right here in my bedroom now, I want you so bad.
X: What would you do to me if I was in your bedroom?
Z: I’d push you down onto my bed, and crawl on top of you. I’d stradle you and kiss you hard.
X: Mmm….
Z: I’d grind myself against you, riding you over our clothes. I’d bite and kiss your neck, getting you to moan.
X: Mmm….I could go for that….
Z: Could you?
X: Oh hell yea.
Z: Would you like it if I pulled your shirt off, kissing down your chest and stomach?
X: Yeah, I would.
Z: And I’d unbutton your pants, looking at you while I did it. You’d be hard by now, so once I got you out of your pants, I’d run my tounge slowly up you.
X: Mmm….that’d be awesome….
Z: But then I’d stop. I’d kiss your hipbones and your thighs, but I wouldn’t go down on you quite yet.
X: Oh come on baby….
Z: Every once and a while, I’d run my finger up your cock, or lick around the head, but then I’d go back to teasing you. Waiting for you to beg.
X: Oh baby….please….
Z: I’d finally give in, my mouth sliding slowly down you, taking as much of you as I could. My lips would be tight around you, my tounge teasing as I slide slowly up and down.
X: Oh god….keep going gorgeous…
Z: I keep going. I try to take more of your down my throat and with a little gagging I manage it. You’re so big it makes it difficult sometimes.
X: Damn…
Z: What do you want me to do now, baby?
X: I want to fuck you….so hard…
Z: Do you? How would you fuck me? How do you want me?
X: Oh…I want you laying on your back, me thrusting deep into you hard and fast.
Z: Baby, that would be amazing. But wouldn’t it be even better to have me on all fours, my ass in the air, back arched as you dig your fingers into my hips, slamming into me so hard.
X: Oh god yes…..though I’d rather slide it in your ass…
Z: Mmm. Tell me what you’d do…
X: I’d bend you over on all fours and slide into you pussy hard and fast, making you moan as I slide two fingers in your ass, then after you cum, I’d pull out and slowly work it into your ass, biting your neck as I do.
Z: Oh god…you’d make me cum so hard baby…But I’d still want more and I’d press my ass back against you as you worked it in. I’d be moaning that I love being your sextoy, and to fuck me hard and make me cum again.
X: Oh god….

He left to take a shower after that, informing me once he was done that he’d had some fun thouhts to toy with. Usually by the end of these conversations, I’m soaking wet and have to get my vibrator out to relieve some tension.

Talking today about what we want to do to each other, I said a standard of riding him hard and fast, he said he wanted to cum in my mouth, though what took me most by surprise was what he then suggested after more than a bit of bugging as to what he was thinking of.

X: I was thinking of laying you down on the bed, and sliding into you gently for once, actually letting you feel all of me.

We usually go at sex with the outlook of ‘the faster and harder the better’ this made me think a bit.