In Love

8 01 2009


[Picture taken from the House of Worship webite. I take no credit]

I am in love with this dress.

One of my commenters on my post about corsets gave me the link to this website and oh. my. god. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. My second thought after seeing this dress was ‘if this was white or creame this would be my perfect wedding dress.’ If I ever end up getting married, that is.

So I’m saving this picture and website on the off chance that when I get married, I’ll have a big enough budget to inculde getting a similar dress.

four: of weeks and wantings

2 07 2008

Eight weeks is far too long.

It’s been two months, almost exactly, since I’ve last had sex. And it’s driving me nuts. I’m perpetually horny. No matter how many times I masturbate each day, I’m still insanely horny. I fantasize about X and I replay memories of him fucking me in my head all the time.

Ten days until he’s here. We were talking last night and he’s going to leave around 8am, so he gets to my place a little after 11am. My family is leaving for vacation that morning. I honestly don’t know how far we’re going to make it into my house before we can’t wait a second longer. We’ve never been known to be good at restraint.

Take for example one of the two or three times we attempted to stop sleeping together, which even included no kissing. We were watching a movie together on my bed, it had been a full week since we’d stopped all intimate contact and even after a day or so, I could tell it was driving him nuts as much as it was me. We would tickle each other, and bite and kiss cheeks just because that was the closest thing we could do that was similar to what came natural to us. Well, finally, he broke and kissed me softly and sweetly. It was gentle and tentative, almost asking permission. My arms went around his neck and when he pulled away I looked in his eyes and told him to kiss me again.

I could feel him smiling against my lips as he kissed me a second time. This one was harder, more confident, but still slow. He was no longer asking permission to kiss me. We parted slowly and reluctantly, I didn’t want that electricity coursing through my body to stop. But I didn’t want to push him too far by taking another kiss. So we returned to watching the movie.

A few minutes later, he’s poking me. He pokes my side, my shoulder, my neck, my cheek and then my lips. Feeling mischevious, open my lips slightly and let his finger slide in. I took it as far down my throat as I could, and I slid my mouth across it, teasing his finger with my tounge, pretending it was his hard cock. I watched him as I did this, and the way his eyes fluttered and the moan that escaped from his lips sent a jolt straight between my legs. I released his finger and his eyes darkened. His normally light grey-blue eyes darkening to a deep, steely blue as he murmured, ‘Now that’s just mean.’ With those words, he didn’t waste a second as he pulled me into a kiss.

This kiss was different than the first two. It was hot and needy and forceful and possesive. We bumped teeth as we pulled each other close, my fingers threaded tight in his hair, his arms roaming my back and ass, keeping me flush against him. We bumped teeth again as we arched and ground and gasped against each other, our bodys on fire. The fact that we’d been avoiding pretty much all intimate contact for a week had simply made us crave the feel of skin on skin.

My roommate was due back soon, so breathlessly, X texted his roommate and got his room for an hour or so. He kissed me hard one more time before leaving and telling me to come upstairs in ten minutes. I waited, my body aching for his touch, wanting to be fucked.

Once the ten minutes were up, I made my way up to his room. I knocked lightly on the door. It opened slowly and I could see nothing inside. Once it was open wide enough, X’s hand shot out and pulled me inside, almost slamming the door in his haste. He shoved me roughly against the wall, kissing me hard and feirce only stopping to pull my shirt over my head. He kissed my neck and shoulders, biting because he knows it makes me wet. And he didn’t let away from the wall for a second until he had me hot, wet and begging to be fucked.

As soon as I was at that point, he let me go. We both stripped off the remains of our clothing and once we were naked his pulled me to him again, kissing me. I could feel his cock pressed against my stomach and I wanted it inside me so badly. As we kissed he walked me backwards until we were against his bunkbed. He turned me around and made me hold onto the frame as he slid right into me, no effort needed because I was so wet. He fucked me hard, his fingers digging into my hips and my moans probably waking the neighbors. He decided he wanted me on top, so we got up onto his bed. I positioned my self above him and let myself drop down onto his cock. I rode him hard, grinding my clit against him as I gasped. We were both close, so he grabbed my ass and took control. He slammed into me hard, over and over again. I lost control and screamed as I came, and he finshed a few seconds later.

We laid there for a bit and said this was the last time we’d do this. And that lasted all but two days.

But honestly, we fuck like rabbits when we’re together. So going from fucking like rabbits to nothing is making me insane. I figure he’ll get out of his car, we’ll hug for a good long minute or so. Then I’ll smile up at him and he’ll lean down and kiss me. We’ll keep kissing and talking as I show him around my house, but then at some point it’lljust be too much and he’ll press me against something and it will all be wonderfully downhill from there.

I can’t wait.