The Threesome. Part Two: The Fun Part

1 08 2009

“Let’s find a bed.”

We didn’t need any more prompting to get us off the couch and to the futon in the basement. X wasted no time grabbing my hips and getting me on all fours. He bit and kissed my neck and told me he wanted to watch me go down on The Girlfriend while he fucked me. But I was scared, I’d never done more than some kissing and groping with another girl. Eating another girl out was a big step further from that. I shook my head and said I wasn’t quite ready. So she and I switched spots.

As X began to fuck her, she slid her fingers into me. They were so tiny but they still managed to find the right spot to get me squirming. She lowered her mouth and began sucking and toying with my clit. I looked up at X who was fucking her while watching me and a wave of arousal hit me hard. It was indescribably hot watching him fuck her while her head was buried between my legs and making me moan. After a while, we shifted and X started going down on her. I took that opportunity to slide myself under his body and get his hard cock in my mouth. It only took a few moment for them to shift my body enough so The Girlfriend could finger me.

We stayed in that triangle for a little, moaning and groaning and sucking and touching. But seeing as my pussy hadn’t had cock in it yet, it was time to fix that. X grabbed my hips and slid his inside me, telling me it was my turn to pleasure The Girlfriend. She was right in front of me, legs spread. And while X began thrusting into me, I dipped my head down to taste her. My tongue explored the new territory slowly. It was hard to fully concentrate on her pussy because X was doing a good job of making me squirm.

As my tongue continued to flick over her clit, I slowly pressed one finger into her. She moaned. I curled my finger up, mouth still on her, and she moaned again. I liked this. I began fucking her with my finger just so I could continue to hear her moan. X slowed his fucking to watch as I fingered his girlfriend to what sounded like a pretty nice orgasm. I think it was right there that I officially decided that I really liked pussy. I liked it almost as much as I liked cock.

And to be honest? This is where things break down a bit. My memory of the actual events of that night are very, very fuzzy and thus hamper my ability to write out a totally detailed and coherent story. So I’ll just do a general break down of the rest of the night.

X asked us if we wanted to fulfill one of his fantasies. So The Girlfriend rode him while I sat on his face. I don’t think X has ever eaten me out with that much enthusiasm. We switched spots and this is the part that was the most fun. The Girlfriend and I ended up cumming at the same time, holding on to each other and kissing, while X just groaned and kept pleasuring us. When we both came I seriously thought we might have fried something in X’s brain. I’m surprised he didn’t shoot his load right there.

We took a breather and X mentioned something about trying to get me to squirt. The Girlfriend was curious. So I told X to get a couple towels. While he ran upstairs she and I talked a bit. She ran her fingers over my nipples and told me she was surprised she liked my piercings as much as she did. We started kissing again, with her almost on top of me. I heard X come down the stairs and just stop. I opened my eyes slightly, just enough to see that he was standing there, mouth open, touching his dick while he watched us. The memory of that still makes me giggle.

Getting me to squirt failed epically. Because of the massive amounts of sex that had been had the day prior and that morning, I was so sore. We got on the towels on the floor, me on top. And X held me and started fucking me the exact way that can usually make me squirt buckets. I pulled off of him twice, thinking I was going to squirt, but nothing happened. I swear my gspot was bruised and refusing to cooperate. The Girlfriend was watching from the futon. And I felt bad I couldn’t put on a show. I usually can soak through towels and leave X’s whole torso and thighs covered. Not that night. But X didn’t seem fazed. He pulled my body flush against his and began fucking me hard and fast. He had so much force behind each thrust that my knees were lifted off the floor each time he slammed into me. I really couldn’t do much more than just let myself take it and scream out when a huge orgasm hit me. X told me later that The Girlfriend had found watching him fuck me like that extremely hot.

Since I got a good hard fucking, it was her turn. She got on all fours and X took her from behind. She really does have an amazing ass and I would have loved to take X’s place, just so I could grab her ass while I fucked her. It was indescribably hot to watch them have sex. If I wasn’t utterly worn out I would have gotten turned on all over again. The Girlfriend came hard and then X did too.

Afterwards, I climbed on the bed and cuddled with the both of them. X happened to get a craving for Steak n Shake so we went and got food. I was still smiling like an idiot from the afterglow of all the sex. The three of us went back to X’s and basically got ready for bed and passed out together on the futon.

A Gangbang Fantasy by X

20 06 2009

X usually isn’t too verbal in telling me what he wants.

He prefers to let me do most of the talking. And when you have a lover who’s a sex blogger, it’s not a surprise. Not to sound arrogant, but I think to think I’m pretty good at writing about sex. But he’s been unusually verbal about what he wants and what he wants me to do the past few days. So when he offered to write me a ’short-story about you getting gangbanged,’ I couldn’t really say no. This is far too short for my liking, but hot nevertheless.

Well, just think about this:  You’d be at my apartment and I’d tell you I needed to run off to the store really fast to grab some stuff. I’d have some friends waiting outside, 5 other guys, all interested in fucking you. I’d walk out, and tell them to come in in 5 minutes. I’d walk back in and grab you, tying you up, so that you’re in the doggie position, on all fours, your ass pointing towards the door. And then I’d call them in, every one of them would strip naked, and one by one they would shove their cocks into your mouth, fucking your face hard as you gag on their meat. I’d be behind you, toying your ass with a dildo so it was nice and stretched out. They would finish with your mouth, and I would get under you, sliding my cock deep into your pussy as they decided who would fuck your tight ass first.You would have one in your ass, one in your pussy, and one in your mouth and we’d all thrust in and out, all cumming in all your holes at once, filling you up, before the others take our places. We would keep going, hard and fast until all of us had cum in your pussy and your ass.
I like him. :)

Extremely Fuckable Men Over 30

6 06 2009

In the summer I watch loads of TV shows and movies.

And I get bored. And make lists of hot guys in said movies and TV shows. It’s hard not to do when you’re not getting laid and in turn looking at every attractive man that you see and imagining how they’d be in bed. So I’m gonna make a frivolous little post with hot men over 30. I was going to do over 40, but some men fell in the 35-40 range and I wanted to include them rather than putting them in the under 30 bracket.

Jensen Ackles- 31

31- jensen ackles

Ryan Reynolds- 32

32- ryan reynolds

Sam Worthington- 32

32- same worthington

Christian Bale- 35

35- christian bale

Nathan Fillion- 38

38- nathan fillion

Gerard Butler- 39

39- gerard butler

David Boreanaz- 40

40- David Boreanaz

George Eads- 42

42- george eads

Brad Pitt- 45

45- brad pitt

Why Men Are Idiots

3 12 2008

I told him to leave it be.

As stated in my previous post 1% my feelings for X were sort of surfacing again. And I don’t like when that happens. It usually only takes me about a week to push them back down again. But he had to bug me. He had to ask what was wrong. And he wouldn’t take ‘nothing’ or ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ or ‘it’s not a big deal’ for an answer. He bugged and bugged and bugged until he figured it out.

And he told me:

-I’m just a best friend and that’s all I’ll ever be.

-That my breakdowns make me too high maintenance for a girlfriend

-That he will go to the end of the world for his friends, but he expects to not have to do that in a relationship.

-The sex we have is just because we both have physical needs.

-I would be unhappy with him. He couldn’t explain why. But I just would be.

And I was a bad person. He said maybe we need to change things. I said maybe we shouldn’t be friends and I got out of the car. Not because I actually believed that but because I couldn’t stand to have him see me breakdown.

I walked inside and I couldn’t make it up the stairs. I pressed my forehead to the wall and sobbed. It was so unfair to me. The guy is damn near perfect for me and I try to not think about that 99% of the time, but he caught me when I was weak and now I’m breaking down.

He ruined our friendship. At least I think he did. I don’t know. I just KNOW things are going to end up being awkward and it’s killing me.

I can’t stop crying. And it’s not because he broke my heart again. Because he didn’t. He hurt me a little. But mostly I’m just upset at the unfairness.

I know he can read this blog, but I feel no shame or remorse in saying that I think him and his girlfriend are wrong for each other. Terribly wrong. I’ve seen her throw him about. I’ve seen her guilt him into things. And he really is blind to it. And that’s part of the thing that kills me too. That he can’t see what’s beyond his own damn nose most days.

I just hope that we can salvage our friendship and our sexual relationship.

Why X is a Terrible Person

24 11 2008

Z: For once I’m actually awake when you text me. Even though I don’t think I’m going to classes.

X: Go to classes.

Z:We’re not doing anything today, so why should I when I have a lot of laundry?

X: Go to classes or you don’t get laid before break.

Z: Omg. SO not fair to do that!!

X: Not true.

Z: ::pout:: I’m not going to classes. I checked and we’re not doing anything important today.

X: Well then… lovin.

Edit: As if he could really hold to that. He caved easily once he came over that evening.


19 11 2008

Sometimes X makes me really upset.

Tonight, I was on edge about a lot of things. I’m worried about classes and grades. I have a 10 page research paper due on Thuesday, and a 4 page paper due at 9am on Friday. My step-grandma just passed away and I’m trying to hide how upset I am. I judged a debate tourny and now I miss being a part of that world, desperately. I’m stressed to the max and it’s 2am and he decides he needs to be right about something we’re talking about.

I did LD debate for almost 4 years. It’s a logical anaylsis of a resolution. You prove the topic right or wrong using values/philosophies, good arguementation and persuation. It’s not for everyone, and it does take a certain amount of skill and honestly, open-mindedness.

X thinks my debate is stupid. We shouldn’t debate on philosophy!! Only real world things!! Only real world things have any worth!! Philosophy doesn’t solve problems, how can you put any worth in philosophy. Real world!!

John Locke’s Second Treatise on Government was used to write our constitution. Marx’s Communist Manefesto has been used in various communist societies. Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs is used in management theories in the US public sector. Philosophical ideas are reflected everywhere, they can be applied to so many things. But X firmly belives that they have no real world applications. And thus, LD, something I loved dearly in high school, the one things I have been INTENSLY passionate about he takes and basically throws down into the mud. While he holds his high and mightly idea of debate up above it all, like it’s perfect.

X is going to FAIL in politics if he continues to debate the way he does. Making people intentionally upset is a cheap way to win debates. And he’s even admited before that if he can throw the other person off and make them upset, then that’s a win. I feel like he enjoys getting me upset over things, and he likes seeing me on the verge of tears because he thinks he’s winning.

He can never admit he’s wrong and that’s a huge flaw. I just got out of his car and walked away because I was so upset with him tonight. Insulting LD and devaluing it without a clear understanding of it is incredibly offensive to me.

I was talking to him via AIM, and he said he had to go to bed and I said I had one last thing to say. He signed off. Didn’t give a shit. All I was going to say was that this debate was over. I was no longer going to discuss it. But he left because he’s a jackass.

And now I’m crying. And I won’t be able to sleep. Because I can’t go to sleep angry at someone. He broke my rule. I don’t think he knows about it. But he broke it. I don’t ever go to bad mad at someone. Because I can’t sleep. And now I’m mad. And I can’t sleep and I’m pissed off because even though I’m mad at him, I wish he was here to hug me. GAH.

Just kill me now.


14 10 2008

I just feel off.

Maybe it’s because I’m really tired. Thanks so much to a dear hockey player, who forgets there’s an hour time difference between us, for keeping me up until 330am for the past week. I really enjoy texting H but it leaves me dead the next morning. Oh well.

In news about X, he’s been interesting as of late. Like today we laid in bed watching movies and TV and cuddled. For FOUR HOURS. That’s a lot of cuddling. Not that I’m complaining. I love cuddling. But he’s been really….lovey… of late. Like, texting me that he was worried about me this weekend because of me being out of town. And wanting to take me to dinner tonight (I felt like shit, so I declined.) And just in general being cutesy. Kissing my forehead, my lips, hugging me, telling me he cares about me and how amazing I am. I like it. But it’s just been increasing as of late. And I don’t know if he’s trying to get me out of the funk I know he knows I’m in, or if he’s gotten over something in his life that’s made him happier. I dunno.

In general, life has been kicking my ass again after a hard weekend. I can’t wait to get home this weekend.

Hockey Players; Part Duex

7 10 2008

Well, I eat my words.

Hockey Player who I said I’d probably never meet again….well…guess who asked my roommate for my number tonight? And then proceeded to ask me for it on Facebook so he wouldn’t seem like a creeper for getting it from someone else? Hockey Player boy who I wanted to jump when I met him.

He now gets an official letter because we’ve been talking for the past two hours or so. He’s told me numerous times that I’m hot. That’s I’m awesome. That’s I’m definitely sexy. And if he was in town he can honestly say he’d be trying to ‘tap that.’

I think he has some promise. At the very least in the fling department.

So, from here on out, Hockey Player will now be called H.

Look forward to some new developments with him in the coming months. Lol.


21 09 2008

While straddling X the other day to get to the other side of the bed, he got a good look down my v-neck t-shirt and grabbed my hips before I could finish moving.

 I sat up and looked at him funny and he pouted. I leaned over again and he grinned and called me a tease. I squeezed my arms together, pulled my shirt down a bit and pushed my breasts towards his face. Now you’re just being a whore, he laughed to me. Sometimes you can be a tease and sometimes you’re just a whore, I like that, he told me before kissing me. That just made me laugh, because I’ve honestly never considered myself a tease.

I can be a flirt. I can be a bitch. And I’ve actually found that alpha-male type men like when I’m a bitch. When I’m sarcastic and witty and laugh at their attempts to hit on me, they just follow me around like puppy dogs.

A good example of this is A. He’s two years out of college now, and is a musician. He and I have an ongoing flirtation. He comes into town every few months or so to play at the local bars uptown. He also happens to be an alum of the one frat I frequent. He always used to hit on me and grab my ass and get me good alcohol so I didn’t have to drink shit beer. I took the alcohol with thanks, but other than that, I was a total bitch to him. I even threw a drink on him once during a party.

He still hits on me. He acknowledges I’m a bitch but he keeps chasing after me. I find it amusing as all hell. Though I admit I don’t get why men find a snarky, independent, bitchy, aggressive girl like me attractive enough keep going after. I thought college-aged men were supposed to like their women vapid and submissive. I know in high school, guys were scared of me because I was smart. Though I had a tendency to hide behind my intelligence.

I guess my point is that I’m apparently good at being a tease without even really trying. Which is funny to me.


20 09 2008

I rarely orgasm with X and sometimes, I’m not sure if I ever really have.

And it’s not that I don’t know what an orgasm is. Oh, believe me, I do. I have no problems getting myself off with my fingers or my vibrator. I can bring myself to the edge over and over again, letting my body cool down a bit each time before teasing myself again until I finally let myself cum. And we’re talking tingling in my toes, body shaking, vision darkening, gasping orgasms where I can feel tiny convulsions in my pussy for 10 to 15 minutes later. I’ve never had an orgasm even close to that with X.

To give him kudos, he has made me squirt twice now. And each time I’m starting to understand the mechanics of how it happens a little better. But other than that. Nothing. No body shaking or vision darkening with him. And I’m not saying I don’t enjoy sex with him, or that I’m not satisfied afterwards. I just don’t think I cum.

Most times, during sex, there gets to be a point where the sensations get so good and so intense that I feel like I can barely take anymore. I usually grip the bedsheets or X’s biceps as I tense up and demand more. And then without any hurrah it just lessens. Things aren’t so intense anymore and I can breath. It’s during those time that I’ve squirted. Which makes me think that the intensity and sudden decrease of it, might be a small orgasm. But it feels nothing like the orgasms I can give myself.

I’ve gotten the tingling in my toes and the warmth pooling in my gut that usually signifies an orgasm when I’m masturbating a few times with X too. It’s just that we’ve changed positions or he’s changed the angle and I’ve just lost it.

Seeing as X is the only guy, aside from my random one night thing a few weeks ago, I’ve slept with I really can’t be a judge but I don’t think it’s entirely X’s fault that I don’t orgasm. I honestly think it’s difficult to get me to cum. And sex is still amazing, and I still want it all the time. 

But still. I don’t know. What does everyone else think about this conundrum?