The Threesome. Part Two: The Fun Part

1 08 2009

“Let’s find a bed.”

We didn’t need any more prompting to get us off the couch and to the futon in the basement. X wasted no time grabbing my hips and getting me on all fours. He bit and kissed my neck and told me he wanted to watch me go down on The Girlfriend while he fucked me. But I was scared, I’d never done more than some kissing and groping with another girl. Eating another girl out was a big step further from that. I shook my head and said I wasn’t quite ready. So she and I switched spots.

As X began to fuck her, she slid her fingers into me. They were so tiny but they still managed to find the right spot to get me squirming. She lowered her mouth and began sucking and toying with my clit. I looked up at X who was fucking her while watching me and a wave of arousal hit me hard. It was indescribably hot watching him fuck her while her head was buried between my legs and making me moan. After a while, we shifted and X started going down on her. I took that opportunity to slide myself under his body and get his hard cock in my mouth. It only took a few moment for them to shift my body enough so The Girlfriend could finger me.

We stayed in that triangle for a little, moaning and groaning and sucking and touching. But seeing as my pussy hadn’t had cock in it yet, it was time to fix that. X grabbed my hips and slid his inside me, telling me it was my turn to pleasure The Girlfriend. She was right in front of me, legs spread. And while X began thrusting into me, I dipped my head down to taste her. My tongue explored the new territory slowly. It was hard to fully concentrate on her pussy because X was doing a good job of making me squirm.

As my tongue continued to flick over her clit, I slowly pressed one finger into her. She moaned. I curled my finger up, mouth still on her, and she moaned again. I liked this. I began fucking her with my finger just so I could continue to hear her moan. X slowed his fucking to watch as I fingered his girlfriend to what sounded like a pretty nice orgasm. I think it was right there that I officially decided that I really liked pussy. I liked it almost as much as I liked cock.

And to be honest? This is where things break down a bit. My memory of the actual events of that night are very, very fuzzy and thus hamper my ability to write out a totally detailed and coherent story. So I’ll just do a general break down of the rest of the night.

X asked us if we wanted to fulfill one of his fantasies. So The Girlfriend rode him while I sat on his face. I don’t think X has ever eaten me out with that much enthusiasm. We switched spots and this is the part that was the most fun. The Girlfriend and I ended up cumming at the same time, holding on to each other and kissing, while X just groaned and kept pleasuring us. When we both came I seriously thought we might have fried something in X’s brain. I’m surprised he didn’t shoot his load right there.

We took a breather and X mentioned something about trying to get me to squirt. The Girlfriend was curious. So I told X to get a couple towels. While he ran upstairs she and I talked a bit. She ran her fingers over my nipples and told me she was surprised she liked my piercings as much as she did. We started kissing again, with her almost on top of me. I heard X come down the stairs and just stop. I opened my eyes slightly, just enough to see that he was standing there, mouth open, touching his dick while he watched us. The memory of that still makes me giggle.

Getting me to squirt failed epically. Because of the massive amounts of sex that had been had the day prior and that morning, I was so sore. We got on the towels on the floor, me on top. And X held me and started fucking me the exact way that can usually make me squirt buckets. I pulled off of him twice, thinking I was going to squirt, but nothing happened. I swear my gspot was bruised and refusing to cooperate. The Girlfriend was watching from the futon. And I felt bad I couldn’t put on a show. I usually can soak through towels and leave X’s whole torso and thighs covered. Not that night. But X didn’t seem fazed. He pulled my body flush against his and began fucking me hard and fast. He had so much force behind each thrust that my knees were lifted off the floor each time he slammed into me. I really couldn’t do much more than just let myself take it and scream out when a huge orgasm hit me. X told me later that The Girlfriend had found watching him fuck me like that extremely hot.

Since I got a good hard fucking, it was her turn. She got on all fours and X took her from behind. She really does have an amazing ass and I would have loved to take X’s place, just so I could grab her ass while I fucked her. It was indescribably hot to watch them have sex. If I wasn’t utterly worn out I would have gotten turned on all over again. The Girlfriend came hard and then X did too.

Afterwards, I climbed on the bed and cuddled with the both of them. X happened to get a craving for Steak n Shake so we went and got food. I was still smiling like an idiot from the afterglow of all the sex. The three of us went back to X’s and basically got ready for bed and passed out together on the futon.

Fastforward Fantasy

21 07 2009

We’d found her at some house party.

A lame affair with cheap beer and loud music. I’d pointed her out to you: A pretty redhead over on the couch. You smiled at me and squeezed my ass. You approved of my taste. When she first started talking to us I don’t think she would have ever expected that she would end up where she did by the end of the night…

Fast Forward

My one hand is on her head, fingers threaded tightly through red hair, forcing her to gag on your hard cock. My other hand grips her hip, pulling her down onto my strap-on, fucking her. At some point during the night she told us she wasn’t into girls, when we first propositioned her I think. But the way she rolls her hips and presses her ass back against me as my cock slides in and out of her tells a different story. I force her head forward and she struggles to moan and breath and gag all at once. I laugh and let go. She pulls back gasping for air, a thin line of saliva connecting her lips and your cock.

I grab her by the hair again but this time I pull her back towards me. I pull her back so she’s forced to bounce up and down on my strap-on. She’s forced to let you watch her tits bounce up and down as she shamelessly grinds down onto me. You lean forward and bite down hard on a nipple. She yells out a little. You bite again. This time she moans. Oh. That’s not from the biting. Your fingers are on her clit.

“Do you want to cum, slut?” I ask her, tugging sharply on her hair. She nods. I grin.

I push her down on all fours. You get behind me and tug on my nipples, playing with my piercings. Your lips are on my neck as I fuck hard and fast. I feel your hands on my hips, urging me to go deeper. And she’s gripping the bed sheets, moan after moan escaping her lips. I can tell she’s close because her knuckles are white. I reach around and flick at her clit. She orgasms loudly. I can feel your cock twitching against my back.

As soon as I pull out of her, you waste no time stripping my strap-on off of me. You press the head of your cock against my slick pussy and then slide in with one fast thrust. I gasp. The girl is watching us with half-lidded eyes, still riding on the waves of her orgasm. She reaches up to pull my head down and kiss me.

I can’t help but moan in her mouth as I feel your nails dig into my hips and your cock hit just the right spot inside me. Her fingers are on my nipples, toying with the barbells.

“Good girl,” I sigh against her lips. I can feel you fucking me harder and I’m getting so close to cumming…


I’m sitting on the couch next to her, reaching up to play with her hair.  You’re on the other side of her, fingers idly stroking her arm, her hip, her thigh. You lean forward a bit to whisper something in her ear. She shakes her head vehemently no. She tells you she’s not interested in women while she steals a nervous glance over at me, still shaking her head. You laugh a little and I look over at you. Our eyes meet and we smirk. I look back down at her, my finger tracing the curve of her neck.

“I bet we can change that.”

I <3 Anal Sex

21 04 2009

The only reason I allowed anal tonight was because X took advantage of me.

When you’ve been brought to the edge of an explosive orgasm four, five or six times you start to beg and plead and ask what you can do to get them to just keep fucking you so you can cum. (And maybe I need to work on being stronger, but when he has me in that position I really can only beg…) So when he told me the only way he’d let me cum is if he got to fuck my ass I agreed with only a moments hesitation. I gasped out that he had to stop if it started hurting too much but I really didn’t get that all the way out before I lost control of my speech as I came hard.

A few orgasms later and he was sliding his lubed up cock into my ass. I made him go slow, wincing slightly, expecting and anticipating the pain I was sure was coming. But it didn’t. Just pressure and nerves reacting pleasantly to friction. It took maybe a minute at most for him slide all the way in. Still. No pain. He went slow at first and it felt amazing. It didn’t take too much longer before it started feeling like I was going to have a small orgasm. I told him not to stop. I gripped his ass and pulled him as deep as he’d go into my ass as I came.

It was right after that he began to get rougher. It was clear I was in no pain, so he began fucking me hard at my urgings. My hands were gripping his ass, telling him to go deeper and harder. This is odd because usually anal was something I enjoyed a fair amount but usually there got to be a point where it would be uncomfortable. Not tonight. I just wanted more. He raised my legs above his shoulders and I almost died. I could feel each thrust pressing against my g-spot which I didn’t really know could happen with anal. It didn’t feel the same though. The pleasure was more full-bodied, intense and somehow dirtier and animalistic. I didn’t think I could cum as hard as I did from just anal.

I think I might want to combine anal with sex more often than just the one or two times a month we usually do it. I might even want to just go straight to anal, that’s how good it felt. I’m sure X is excited. I think we’re going to try some new positions with it now. :)

Orgasm Denial

7 04 2009

Not fun. I mean. Sorta not fun. Or really fun. Depends.

While fucking today, X decided he would toy with me. Nothing new there. It’s X, that’s what he does. I was unbelievably horny today, like the kind of horny where your skin crawls and you just physically need a hard cock inside of you. (Maybe that’s just a me thing…..) I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was basically begging him to fuck me all day. He’s been in a meh sort of mood and just generally not interested in sex. Which is cool with me. Except for days like today. When it’s not just me being horny. It’s something I need, and if I don’t get I feel like I will go crazy. Pathetic. I know. But oh well.

We went back to his appartment to hang out for a while. He turns on the Tv and I go use the bathroom. I’m not expecting sex. I’ll beg but I’ll never pressure him into it. I just make it VERY known that I want him. I exit the bathroom and crawl under the covers with him, assuming it was time for a nap.

It wasn’t. He had stripped down to his boxers and once I was under the covers with him, he pushed his semi-hard cock into my hand and told me if I wanted him, I’d have to prove it to him.

No questions asked, I went down on him. If you read my blog I think you’ve got an inkling about how much I love the feel of his cock in my mouth…………. but again, that’s a post for another day. After much teasing and licking and sucking he tells me I’ve still not proven I want him because I’d go down on any guy with a nice dick because I’m a cockslut. Honestly, at this point I’m turned on but feeling bratty. So I roll on my back and say meh. I’m done working.

And like a charm he rolls over and is on top of me in seconds. A few more and my legs are pressed to my chin and he’s inside me. I don’t know what it is, but once I learned to let go during sex? It takes me like 3 or 4 minutes to orgasm if he has me in the right position. Legs up? Yeah. That works. Really well.

So I’m getting closer and closer to cumming and just as I’m about to reach the peak of no return: HE STOPS. And grins. I pout. And he keeps fucking me. Closer. Closer. Closer. STOP. GAH. Closer. Closer. STOP. OMG. He just keeps laughed and he has this shit eating grin on his face  as he tells me he needs a reason to let me orgasm. I just glare. And he fucks me again. But then stops.

I’m getting annoyed. I tell him because I want to cum. He fucks me then stops. Not good enough.

I tell him because he knows he loves to make me cum. He fucks me then stops. Nope.

I tell him because I’ll make him cum. He fucks me hard…….then stops. Try again.

I tell him I’m going to kill him if he doesn’t. There’s a whine to my voice now. He fucks me then stops. Still not good enough.

I’m getting desperate at this point. I’m begging. I’m pleading. I just want release and he won’t give it to me. He takes pleasure out of my pain. Because that’s what it’s become. My nerves are so on edge that each thrust is a terrible, wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure. I’m full out begging now, pathetic. I’m telling him I’ll do anything, just please don’t stop. Please. He keeps stopping. Over and over again he lets me get close, then stops. I’ve begun to lose coherency. Words are spilling from my lips and I’m not really sure what I’m saying. It’s like a hostage pleading with her captor. I’ll say anything to have him let me go.

And finally, he does. With a feral glint in his eyes he fucks me hard. He doesn’t stop or slow when the first, powerful orgasm rips through my body. I can barely breath. It feels beyond amazing. But he doesn’t stop. He keeps going, growling when I move my legs, not realizing that it was involuntary on my part. When I raise my wrists to his thighs, he grabs them harshly and pins them to the bed.

I honestly don’t know how many times I came before he flipped me over. But I was flushed and sweating, but he wasn’t close to being done with me. Grabbing my hips and forcing my face into the mattress, he fucked me hard. No orgasm denial here because he was working towards his own.

When he finally got close, he pulled out and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum on my back.

And again, I just collapsed against the bed until he came back from the bathroom to clean me up.

My verdict on orgasm denial? Can I say I love it but if X ever does it again it might be bad? Not kidding when I say I almost went INSANE when he wouldn’t let me cum………


18 02 2009

I love the moments when I need him so bad my body aches.

It’s a dull burning ache in the pit of my belly that I can’t relieve with my fingers or toys. It’s the kind of ache that makes me gasp and arch my body against his when he finally slides into me.

I wrap my arms around him and pull him as close to me as I can murmuring ‘faster’ and ‘harder’ amidst the moans that escape my lips. He slips his arms around behind my back and holds me close as his hips speed up. I’m losing coherency and clinging to him, the tips of my fingers pressing into skin. I begin to tense and our bodies are so intertwined at this point it’s hard for me to tell where I stop and he begins. I orgasm and things go a little fuzzy. He presses his lips to my forehead, our bodies still tangled up.

But he doesn’t let me rest long. His hips begin to move and we start all over again.

Introducing V

25 01 2009

Well, X’s roommate, henceforth known as V, can officially be added to the cast list.

Dinner and a movie went well. We laughed, talked and just in general had fun. My Bloody Valentine was fucking scary. I can’t tell you how many times I jumped. V jumped just as much and it was really kinda cute. We drove around a bit and talked then picked my huge ass binder of DVDs (187) and went back to his/X’s apartment to watch one.

Now, X and V’s other roommate is not the brightest bulb in the box. I don’t think it registers in his brain that I have boobs and am a girl because he kinda treats me like another guy at times. He came into V’s room to inform him about the status of his current raid in WoW. And yes, I play Wow on occasion but even still, most of what he said was jargon. V was clearly kinda not interested in talking Wow. We picked out Eurotrip to watch and well what did the other roomie say? “Oh great!! I’ve never seen that movie all the way through! Lemme go log out and I’ll come watch!” V and I exchanged amused/annoyed looks and just went with it.

Once the movie was over and the other roommate in his room, V and I moved to his room. I sat on the bed and the awkward exchange began.

“So, what do you want to do now? We could stay here, I could take you home, we could watch another movie or play Xbox.”

“I dunno. What do you want to do?”

“I dunno. I asked you,” and after a few minutes of this exchange I stood up and took a step towards.

“Why are you standing up?”

“Because I feel like it. Does it bother you?”

“No, not at all.”

I took another two steps towards him. My face was getting closer to his.

“Do I make you nervous?”


“Good.” And at that point we both leaned in and kissed.

He has wonderful lips, I might add. They’re soft and just perfect for kissing.  Most of what we did was kiss, which was amazingly fun. I love, love, love kissing. I think because X and I have been having sex for a while now that we sorta just take kissing for granted and get down to sex. V kissed me like he hasn’t kissed anyone in forever. It was more than nice. Where X is aggressive, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE aggressive, V is gentle which was an interesting change. I was actually surprised at how long it took V to get my shirt off, but once he did I could instantly tell her was a boob guy. X likes my tits alot, but V, just the way he touched them and kissed them… was different.

At one point while making out, he ran his hands over my shoulders and back and told me to relax, I was too tense.   I informed him I was always tense.

One thing I REALLY had fun with was the fact that V loves biting. He commented on how much he loved that I use teeth when I kiss. And when I started kissing his neck… god did he turn into a shivering, moaning puddle. I’d nip and bite and suck at his neck and he’d grind up against me and quiver and moan. I really enjoyed that.

After a while he asked me to go down on him. I obliged gladly. I’ve come to realize that I just love having cock in my mouth. I love going down on guys. Nothing too exciting happened. I went down on him, he came on my chest.

He did reciprocate. Really, really well. We started off on the bed, but the beds that come with the apartment are redonkulously high and when he put my legs over his shoulders my hip started popping and getting painful. We switched to his computer chair which worked far, far better. Unlike X, V actually, honestly enjoyed going down on me. I sometimes doubt it if X really likes it or just likes it because it makes me happy. It was averagely enjoyable but then V added his fingers into the mix. And the way he fingered me was amazing……..his one finger kept rubbing my clit and I was a moaning pile of goo in seconds. I gripped his computer chair as he used his tongue and fingers on me and I came at least twice. Maybe three times.

But I was good. I did not have sex with him. Even though I wanted to.

Regardless, I think we’ll be hooking up again……I’ll keep everyone updated on how things go. :D

Yes Mistress.

22 08 2008

I officially love living a less than five minute from X.

Text messages are wonderful things:
Z: I’m horny…
X: Aw…want me to come fuck you?
Z: Would you actually come and fuck me if I said yes?
X: Probably.
Z: Then get your ass over here, slave. Your Mistress wants to be fucked.
X: I’ll be there about 12:30, Mistress.

And lo and behold, who was waiting at the door to my apartment building at 12:20? X. We walked upstairs and I let him into my apartment. We stood in my room and kissed until he looked down at me and asked what I wanted him to do. I told him to strip me down and go down on me. He did just that, pulling me to the edge of the bed and getting on his knees. I gripped his head and moaned as he licked and sucked on my clit. He fucked me with his tongue while he reached up to play with my nipples.  I loved it. But for some reason oral never really gets me close, I need more force, more pressure.

I pulled his head away and told him to stand up and take off all his clothes. As soon as he pulled down his boxers, I could see how rock hard he was. I got off the bed to kiss his lips and neck, musing out loud to myself what I wanted to do with him. I ran my fingers lightly over his cock, enjoying the tiny jerks his hips made and the small wimper that slipped from his lips.

I ordered him to lay on the bed while I looked about my room for some proper restraints. Sadly, all my scarves were still packed in boxes and his handcuffs had been left at home. He looked at me earnestly and slid his hands behind his head under the pillow. “I’ll be good, Mistress. I won’t move them.”

“Good toy.” I told him as I climbed on top of him. I ran my tongue along his neck and collar bone, I told him that if he disobeyed me, I would have to punish him. He just nodded. I asked him what he wanted, and he told me he wanted whatever would please his mistress. I smiled. Good answer.

I grabbed his cock and began running it against my wetness. I used it to rub my clit, moaning. I let the head of his cock slide just a tiny bit inside me. That’s when the begging began. X began to moan and plead, “Please Mistress. Fuck me, your toy wants to be inside you.” “You haven’t earned the right to be fucked, slave.” And I continued riding him with just the tip inside my pussy. He tried jerking his hips up into me, and I gave him a stern look. “I never gave you permission to do that, slave.” “Sorry Mistress.” “I’ll ignore your first mistake. Do it again and you’ll be punished.”

He continued moaning and begging me to fuck him, so I let myself drop down fully onto his cock. His eyes opened wide in anticipation of being fucked only to feel me slide all the way up and off of him. “Please do that again, Mistress.” I told him no. I told him that he hadn’t earned the right to be fucked. But that I wanted him to eat me out again. I straddled his face as he went to it with gusto. I’ve never seen him enjoy going down on me so much before. He held onto my hips as I rode his tongue, his blue eyes looking back at me, gauging my reactions. I tried to move away for a moment, but he held onto me and kept going. The boy didn’t want to stop.

At this point, I was so turned on I just wanted to fuck him. But instead, I got off his face, and began to tease him again. I didn’t spend quite as much time doing it as before. I finally dropped down onto him and began to ride him slowly. He went to move his hands but I looked at him with my eyebrows arched, as if to say “Do you really think that’s a smart idea?” He continued to let me fuck him slowly, moaning the whole time about how good I felt and how he just wanted to please me.

“You have permission to touch your Mistress, slave.” And X went to grab my hips to fuck me. “I said touch, not fuck, toy.” And so he ran his hands all over my body, cupping my breasts, stroking my hip. Finally, I was getting sick of my slow pace on top of him. My knees aren’t bad, but they’re prone to hurt if I try riding someone for too long, I just can’t do it.

So I told him to fuck me. And he did. He grabbed my hips and began slamming into me, telling me he just wanted to please me. He wrapped his arms around my body and fucked me hard. Somehow we ended up with me on my back but I didn’t care. I’d been teasing and toying with X for so long that I just needed exactly what he was doing.

Our bodies were covered in sweat as we clung tightly to each other, my nails dug into his shoulder as he cupped the back of my neck roughly. “I want you to cum for me slave. I want to feel you lose control.” I told him that between moans and sighs, ”But I haven’t pleased you enough, Mistress.” He panted out. “Feeling you cum pleases me.”

He told me to get on my stomach, so I did. He was flushed red from the shoulders up and I knew it wasn’t going to take much longer for him to cum. He slammed into me over and over again, biting at my neck. His one arm was around my shoulders. His thrusts sped up and got more and more erratic. He fucked me harder and deeper until I heard him moan loud as his thrusts got shallower and he twitched inside me, cumming hard. He collapsed on top of me, still twitching and panting. A few moments later, he rolled off of me.

“So?” I looked at him expectantly, he just held out a finger, telling me to wait. I smirked and ran my fingers ever so lightly across his spent and sensitive cock. He jerked away for a moment, but I kept doing it. Each stroke of my finger elicted a gasp and a full body jerk until he was thrusting lightly into my hand. He still was having problems forming words, so I just leaned over and kissed him as I waited for the blood to make it back to his brain.

It took him longer than normal to recover and my god did that make me proud. He told me that I was amazing, and that the orgasm he just had was in the top five of his best orgasms ever. We laid on my bed and joked and talked for a little while, cuddled a bit. But he had to leave because he’d parked illegally and he had work early the next morning.

That was amazing sex though. And I didn’t even cum. I got close but I’ve found I don’t need orgasms to enjoy sex. It feels amazing, it’s fun, and plus, I like knowing I pleased someone else.

I figure I’ll probably be taking the dominant position more often with X now, considering how much he enjoyed it.