HNT 2.07: Lace

22 07 2009


Black lace against white skin. Who can resist?

Happy HNT Everyone!!

HNT 2.05: In Your Dreams

25 06 2009


I love the color yellow. And I love the words on the back. I do not love my flat ass. Haha.

Happy HNT everyone!!

HNT 2.03: Hotel Rooms

10 06 2009


Hotel room mirrors are just somehow better than the ones at home….

HNT #2.1: Wax

15 01 2009


The black wax was much hotter than the red………

Happy HNT everyone!

Fire and Ice

14 01 2009

It was worse when I was on my back, able to see what he was doing.

On my stomach, I didn’t know when the hot drips of wax would hit my back, making me gasp and flinch. I could only bury my face in his pillow and gasp as each hot little burst scorched my skin.

But on my back, I could watch.

I could see the look of concentration on his face. I could see the wax approaching the edge of the glass. I could see it fall. And it made the anticipation all the worse. My body tensed as I waited and waited and waited for the wax to drip and hit my skin. Sometimes it came fast. Sometimes it took longer. But regardless, it made me wetter and wetter as we progressed.

Each spot of hot wax was a focused hit on my nerves, sending jolts between my thighs. Each minute drip made me gasp.

And then he got a grin on his face that both turned me on and scared me. He got up and slipped out the door only to come back moments later with a cup of ice in his hands.

He took a piece and ran it over the wax covering my body. My muscles tightened at the sensations. I shivered and moaned as he pulled up a spot of wax and ran the ice over it. My skin was sensitive and the ice just intensified that. But he wasn’t content to simply tease me.

The hand holding the ice trailed down my body and slid against my lips. I shivered, this time from the cold.

“It’s too cold. No,” I told him. He quirked an  eyebrow at me.

“We’ve never played with ice before have we…?” He grinned that insufferable grin of his, the one that says he gets pleasure in torturing me. He rubbed the ice against my clit and my body stiffened. It was so cold, but it felt so good. I didn’t know if I wanted him to stop or keep going. Not that I really had a choice in that matter.

He slowly began sliding the ice inside me and I protested, trying to stop him. It was too cold and too intense. I breathed deeply, trying to control myself and keep my noises to a minimum. Suddenly it started feeling good. The ice made me hyper-aware of every movement of his fingers and I couldn’t control my body from twisting and turning in pleasure.

I lost it when he dripped some more wax on my body, his fingers still working in my soaking wet pussy. I was icey and on fire and so close to cumming and I didn’t know which way to think.

The rest is a blur. There was more wax and, his mouth teasing me and providing contrast to the ice. I think he forced two orgasms out of my body before deciding I was done. I was shaking and panting and wet and hot and cold all at once when he finally finished and blew out the candle.

Laying in bed the next morning, I could feel the spots on my back where the wax had burned me ever so slightly. And it only made me want to play with wax again.


[A photo taken by X. Probably my favorite photo of me ever. It's been edited to cut out the overly naughty bits.]

HNT: Red T-Shirt

18 09 2008



HNT: Thigh Highs

28 08 2008

I love, love, love thigh highs.

I never wore them until over winter break last year X mentioned that I should get a pair because I have long legs, and they’d look amazing on me. So I bought a pair and when I got back to school, I put them on under my jeans one night that I knew we were going to have sex.

I could see X smile as he pulled off my jeans and saw my legs encased in black nylon and lace. I lifted one leg up, toes pointed like a dancer’s. Do you like them? I asked as he sat back and looked at me. I pressed the ball of my foot into his chest and he took it in his hands. He rubbed his cheek briefly against my ankle and caressed my leg as he began kissing up my calf and to my thigh. He lingeringly kissed the space where lace stopped and skin began. He ran his hand one last time up my leg before leaning in to kiss me. Yeah, I do. A lot, he murmured against my lips.

I now have quite a few pairs. Some in nude. Some in black. Some that stay up by themselves. Or some like the one’s in the picture that need the help of a garter belt. I just feel infinatly more sexy when I have a pair on. I can’t wait until it gets cooler out and I have an excuse to wear them under my normal clothes once again.

HNT: Sexy

21 08 2008

Nothing fun or interesting here today. I just moved back to college today and I’m currently completly exhausted so I don’t feel like writing anything. Expect some stuff tomorrow seeing as X is one his way over to see me now. :D

Visits to the Underwear Drawer 3

18 08 2008

I like this pair. Surprisingly from Dillards, and on sale to boot. One of the first few pairs of sexy underwear I bought.

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HNT: Gypsy

6 08 2008

I’m posting my HNT photo a bit early today as I’ve got my anthropology final tomorrow. Ick. Hope you enjoy.



I went to the medieval faire on sunday and I picked up this lovely scarf. It jingles when I walk and I absolutely love it.

I took quite a few more photos with this gypsy scarf and I think I will be posting them Friday because they’re just too fun to leave sitting all alone on my laptop. ;)