2 10 2008

Public Administration is the most difficult class I’ve ever taken.

“It was pointed out some time ago that any one-paragraph or even one-sentence definition of public administration is bound to prove temporarily mind-paralyzing” From Public Administration: Understanding Management, Politics, and Law in the Public Sector by Rossenbloom, Kravchuck and Clerkin.

Shoot me now. I don’t understand this shit very well and it’s making me want to tear my bloody fucking hair out! The professor talks and talks and talks but never actually says anything of any worth, or ever even really teaches us anything. The most I’ve gotten out of this class has been the details on our school’s pet policy in dorms.

But I can’t risk failing this class. I CAN NOT. I get anything below a B and my mother is pulling me from my university and making me go to the shit one back home. (Which is my WORST NIGHTMARE EVER) I’ve been working so damn hard and getting good grades in other classes. This one……it worries me. And fucking X went to bed 15 minutes ago. So I have no one to freak my shit out to anymore. He’s my go to guy for my own personal mini mental breakdowns.

I tend to hold things in until I burst into either a fit of rage or hysterics. I once had a crying fit over the fact that my printer wasn’t working. X was only able to calm me down after an hour of messing with it, and then finally printing out what I needed on his printer for me. I didn’t sleep without being heavily self medicated with Nyquil for almost a week because I thought X was starting something with another girl.

Thankfully, I seem to be in a happier place now, well, now relatively speaking. Now as in this year, not this second. I’m freaking out this second. Though part of the reason I’m not freaking my shit out more often this year is because X has gotten me to the point where if something is bothering me, I tell him. And I don’t stress, or stew or simmer over it anymore for days.

So yes. Right now. Freaking out. Exam tomorrow. And freaking out.

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10 09 2008

I haven’t had sex since Sunday.

And that sounds so pathetic and whiny of me, but it’s been almost three days. I can’t really help it if right before a certain time of the month I get so horny I feel like I could crawl out of my skin from being so antsy.

And X and I have both been busy. Which sucks. I mean, I get to hang out with him every Tuesday and Thursday before our two hour class together, but we keep things PG and it’s no fun. I’m thinking of telling him to get his ass over to my apartment instead tomorrow, so I can get a quickie before class.

School is killing me. Too much to do and it doesn’t seem like there’s enough time.


28 08 2008

That’s exactly what I am right now.

I’m only taking 15 hours of classes this semester and my schedule is amazing, yet still, I feel dead at the end of the day. Monday and Wednesday I have my class on the American Governmental System from 11-1250 and then Political Philosophy from 2-350. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Public Administration (the professor is out of town this week, so we start next week) from 12-150 and Individuals and Society from 2-315. That’s it. No Friday classes. And yet, three days in I feel dead.

I also found out that X and I are in the same Public Admin class. So that should be interesting. I’ve already been informed that I’m allowed to sit next to him, I’m just not allowed to be distracting. Does he think I’m going to grope him in the middle of a 60 person lecture? I really don’t talk in class unless I have a comment or am answering a question, so I don’t think he really needs to worry. It will be nice having him with me in that class. He’s better with bureaucracy than I am. I’m more the philosophy behind politics and government type person.

And I’m boring you with non-sex related things in my sex blog. Sorry. It’s just that stress and classes have kind of put a bit of a damper on my sex life.

X and I have had sex 6ish times since Thursday. Not sure if what we did today counts or not. After work, X came over and I made him dinner. Nothing fancy, I boiled some pasta and opened a jar of alfredo sauce. He scarfed down three times as much as I ate. After we ate, we laid on my bed joking around for a little bit. Joking for X and I involves tickling, biting, grring, squeaking, squirming, licking, light groping and none of it in a sexual manner. Yeah….we act like we’re five year olds sometimes….it’s why we get along. We end up falling asleep together and napping for almost 2 hours. 

I have a double bed now. Not a twin XL like last year, and the fucker still manages to take up almost the whole bed. And he wanted to be the little spoon. I don’t mind because I get to wrap my arms around him and cuddle myself up to his back. But the boy is a space heater. Today he was literally radiating heat. I had to take off my sweatpants just to keep myself from overheating.

Once we woke up, it was almost 9 and he said he had to go, he had a lot of work to do. I pouted and pressed my body against his, telling him he should stay. He laughed and told me I was insatiable. I straddled him and ground myself against the obvious bulge in his pants, I told him he should stay and fuck me. But he said he didn’t have time. I pouted more.  Then he told me that he could be mean, and just thrust into me once. I told him I liked when he was mean. So I laid on my side with him behind me as he took his cock out and rubbed it against me, fucking me with just the head. I was pushing my ass back towards him and he slid all the way in. He paused for a moment, and I thought he was going to pull out. But he didn’t. He fucked me for a minute or so before pulling out and telling me I was cruel. I rolled over and kissed him, told him he was the one who wanted to be mean to me.

So I’m still horny from all that. I haven’t had good sex in a few days, just quickies. I told X he shouldn’t be tired or busy tomorrow after work. I told him I wanted him to be my slave again. He just chuckled and said, ‘We’ll see.’

Sigh……school really is putting a cramp in my sex life. Both X and I are too tired to really put any effort into sex. It’s so fucking sad.