Slimline G

11 07 2009


In all honesty, for all the sex toys I have, I really don’t own many insertable vibrators.

I was excited to get this toy from the wonderful people at because I absolutely love G-spot stimulation. My orgasms are harder and longer when I have something pressing against it. This toy fit that bill quite well. It’s a very good length and by no means intimidating. The shaft can’t be any thicker than a quarter. The head is a fair bit thicker but in a good way.

It’s made of hard, unyielding plastic so it’s VERY EASY TO CLEAN. Just wipe it down with some hot soapy water afterwards and you’re set. It also has a little, black washer-thingy-ma-bob that I think means it’s waterproof. I’ve used it in the shower and it hasn’t crapped out on me so I think I’m in the clear saying you can introduce it to water and it wont sputter and die.

Because of the hard plastic it’s made of, it is a bit noisy. Not terribly noisy. But when you crank up the vibrations it can get loud. Which isn’t a bad thing to me. But some people like vibes that are whisper quiet.

As for the effectiveness of the vibe? I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. This is one of two toys that I have managed to make myself squirt with. So that puts it in my book of ‘very good things.’ My only complaint, and I find this happening with other toys too, but it sometimes gets turned around inside me. Like the head doesn’t hit my G-spot, it goes the other way. I like to think it’s because I’ve got bad-ass awesome PC muscles. But I know that’s not the case. Haha.

Also, the ‘Pleasure Collection’ of extra stretchy accessories is pointless to me. I played with a few and they add absolutely no extra sensation to the vibe when put on like a sleeve. And the stretchy cock-ring-like-thing only succeeded in ripping some of X’s pubic hair out when we tried it. So big fail on those.

Bottomline, I’d highly recommend this toy for people who like G-Spot stim or who are trying to find their G-spot. It’s a nice, easy, moderately inexpensive toy that gets the job done. I give it a 7 out of 10. And only because the stretchy accessories were pointless. And annoyed me a bit.

sex toysvibrators Belt/Bondage Cuffs

29 03 2009


[Click] and the lovely Domina have sent me one of the most useful sex toys to date.

This is a belt. And a really nice one at that. I got the small size and as you can see it fits nearly perfectly. (I’m a size 6ish so you can prolly estimate what size you’d need from that.) It functions as a belt should function and keeps my jeans from sliding down off my flat ass. Just ask X or look in the picture above: No. Ass. X actually hurt his hand while spanking me the other day because my ass is so boney. But that’s a story for another day.

The belt is innocuous enough that I was able to wear it around campus, to class and ever around my family without anyone suspecting it was from the BDSM and fetish section of a sex toy website. It’s nice leather too. My only real problem was that the metal squares you see in the photo are a bit tough to fit through the belt loops of my jeans. It takes some maneuvering to pull it off. But it is possible.

Now using the belt as cuffs? Really easy. You just place hands accordingly, thread the leather over and through the loop, back through the next and you secure it with the buckle. Click on the photo above to see how it looks when used as cuffs.

I have no complaints in the least about this belt/cuffs thing. It’s damn convenient to have a wearable set of cuffs for any situation you might find yourself in. And no one, except perhaps a fellow pervert, would really assume the naughty uses for such a simple belt.

Overall, this gets a 10/10 in my book because it’s seriously very nearly perfect. Lelo Mia

22 03 2009

lelo270985-500-4Thanks to I got my second Lelo toy!

I reviewed the Lelo Ella a little while back but that was not a vibrator. So this will be the first Lelo vibrator I’ve reviewed. I’ve only heard good things about them and honestly,they really do live up to their good reputation. The packaging is gorgeous as always. And it serves itself well to store it in.

The thing that draws me most to the Lelo Mia is it’s size. It is the PERFECT purse vibrator. It’s only about the size of a medium tube of lipstick or mascara. And at first glance it looks far more like makeup than a dirty little sex toy. I’ve left it out in my room. It’s sat on my night stand or on my windowsill while people have come and gone and hung out. No one has mentioned it. It just doesn’t look like a sex toy.

Another thing I love? It charges by USB! Squee! It makes my inner nerd dance around to know that I can charge my vibrator from my computer.

Once this little thing is charged though? Wow… packs a punch…..And it’s quiet too. Even on the loudest setting the buzz is no louder than a medium volume phone on vibration. It has roughly 12 levels of vibration, from ‘barely tickling’ to ‘omgdontstop’. It also has three different oscillating settings: Extended interval pulsation, intermediate interval pulsation and short interval pulsation. Or as I like to consider them: ‘Stop teasing me,’ ‘Oh yes, right there!’ and ‘OmgI’mcumming.’

I highly, highly suggest this toy for people looking for a discreet vibrator with a punch. It gets a 10/10 in my book as it has no flaws. (And it doesn’t hurt that has AMAZING prices on Lelo toys. Go check it out.) Lelo Ella

3 03 2009

lelo ella

This is my very first reveiw for and my very first Lelo toy!

I have to admit, I’d heard SO much about Lelo toys from all my fellow bloggers that when I was told I would be getting to review the Lelo Ella I couldn’t help but get excited. Once the package finally got here I was really impressed by sleek packaging. I love the black box that the Ella came in as it’s quite useful for storage. I have a bit of a problem because I just use a plastic drawer under my bed for all my toys so there’s not a really good way to keep them all separated. The box solves that problem. Even if lube spilled in my toy drawer, I’m pretty confident the box would protect my lovely Ella.

But enough about the packaging and on to the toy. I have to give it to Lelo, they make incredibly sleek sex toys. The Ella is honestly a bit smaller than I like in green sex toys (I blame X for spoiling me….) but just looking at it, I had a feeling that it’s shape would make up for it. The best way I can think of to describe it is that it has an almost pestle-like head. It’s very wide and flat on the top and then it tapers down until it begins to get bigger again. I’ve only just the wide, flat end simply because I prefer G-spot stimulation over just normal penetration.The ergonomics are nice because the curved shape of it makes it a bit easier to maneuver. I’ve had problems in the past getting toys in the right spot and keeping it there.

I do, how ever have a few problems with the Ella. For one, while it is made of medical-grade sillicone, once it got lubed up it was hard to hold on to. (When it’s not lubed, it does have good traction) Second, it’s just not thick enough for me. I like the feeling of being filled. And while the Ella more than does it’s job when getting off, it just doesn’t stand out to me.

Overall, this is a great toy, don’t get me wrong. I give the Lelo Ella a 8 out of 10 for it’s superior matierals, thoughtful design, gorgeous packaging and just overall niceness. But I’ve turned into a bit of a picky person when it comes to toys, so this just didn’t do it completely for me. That doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing for another woman. For now, it’s towards the top of my drawer, at least until something else comes along to knock it down. Smart Balls

14 01 2009

36005Another wonderful sex toy review brought to you by the lovely me!

I have to begin by saying, to any woman out there reading this blog, buy some Smart Balls. Or a toy that’s like them. They are, to put it lightly, amazing. A toy designed to to strengthen PC muscles and in turn create stronger orgasms, is more than just weight training for your va-jay-jay. (Yes. I used it. Sue me. The word va-jay-jay makes me laugh.)It’s a toy that can be used to tease your self, or even be used during masturbation.

I personally absolutely LOVE these. When it comes to women’s sex toys I don’t think you can go wrong with the Smart Balls. The box they came in was classy and discrete, something I really do love when it comes to sex toys. I just think that having classy, just normal looking packaging removes the stigmatization from toys like this. It really annoys me when I hear people discuss how sex toys are so dirty. When you have packaging covered in hot, sexy, nude women it can be intimidating to women who don’t appreciate the female form as much as some of their peers. And it also just plays into the idea that sex toys are lewd or something. I don’t know. I have very conservative friends, so I heard the more conservative side of things.

But getting back to the toy. I really liked how the balls were connected not by a string or what not, but by the coating. So that they were one object rather than just two balls on a string. I know you can’t lose things in your vagina, but the idea of a string breaking still worries me. That can’t happen here. And the string to pull the two balls out is plastic coated so it won’t get nasty after a few uses.

The thing I really like about the Smart Balls is that once you put them in (a little lube is all you need) the little metal balls inside bounce around creating subtle vibrations. Now, I haven’t really noticed any change in my orgasms and I don’t think X has noticed a change in my tightness, so I can’t accurately tell you if they really do help in those two categories. But I can tell you they make doing kegels a lot more challenging and a lot more fun.

I put them in when I masturbate. Or rather, I never really intend to masturbate when I use them, but the vibrations they make while I go about my day make it impossible for me to leave them in for long. I get unbearably turned on. Which can be quite fun.

Overall I give this toy a 9 out of 10 for just being plain amazing.