The Threesome. Part One: The Game

21 07 2009

I think we all were a bit nervous.

The Girlfriend and I had gone shopping earlier to ‘get to know each other.’ And frankly, we had. We didn’t discuss what we both knew was coming later. But we got along pretty well. X had been right when he told me before that she and I were similar. Once we ate dinner and hung out a bit, we decided to pull out the game that X had come across while reading some of The Couqitten’s posts.

Things started simple. Basic kisses and undressing. Tickling. But as the game progressed, the stakes got a bit higher.

I was nervous. I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t. And when the game told me to kiss her hard, remove her shirt and bra, and suck on her nipples? I almost backed out. I was scared. Knowing X was there and knowing he’d be turned on kept me from chickening out. So I kissed her. The feeling of kissing someone shorter than me was odd but not unpleasant. I didn’t stop kissing as I edged her shirt up higher and higher, until I had to break the kiss to get it over her head. I fumbled with her bra before she pointed out it was a front clasp.  Once off, I kissed down her neck, stopping to pull her nipple into my mouth.

The Girlfriend’s breasts are smaller than mine and perky. But for such a small frame, they’re a decent size. Her nipples are little and pink. I can’t lie, I loved the feel of them in my mouth. Running my teeth over them made her moan slightly. I was sad that I had to stop once they were hard. The game said I had to.

A few more turns and we were all undressed. I was wet and squirming. X was hard. The Girlfriend had to be just as turned on as me. I had just watched in slight envy as X fingered her to the brink of orgasm. Then stopped. I almost wanted to go over and slide my fingers into her and finish the job myself. But the game hadn’t told me to. So I didn’t. The game did tell her to pour chocolate sauce on my ass and lick it off. So we grabbed a towel and I got on all fours. X sat on the couch and watched his girlfriend dribble cold chocolate sauce on his mistress’s ass. I couldn’t help but giggle and squirm as I felt her hot tongue go to work on the chocolate. It tickled but turned me on at the same time. X says it was hot but I think he was amused that my ass is ticklish. Once we finished that, the game started getting even hotter.

Three times in a row X was told to finger me until I was highly aroused. It was torture. Once, I was facing him and I buried my face against his neck and he fucked me with his fingers. I squirmed and moaned and whined. And he stopped before I came. The second time, my hand was on his cock and my back was to him. He reached around to finger me again. I forgot about his cock as my eyes closed and I was forced to tell him to stop before I got close. I stood with my back to him, again, for the third time. I was a taut wire at that point. Push me just a little and I’d snap and cum hard. X rode that line and didn’t let me cum. Again. He later told me that The Girlfriend had watched his fingers slid in and out of my slick pussy all three times. Hearing that made me want her again.

The game then ordered her to tease X by sliding down onto him. I sat back against the couch as she eased her way down onto his cock. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second as he wrapped his arms around her body and thrust into her. She stopped him after a moment. And I was honestly disappointed. I found I liked watching them fuck. It made me hot. I could feel my arousal nearly dripping out of me. And it didnt help that the next task the game charged us with involved a lap dance.

I sat down in a kitchen chair and X put on ‘Animals’ by Nickleback and The Girlfriend began gyrating her ass in my crotch. It was honestly mesmerizing. I have no ass. I readily admit to that. But her ass? Clad in tight red panties? It was amazing.  I wanted to reach out and pull her onto my lap. I wanted to grab her by the hair and pull her head onto my shoulder so I could kiss and bite her neck, all the while letting her continue to grind her gorgeous ass against me. I wanted to grope her tits and pinch her nipples until I got her to moan out that she wanted more. And once she did, I wanted to wrap one arm around her stomach to pull her against me. And I wanted the other hand to dip below her panties and slid into her tight pussy. I wanted her to ride my fingers while she gave me the lap dance. I wanted to make her cum hard, hips moving to the beat of the music, as she fucked my fingers. Sadly, I had been told I wasn’t allowed to touch. So my hands stayed demurely on the side of the chair. Too bad.

To top the lap dance off. The game’s next turn had me bent over her lap while she fingered me. Her fingers were so tiny compared to X’s. Despite that disadvantage, it only took her a few minutes to have me moaning and squirming in pleasure. X lounged nearly in front of me. His cock was rock hard and obviously aching to be sucked. I hoped he’d move and fuck my mouth. But that was against the rules of the game. So he didn’t. He just sat and watched while his girlfriend brought my close to the edge of cumming.

I don’t remember if it was the next turn, or a few later, but The Girlfriend had been charged with sliding all the way onto X’s cock and was required to just sit there, grinding on him to tease him. I sat next to him on the couch. And once she began moaning, I couldn’t help it. I leaned over and broke the rules. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and teased it lightly. After I moment of that I moved to kiss her, then X. I felt The Girlfriend’s fingers on my nipple. And X’s hand on the curve of my ass.

“What do you say we forget this game?” X murmured as I turned to kiss The Girlfriend. I nodded in agreement as she added in, “Let’s find a bed.”

To Be Continued.

Extremely Fuckable Men Over 30

6 06 2009

In the summer I watch loads of TV shows and movies.

And I get bored. And make lists of hot guys in said movies and TV shows. It’s hard not to do when you’re not getting laid and in turn looking at every attractive man that you see and imagining how they’d be in bed. So I’m gonna make a frivolous little post with hot men over 30. I was going to do over 40, but some men fell in the 35-40 range and I wanted to include them rather than putting them in the under 30 bracket.

Jensen Ackles- 31

31- jensen ackles

Ryan Reynolds- 32

32- ryan reynolds

Sam Worthington- 32

32- same worthington

Christian Bale- 35

35- christian bale

Nathan Fillion- 38

38- nathan fillion

Gerard Butler- 39

39- gerard butler

David Boreanaz- 40

40- David Boreanaz

George Eads- 42

42- george eads

Brad Pitt- 45

45- brad pitt

A Girl Can’t Have Too Many Lacy Things

6 02 2009

Lingerie love, like real love, lasts longer than Valentine’s Day — after all, there are 364 other days (and nights) of the year, and you shouldn’t be without sexy lingerie for any of them.

Guess who would like to help you with that?

Why it’s little ol’ Slip of a Girl, of course — with the help of Flirty Lingerie.

Together they’re celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a contest — which will deliver the winner the goods after the holiday, so that you can keep the love and lust alive well past the holiday.

What can you win? A $200 shopping spree to Flirty Lingerie!

Oh God would I have fun if I won that.

flirtylingerie_2039_923631460To begin I’d die to have this sexy little camisole set. I don’t have any pajamas that are cute like this while still being sexy. I sleep in sweat pants and t-shirts. I think I need to update a bit.


You can’t leave out a fun costume! X has a little bit of a nurse fetish and I just haven’t had the money to indulge him. This nurse costume was actually almost my Halloween Costume this year. Maybe this could be next years….;)


A girl can never have enough  clubbing tops and this strappy little piece would be a great addition to my wardrobe!

If you’re interested in this great contest go check out A Slip of a Girl for more details!


2 11 2008

Oh god, was I drunk on Halloween……

For the first Halloween ever I got slutted up to go out. I was a sexy cop. Stiletto ankle boots, fishnet thigh-highs, supershort, supertight, low cut dress and a cop hat. I looked fucking amazing; a fact reinforced by the cat calls I got all night.

To sum things up simply, BFJ and I got REALLY drunk. And we were with a group of people she knew from her studio (she’s an architecture major).

To make a long story short, three girls went out together. All three went home with different guys.

I’d met my guy before. We’ll call him K. He’s a junior and in studio with BFJ. We sorta hit it off on Halloween. He was cute in an artsy kind of way; short black hair, brown-green eyes, about the same height as me, both ears pierced and wearing a poncho and a sombreo.  After going to a few parties and a bar, he was enlisted by my friends to walk me home.

He would randomly stop and kiss me as we walked, one time backing me into a fence behind a frat house. The brothers that were outside on the back porch yelled at us to get a room. I flipped them off and told them they were just jealous they couldn’t get someone as hot as me.

Somehow we ended up back in my room where we fooled around for a bit. I told him I didn’t have sex the first time I hooked up with someone and he was perfectly fine with that. He fingered me, and I went down on him. After that we cuddled for a while. And damn, this boy is better at that than X has ever been. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, stroked my hair and we talked. It was nice.

He left after a little while because I don’t like having other people sleeping in my bed with me and he had a lot of homework the next day. X is honestly the except to the rule. I can’t stand having other people in my bed when I sleep, but X doesn’t bother me. Maybe it’s a trust thing, and out of any guy I’ve ever known, I trust X the most.

So yeah. Halloween was fun. :) I’ll try to find a picture of what I looked like in my costume for you all.

HNT: Sexy

21 08 2008

Nothing fun or interesting here today. I just moved back to college today and I’m currently completly exhausted so I don’t feel like writing anything. Expect some stuff tomorrow seeing as X is one his way over to see me now. :D

HNT: Gypsy

6 08 2008

I’m posting my HNT photo a bit early today as I’ve got my anthropology final tomorrow. Ick. Hope you enjoy.



I went to the medieval faire on sunday and I picked up this lovely scarf. It jingles when I walk and I absolutely love it.

I took quite a few more photos with this gypsy scarf and I think I will be posting them Friday because they’re just too fun to leave sitting all alone on my laptop. ;)

Visits to the Underwear Drawer I

26 07 2008

I love this pair of boyshorts. I got them on sale at work. Funny thing is, this pair is a large and it fits perfect. I also own a pair that’s a small and they fit perfect too. Hence why I love them both.

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t-shirt time

23 07 2008



I love the feel of wet cloth against my skin.

I couldn’t help myself and I decided to post one of the ’school spirit’ photos before hockey season starts. It’s just too fun to hold back on.

Thank X for the lovely t-shirt. He gave it to me the night of our first big fight way back in November. Only someone of his height could get a t-shirt that’s big enough to hang down to the thighs of a girl who’s 5′10. I always felt tiny next to him. He would have loved this photo. Maybe I’ll show it to him just for fun sometime……

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday everyone!

camera fun

23 07 2008

It’s pretty fucking hard to take flattering pictures of one’s self.

With my second HNT coming up, I wanted to get a small stock of photos done as backup for my lazy and uncreative weeks. I found out how fucking hard it is to take pictures of one’s ass without getting unsightly rolls of skin on one’s back. I’m not fat by any means, but the angle just makes the skin bunch uncomfortably.

And taking full body pictures is even harder. Seriously.

I decided Mr. Photographer Boy, X, is going to be my personal sexblog photog. Haha. It rhymes. Yes I am a loser. Once I get back to school and I decide to speak to him again (read: about 2 more months) I’ll put him through hell by making him take my photos so I don’t have to learn yoga just to get a decent pic of the curve of my ass.

I decided on a few things while taking my pictures. One, I have too many pairs of fun underthings to waste with no one seeing them. Expect a weekly showcase of Z’s massive lingerie collection. Two, I can’t wait for college hockey to start up again. I’m a rabid, rabid fan of my college’s team. So rabid I’ll wait in line at one or two in the afternoon just so I can get seats on the glass for the game at seven. I took some lovely pictures showcasing my school spirit. (note: ’school spirit’ here means posing in a soaking wet school hockey t-shirt)