Ramblings on Squirting

24 04 2009

Squirting to me is like learning to read.

Once you get it all figured out, it’s something that takes no thought and you begin to do it on instinct. For example, the other night I wasn’t trying to squirt but X pulled out just far enough and I gushed a little. I didn’t intend to do it. It just happens when I cum from certain angles. It feels AMAZING when I do it, though I usually soak through the towel we throw down and neither X nor I like to have wet sheets. It actually takes more effort now NOT to squirt in certain positions. I have to hold myself back and fight it. It makes for earthshattering orgasms either way.

One thing I’m am still astounded by is the volume of ejaculate that I can produce. I mean, damn! We had a towel down the other day and I can’t remember if it was doubled up or not but by the time we were done fucking there were a few nicely sized wet spots on the bed. When I squirt, X’s whole lower abdomen and thighs get covered. There was a point when he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow and I’d already squirted a few times. And there was almost no friction because both our lower halves were wet. Holy shit was that an amazing feeling.

I’m in serious need of one of these: Liberator Throe I’ve heard they’re amazing for women who squirt and who tend to soak through towels. Which I tend to do. Sigh. Anyone wanna be nice and buy a poor girl one?! ;)

Not a Mistake. At all.

14 11 2008

My heart was in my throat as I handed him my computer.

I was laying myself out on a table completely open and vulnerable, my heart and thoughts and feelings out there for him to examine. And I was hoping and hoping and hoping that I was right in trusting him with this. That this wasn’t the biggest mistake of my life. I was letting him see a very intimate side of me, and I was terrified he would run away or hate me for some of the things I’d said.

I couldn’t watch as he read the first page or so. I would put my head on his shoulder, see what he was reading, then turn over with my face in my hands, embarrassed. But it didn’t faze him. As he read he traced his fingers across my lower back, it calmed me down. He’d stop and kiss me every so often, and tell me not to worry. But I still did.

And I shouldn’t have. X isn’t the kind of guy to get weird about my blog. Frankly, it turned him on, more so than I thought it would. He put my computer away after reading a few pages. He told me he liked it. And to stop worrying. And that I was a good writer. And really good at writing about sex.

And then he kissed me. Hard. And I just relaxed inside because I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. I didn’t have to pretend this blog didn’t exist.

The next thing I know, I’m being pulled by my arms off my bed. And not gently. Forcefully. Pulled until my ass was on the floor and X was sitting in front of me on the bed. His cock was out and hard. Without warning he grabbed my head and forces my mouth onto him. I obliged. He fucked my mouth, not really caring that it left me panting and gagging and gasping for air. He took what he wanted and it fucking turned me on so much.

I don’t really remember how we ended up on the floor. I don’t remember how I came to be on my hands and knees. All I know is that he was pulling at my pants, biting at my back, and all of a sudden he was inside me and I couldn’t help but moan. He fucked me with abandon. Long, hard, forceful strokes that left me gasping. I didn’t want him to stop. I arched and gasped and pushed myself back against him, urging him to fuck me harder.

He stood up and grabbed my comforter off my bed and threw it on the floor. He laid down and told me to ride him. I didn’t hesitate. We were in the moment. Frantic and turned on and needing to be rough. I let him slide into me and he grabbed me, fucking me hard and making me squirm and moan. His arms were around me, holding my ass and forcing me up and down on his cock. The next thing I know I felt an orgasm coming. He didn’t stop fucking me. I gushed all over him. Not a lot. But enough.

He still didn’t stop. He just keep fucking me at that perfect angle that causes his cock to hit my g-spot just right. A few minutes later.  I felt it again. More intense. Right at the peak I pulled off of him and let go. I gasped as I squirted hard onto his stomach. That was the first time I had done that so hard since this summer. And yet again, he didn’t stop. He just grabbed me and started fucking me again. Mere minutes later I felt it again. And I squirted just as hard against his stomach as the first time. And he just keeps fucking me. And it happens again.

I rolled off him laughing. I couldn’t believe it. I was panting, and tired and felt amazing. But it was so funny to me that I’d suddenly figured out what made me squirt.

After that, we moved to the bed. And he fucked me hard. But I couldn’t take much more. I wanted more but for the first time, my body said no, it was finished. We ended things with him cumming on my tits, something I really like for some reason.

We laid on my bed for a while, recovering. X had to go commando when he got dressed again because he’d left his boxers on while we fucked and I’d left them completely soaked. He couldn’t stop smirking at me as we laid on the bed. I think he might have been just a little proud of himself. He got off me somewhere between 6-8 times. I honestly lost count. He told me at one point that I squirt like a pornstar. Which made me laugh. He told me it again this morning. And I just laughed again.

So yeah. Letting him read my blog = good idea. The sex last night was AMAZING. Though it’s an odd feeling to have him IMing me, bugging me about when I’m going to finish this post because he wants to read it. I think I can get used to that. It’s nice being able to share this with someone in my life.

Not a Mistake

14 11 2008

Well, I showed X the blog.

And I must say, it did not turn out badly at all. In fact, it was actually a good idea.

I’ll write up details later because I’m actually leaving to go out soon, but let’s just say that he really enjoyed my writings.

The best line of the night had to be him telling me I apparently ’squirt like a porn star.’ That really made me laugh. Hard.

But more details on that probably later tonight.

So there you go, this is evidence that all guys aren’t douches when it comes to sex blogs.

(and X, if you’re reading this, feel free to comment. it’d be funny.)

eight: of surprise and squirting

17 07 2008

A few interesting things happened this past weekend. One, I found out I can squirt.

When X got here he fucked me relentlessly. We did it with me sitting on the kitchen counter, with me bent over the very same counter, bent over the couch, and finally in my bed. X is also quite long and quite thick. And the positions he had me were giving my G-spot a pounding, which I LOVED. We took a short break to get something to drink and when we got back up to my room he looked at me and told me he missed me going down on him.

So he laid back on the bed and I licked up his cock slowly, flicking across the head before taking him in my mouth. Apparently the girls that have gone down on him before don’t use their hand too, which makes me unique. (though I always thought using your hands too was commonsense) X always told me I was amazing at blowjobs. Funny thing was, he’s the first guy I ever blew. I must just be naturally talented. I told him I wanted him to tell me what he liked me doing when I went down on him. It didn’t take me much time at all to figure out what he loved. Hand at the base of his cock, covering what my mouth can’t, twisting and moving my hand slowly up and down while slide him in and out of my mouth. Pause to take him as far down my throat as I can, pull off and stroke my spit into his cock with my hand. He loves that.

But after a bit he was moaning that he wanted me to ride him. But I teased him instead. I rubbed the head against my clit, telling him I liked using him as my toy and that I could just rub against him till I came . And he tried to grab my hips and push me onto him, but I grabbed his arms, put them at the top of the bed and told him to be good. I slide just an inch of him in me, playing just the tip and teasing him. I kept doing this for a while as he began to beg. He had his eyes closed and he was moaning when I let myself drop unexpectedly onto his cock. His eyes shot open and his hands went to my hips.

We fucked with abandon. A ways into our session, I suddenly panicked because I really had to pee. But I kept going, thinking I would go right after we finished. I don’t remember much but he either pulled out or was forced out and I looked between our bodies and I had gushed all over his abdomen. And it had felt ungodly AMAZING. I really didn’t get what happened at first because I was so focused on him fucking me more, and I think I was simply dazed by my orgasms.

He got close to cumming, told me he wanted to cum in my mouth, so I slide down his body and sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. One of the hottest things of the night was watching him arch his back, and writh and moan as he clutched my sheets. He came so hard, and I swallowed his hot cum. He told me afterwards, once he could make coherent sentences, that I had just given him one of the best orgasms of his life. I just smiled like the cat that got the cream.

He got up to clean himself off in my bathroom while I lounged lazily on my bed. He stuck his head out the bathroom door and said:
“I didn’t know you could do that.”
“Do what?”
“Yeah…..didn’t know I could do that either.”
“Really? Impressive. I was the first one to get you to do that?”
“Yes honey, remember you’re the first person to do pretty much everything to me.”
“Oh yeah.”

And I’m sad now that I won’t get to fuck him anymore because I wanted to experiment with that. I wanted to see if I could do it again, or multiple times. But alas, I’ll just have to experiment with myself then. Which in all reality can be just as much fun.