25 06 2009

X is cruel. This text conversation happened while I was at work…….

X: Hi there sexy.
Z: Hiya hun.
X: What’s up?
Z: At work. Bored.
X:  Aw…..would you rather be sucking my cock?
Z: Of course baby! ;)
X: Yay. :)
Z: I horny. :P
X: So? Whaat does my slave want me to do about that?
Z: I don’t know. You’re my Master. Whatever pleases you makes me happy.
X: What does my slave think would please her master?
Z: Letting Master fuck my mouth until you’re good and hard, then bending over and letting you fuck my ass? Would that please you, Sir?
X: Yes slave, it would. What else?
Z: Good. I love being a good slave and pleasing Master. And I said, I’ll do whatever makes you happy…..
X: What else do you think I would like, toy?
Z: I’m not your toy. Slave is different.
X: Slave, you will be what I want you to be.
Z: No.
X: Spank. What was that slave?
Z: I said no. I don’t have to listen to everything you say. Bite.
X: Smack. Yes you do slave. You will do what I tell you to.
Z: And if I don’t?
X: I would grab your shoulders and force you to your knees, shoving my cock all the way down your throat, not even pulling out when you gag.
Z: I don’t feel like being a good obedient slave today….I’d fight to pull away, maybe let my teeth press into you a little bit.
X:I would hold you there.
Z: I’d bite you.
X: I would pull you away and smack you hard.
Z: I wouldn’t like that. At all. I’d be on the verge of tears and slightly more obedient…..for a little.
X: I would bend you over and slide into you, making sure you were being good.
Z: I’d struggle a bit, just to make sure you knew I wasn’t happy about obeying.
X: I would wrap my fingers around your throat and squeeze just a little to let you know I am in control.
Z: I’d squeak in surprise, then I’d try to bite your arm. But I’d love being forced to obey. It’d get me so close to cumming…
X: I would fuck you hard and fast, then stop when you got close.
Z: I’d whine. And tell you to stop being mean and let me cum.
X: I would keep doing that, saying: why should I let you cum slave?
Z: I’d pout nd say in an innocent voice: Because I’m such a good slave, Sir.
Sitting in an office chair, dripping wet and unable to imagine anything except getting fucked, is NOT FUN. Pout.

Why X is a Terrible Person

24 11 2008

Z: For once I’m actually awake when you text me. Even though I don’t think I’m going to classes.

X: Go to classes.

Z:We’re not doing anything today, so why should I when I have a lot of laundry?

X: Go to classes or you don’t get laid before break.

Z: Omg. SO not fair to do that!!

X: Not true.

Z: ::pout:: I’m not going to classes. I checked and we’re not doing anything important today.

X: Well then… lovin.

Edit: As if he could really hold to that. He caved easily once he came over that evening.


2 08 2008

I started talking to X again, and we had an interesting conversation last night.

“Good Z. :P at on head:”
“Rawr. Don’t pat my head. I bite.”
“I don’t mind biting, so meh.”
“It wouldn’t be the fun kind of biting so :P
“Or so you think.”
“Hmm? Or so I think?”
“And what was that supposed to mean.”
“That is up to you, I guess.”
“Up to me? That’s no fun.”
“It could be….lol.”
“Oh really? Why is that.”
“Because you’re fun.”
“Am I?”

And the whole time we’re texting I’m laying in bed tossing and turning because I keep thinking about him. Because I’m imagining his tone and how we’d be bantering back and forth about this. And our banter used to turn me on, as odd as it is. So I’m laying in bed, remembering the noises he’d make when I bit down on his earlobe, or stuck my teeth lightly into his shoulder as his kissed my neck. And I’m squeezing my legs together, trying not to get turned on by all of this. Trying not to imagine him in my bed, making me moan.

“I dunno.”
“I don’t beleive you.”
“And why don’t you beleive me?”
“Dunno, just don’t.”
“Oh well. I’m not telling.”
“Why not? You’re no fun.”
“Because it’s more fun to make you guess. And I am too fun.”
“How so?”
“Do I really need to answer that?”
“Come on, it’s me. I’m fun in all sorts of ways! Though too bad for you some of those ways are off limits now.”
“Just a bit off limits.”
“Just a bit off limits? Too bad for you.”
“True, though all the better for a lucky guy this year.”
“Perhaps. So long as I can actually find someone.”
“True, just don’t tell me about them.”
“Why not?”
“As sad as it is, I’ll get jealous.”
“Oh really? What happened to Mr. ‘I don’t get jealous’?”
“No shhing me. I want to know why you’d be jealous.”

But he didn’t answer back. It was 4am and we were both tired, on the verge of sleep. I doubt I’ll ever get a straight answer as to why he’d be jealous. He’ll claim he doesn’t know why.

But he let his poker face fall for a moment, by telling me he’d be jealous. He gave me something to leverage with. I have a feeling it won’t take much to get X back into bed with me once school starts. Or at least I’ll get to have a lot of fun teasing him.