18 07 2009


This is quite the interesting toy.

Premise: For anyone who wants to make a realistic replica of a penis this Clone-a-Willy kit is for you. It allows you to make an actual copy of any man’s dick and it lets you make it into a vibrator too. It’s as simple as making a mold. Pouring the plastic into the mold. And then waiting for it to set. It’s a neat concept that works really well despite a few problems. I actually used two of these since the mold on my first one failed.

How It Works: You cut the tube to the right size then mix up the plaster. This is the tricky part. The first kit we got, the thermometer was broken so we guestimated the temperature. The molding failed because it set far, far too fast. Then I noticed that there were two separate times listed in the instructions for how long to stir the plaster. So, when I got the second kit, thanks to the lovely Domina at, I kinda threw out the instructions and did what I felt was best. The instructions say that the plaster sets slower if you add cooler water. So, I added cooler water, then mixed it fast. Once it looked like muffin mix (a little lumpy) I scooped it into the tube and X and I waited, attempting to keep him hard while we wait for it to just set a little. This time, the mold set beautifully. Instead of the vibrator that comes with the kit, we used the rubber we hadn’t used from the first kit. We mixed up double the amount of rubber and poured it into the mold. A day later we had a solid, if slightly prickly, clone of X’s cock.


This is a comparison photo of X and the toy. Pretty good copy, huh? The only problem is that is a photo of X half hard and worn out from three days of sex. So, as you can see, making an exact copy of a guy at his hardest is tough.


  1. The instructions are vague and not well written. I advise you to read them OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And be sure to read all the fine print.
  2. It’s hard for guys to stay hard when shoving their cock in a tube full of lukewarm oatmeal.
  3. The toy has a distinct rubbery smell and taste that doesn’t seem to leave.
  4. The rubber is HARD. I find that I actually cant really use this dildo. It’s too hard and too prickly. Even after taking an exacto knife to the plastic nubs that were all over it from the plaster, it’s still pretty rough.


  1. The level of detail is pretty amazing. It really does make a realistic copy.
  2. It’s fairly simple if you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.
  3. It gives you everything you need in the kit.
  4. You can get refills of anything if you mess one step up.

X’s Two Cents: “It’s a great idea, but well, it needs to be improved overall. If the final product isn’t comfortable for the girl to use, so how is it worth the money?”

Final Opinion:

I liked this toy. It was like an adult arts and crafts project for me. Haha. But I agree with X, if it’s not usable to me, then it’s basically just an expensive statue. Of a penis. With some improvements in materials, perhaps this could be a better toy. I give it a 6 out of 10. It gets points for being realistic but it gets docked for not being able to use it.

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sextoysolo575x75 Silicone Silk Dildo

9 12 2008


Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed with this toy, but it’s my own fault.

Looking at the picture on the site, I assumed all three of the toys were of similar size and because I didn’t read the actual specifications I was disappointed when I opened the box.

To begin, the dildo is only about the length and thickness of X’s middle or pointer finger. While this may be a nice size for some, it’s not for me. I’m spoiled by the fact that X is pretty big and so I tend to like the sex toys that fill me up and stretch me out more. This toy doesn’t fill me up. While it feels good, it just doesn’t quite hit what I need it to hit. I’m all about pressing against my G-spot with my toys, this one just doesn’t do that. It brushes against it, but because the silicone is soft, it has no pressure.

Despite this Silicone Silk dildo not being my type of toy, it’s still a good toy. I think I might like it more for anal, but I’ve yet to try that out. If you like smaller toys with a softer feel, then this toy is for you.

It also would probably be good if you are trying to get your guy to try anal himself. It’s small and thin enough to not intimidate him.

Overall, the toy is what was advertised, and it’s a good quality toy. Despite the fact that it’s not the toy for me, I’m going to give it a 7 out of 10. Crystal Cote Butt Plug

1 12 2008


Yet another sex toy review for!

Now, to preface this review, I’ve never owned an anal toy before this one, so I’m speaking from relative inexperience in that department. But I like to think I know enough about sex to give a good review.

Now, to begin, I have to say that I have to rate this toy on two separate levels. One: On an ‘As Advertised’ level. And two: On a ‘general satisfaction level.

Beginning with the ‘As Advertised’ review.

On the website, the Silicone Crystal Cote Butt Plug is said to be a ‘Hygienically superior Silicone butt plug with dual-cote. Pliable with sturdy suction cup.’ Even in BIG letters on the front of the toy it is advertised as a SILICONE teaser made of SILICONE. Flip the toy over and right on the back it states three times in BIG letters that it’s SILICONE. Yet, in smaller print, also on the back, it says that the toy is ‘Dual-cote TPR Silicone.’ That made me pause. And again, in even smaller print under the ‘copyrights’ and the ‘MADE IN’ and the ‘all rights reserved’ spiels was ‘always use a rubber compatible lubricant with this product.’


Now aren’t you supposed to use SILICONE compatible lubricants with a toy that is advertised over and over again as SILICONE. I guess not. I looked up TPR. Thermoplastic rubber. NOT silicone.

Being the studios girl I am, I did a bit of research on this TPR. According to this website TPR ranks above jelly but below silicone. It’s a fairly new sextoy material. I was a little annoyed by this because it is clearly advertised as being a Silicone toy when in all reality it contains little to no silicone.The scent is also still strong and plastic-y after being used, washed and disinfected a few times. It does still have a slightly tacky texture to it too.

Also, the toy is advertised as having a suction cup base. LIES. It has a small, uneven ridge around the bottom but there is nothing even resembling a suction cup as the base. Frankly, the thing wouldn’t even stand up on it’s own on a flat surface.

So in other words, this toy fails epically in the ‘As Advertised’ category.

Moving on to the ‘general satisfaction’ category.

I really like this toy. X and I have tried anal a few times. The first time it worked and we enjoyed ourselves but not long enough for me to feel good or for him to get off. The next couple times we tried anal it hurt too bad and I made him stop.

I requested this toy with the idea in mind that X and I could play around with it and hopefully work up to anal again. I toyed around with it the first night I got it, but I didn’t do much. It wasn’t until a few days later that X and I decided to try it out.

He’d fucked me a bit, so I was quite turned on when he suggested we try the plug. Or maybe I suggested. I don’t remember and honestly, it doesn’t much matter. We lubed it and my ass up and X started sliding it in. Unlike previous attempts at anal, this felt good. One problem we encountered was the fact that the toy didn’t stay in too well. I had to hold it in my ass as X fucked me.

Though oh my god was it good. The plug made sex SO much better. I was really sensitive to every thrust. It didn’t take me long to cum. Eventually he asked it he could have my ass and I figured we could give it a go. The plug most definatly prepared me for anal sex. X slid in without a problem or complaint from me, and he was actually able to fuck my ass. I enjoyed it. A lot. More than I really thought I could.

So, honestly, I enjoy this toy. I’m sure there are better plugs out there, but for $11 it gets the job done.

But because of the false advertising (which really irked me) and the fact that I had problems with it staying in me, I’ll be giving it a 4 out of 10.

five: of vibrators and variations

6 07 2008

I need to get a new vibrator.

No. Mine is not broken. But it was my first vibe and I went small just because I was a beginner. I got a four or five inch purple jelly ‘g-spot’ vibrator. The speeds are good, if a bit loud once you get it on high. However, it’s too soft for me to find useful on my g-spot. I like a lot of pressure there, and the jelly just doesn’t give me that. I find it works far better on my clit. I can cum in mere minutes if I hold it on just the right spot.

Lately (that is, the past month or so) since I’ve had no sex, I’ve been craving the feeling of someone filling me up. X isn’t exactly small. So going from bumping-my-cervix-and-stretching-me-out-so-much big to tiny-little-very-nearly-lost-in-my-vagina small just isn’t doing it for me. My fingers suffice most of the time, but they get tired so easily. I just need to get something I can easily fuck myself with.

Sadly, the three places I can buy toys pose a problem. One: online. With my mother’s loverly new found habit of opening my mail, I really don’t trust toys getting sent to my house, even in discreet packaging. I fear she’s going to get curious, open them and then flip because no self respecting girl would ever use something dirty like that. Oh, if only she knew. Two: The fairly nice sex toy shop across from the mall. The parking lot is right in front of a major road in my home town. It’s not that I mind people seeing my car there, I just don’t feel like having to field the questions. And Three: The all purpose gag-gift/punk rock/everything random and odd store. They’ve got some sex toys, but the guys that work there are pervs and ask too many questions about my reasons for buying. It just creeps me out.

I may just have to suck it up and deal with the pervs because even though it’s only six days till sex for Z, I’m still horny as all hell.