A Girl Can’t Have Too Many Lacy Things

6 02 2009

Lingerie love, like real love, lasts longer than Valentine’s Day — after all, there are 364 other days (and nights) of the year, and you shouldn’t be without sexy lingerie for any of them.

Guess who would like to help you with that?

Why it’s little ol’ Slip of a Girl, of course — with the help of Flirty Lingerie.

Together they’re celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a contest — which will deliver the winner the goods after the holiday, so that you can keep the love and lust alive well past the holiday.

What can you win? A $200 shopping spree to Flirty Lingerie!

Oh God would I have fun if I won that.

flirtylingerie_2039_923631460To begin I’d die to have this sexy little camisole set. I don’t have any pajamas that are cute like this while still being sexy. I sleep in sweat pants and t-shirts. I think I need to update a bit.


You can’t leave out a fun costume! X has a little bit of a nurse fetish and I just haven’t had the money to indulge him. This nurse costume was actually almost my Halloween Costume this year. Maybe this could be next years….;)


A girl can never have enough  clubbing tops and this strappy little piece would be a great addition to my wardrobe!

If you’re interested in this great contest go check out A Slip of a Girl for more details!

Visits to the Underwear Drawer 2

1 08 2008

I love this pair, mostly because I’m in love with the PINK line at work. They’re comfy and cute and look quite good on my ass.

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Visits to the Underwear Drawer I

26 07 2008

I love this pair of boyshorts. I got them on sale at work. Funny thing is, this pair is a large and it fits perfect. I also own a pair that’s a small and they fit perfect too. Hence why I love them both.

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Preface to Visits to the Underwear Drawer

25 07 2008

I am addicted to pretty lingerie.

And I also happen to be an employee of Victoria’s Secret. Hence I get to spend my days folding panties, hanging bras, and tempting myself with our cute, sexy and lacy underthings. I’ve got quite a collection going right now and I was asking myself, what’s the point of having all these fun things if no one gets to see them?

So this is the begining of Visits to the Underwear Drawer. I was inspired by Jake’s post about Aural Pleasures. It got me thinking of doing an ongoing series, in case my sex life hits a deadend. (which it has for now, sadly)

Every week I’ll post a picture of a new pair of undies, perhaps a bra or maybe if you’re lucky, something sexier. And accompanying that picture, will be a few pictures of me modeling said garment. Fun for everyone!

Expect a weekly post, probably done on the weekends. :)


(And yes, that photo does show a good portion of my underthings.)

camera fun

23 07 2008

It’s pretty fucking hard to take flattering pictures of one’s self.

With my second HNT coming up, I wanted to get a small stock of photos done as backup for my lazy and uncreative weeks. I found out how fucking hard it is to take pictures of one’s ass without getting unsightly rolls of skin on one’s back. I’m not fat by any means, but the angle just makes the skin bunch uncomfortably.

And taking full body pictures is even harder. Seriously.

I decided Mr. Photographer Boy, X, is going to be my personal sexblog photog. Haha. It rhymes. Yes I am a loser. Once I get back to school and I decide to speak to him again (read: about 2 more months) I’ll put him through hell by making him take my photos so I don’t have to learn yoga just to get a decent pic of the curve of my ass.

I decided on a few things while taking my pictures. One, I have too many pairs of fun underthings to waste with no one seeing them. Expect a weekly showcase of Z’s massive lingerie collection. Two, I can’t wait for college hockey to start up again. I’m a rabid, rabid fan of my college’s team. So rabid I’ll wait in line at one or two in the afternoon just so I can get seats on the glass for the game at seven. I took some lovely pictures showcasing my school spirit. (note: ’school spirit’ here means posing in a soaking wet school hockey t-shirt)