Lelo Mia

22 03 2009

lelo270985-500-4Thanks to I got my second Lelo toy!

I reviewed the Lelo Ella a little while back but that was not a vibrator. So this will be the first Lelo vibrator I’ve reviewed. I’ve only heard good things about them and honestly,they really do live up to their good reputation. The packaging is gorgeous as always. And it serves itself well to store it in.

The thing that draws me most to the Lelo Mia is it’s size. It is the PERFECT purse vibrator. It’s only about the size of a medium tube of lipstick or mascara. And at first glance it looks far more like makeup than a dirty little sex toy. I’ve left it out in my room. It’s sat on my night stand or on my windowsill while people have come and gone and hung out. No one has mentioned it. It just doesn’t look like a sex toy.

Another thing I love? It charges by USB! Squee! It makes my inner nerd dance around to know that I can charge my vibrator from my computer.

Once this little thing is charged though? Wow… packs a punch…..And it’s quiet too. Even on the loudest setting the buzz is no louder than a medium volume phone on vibration. It has roughly 12 levels of vibration, from ‘barely tickling’ to ‘omgdontstop’. It also has three different oscillating settings: Extended interval pulsation, intermediate interval pulsation and short interval pulsation. Or as I like to consider them: ‘Stop teasing me,’ ‘Oh yes, right there!’ and ‘OmgI’mcumming.’

I highly, highly suggest this toy for people looking for a discreet vibrator with a punch. It gets a 10/10 in my book as it has no flaws. (And it doesn’t hurt that has AMAZING prices on Lelo toys. Go check it out.)

five: of vibrators and variations

6 07 2008

I need to get a new vibrator.

No. Mine is not broken. But it was my first vibe and I went small just because I was a beginner. I got a four or five inch purple jelly ‘g-spot’ vibrator. The speeds are good, if a bit loud once you get it on high. However, it’s too soft for me to find useful on my g-spot. I like a lot of pressure there, and the jelly just doesn’t give me that. I find it works far better on my clit. I can cum in mere minutes if I hold it on just the right spot.

Lately (that is, the past month or so) since I’ve had no sex, I’ve been craving the feeling of someone filling me up. X isn’t exactly small. So going from bumping-my-cervix-and-stretching-me-out-so-much big to tiny-little-very-nearly-lost-in-my-vagina small just isn’t doing it for me. My fingers suffice most of the time, but they get tired so easily. I just need to get something I can easily fuck myself with.

Sadly, the three places I can buy toys pose a problem. One: online. With my mother’s loverly new found habit of opening my mail, I really don’t trust toys getting sent to my house, even in discreet packaging. I fear she’s going to get curious, open them and then flip because no self respecting girl would ever use something dirty like that. Oh, if only she knew. Two: The fairly nice sex toy shop across from the mall. The parking lot is right in front of a major road in my home town. It’s not that I mind people seeing my car there, I just don’t feel like having to field the questions. And Three: The all purpose gag-gift/punk rock/everything random and odd store. They’ve got some sex toys, but the guys that work there are pervs and ask too many questions about my reasons for buying. It just creeps me out.

I may just have to suck it up and deal with the pervs because even though it’s only six days till sex for Z, I’m still horny as all hell.