Visits to the Underwear Drawer 4

3 09 2008

These ones are the twin of the red pair that was my first posting.

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Visits to the Underwear Drawer 3

18 08 2008

I like this pair. Surprisingly from Dillards, and on sale to boot. One of the first few pairs of sexy underwear I bought.

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Visits to the Underwear Drawer 2

1 08 2008

I love this pair, mostly because I’m in love with the PINK line at work. They’re comfy and cute and look quite good on my ass.

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Preface to Visits to the Underwear Drawer

25 07 2008

I am addicted to pretty lingerie.

And I also happen to be an employee of Victoria’s Secret. Hence I get to spend my days folding panties, hanging bras, and tempting myself with our cute, sexy and lacy underthings. I’ve got quite a collection going right now and I was asking myself, what’s the point of having all these fun things if no one gets to see them?

So this is the begining of Visits to the Underwear Drawer. I was inspired by Jake’s post about Aural Pleasures. It got me thinking of doing an ongoing series, in case my sex life hits a deadend. (which it has for now, sadly)

Every week I’ll post a picture of a new pair of undies, perhaps a bra or maybe if you’re lucky, something sexier. And accompanying that picture, will be a few pictures of me modeling said garment. Fun for everyone!

Expect a weekly post, probably done on the weekends. :)


(And yes, that photo does show a good portion of my underthings.)